Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cookie and Moze: Chapter 2.1 "Responsible Adult"

Thaaaat's right. Here we go. Last time with the Diffys, Cookie aged into a young adult and became our heir. Moze also aged into a teenager.

Phil: "Have a great day at school."
 Phil: "You have grown into a beautiful young lady, Moze. I know you'll make us proud."
 Moze: "Aww thanks Daddy!"
Yes it's all very sweet. Where is Cookie anyway?
 There he is.
 And here is our cat. He fails sometimes.
 Buster: "So. Lonely."
Phil can help with that.
 The second generation primary career is in culinary. Since there weren't any restaurants in town yet, I built this lot and took the opportunity to add a stage.
 And a playground in the back for the kids.
 There's already a customer. I think the town needed this. The only community food until now has been greasy bar food.
 Afterwards, Cookie runs to the salon to get a tattoo because the miscellaneous fun is tattoo addict.
Gage Briody: "You sure about this, blazer?"
 Cookie: "Oh, I'm sure. I'm a daredevil at heart."
 This is Cookie's first tattoo. It looks horrible, which is disappointing. Tattoos don't look too bad in CAS, but this blob is what they look like in-game. In my game, anyway.  :(
 Still, it makes Cookie happy.

 This is what the parents do while their kids are out. Play with their toys.
 And now Cookie thinks that this is his everyday outfit.  -_-
 He bought some recipes and when he left the store, Alexa showed up.
Alexa: "Nice tattoo, Cookie. And outfit." *snicker*
 Cookie: "Uh, well...this is what I wear to the pool, don't you know? Haha that's where I just came from!"
Alexa: "Riiiight. Since our town doesn't have a pool that makes perfect sense."
 Alexa: "Anyway, nice to see you! I gotta run."
They hug goodbye. Iiiiiiinteresting.
 Christy had invited Moze over. Moze was so bored she ended up looking out the window until I told her to go get a part-time job.
 I edited the grocery store lot so that Moze has no problem getting a job there.
 I saw Kellie and Meghann outside being all cute, doing their homework together.
Kellie: "That's right, diamonds! When I'm grown my house will be made of DIAMONDS."
 In case you forgot, Kellie is evil.
Kellie: "Now it's time to...take out the trash! Dun dun DUN."
 Hey, there's Live Wire!
Karen: "I'm not really playing. I'm just here for emotional support."
 Moze: "Hey Lively!"
 My Sims are just full of energy tonight, it seems.
Bruce Tang: "Hi Marni!"
Marni Paoli: "Hi Bruce!"
 Cookie learned how to make ratatouille. Totally had to look up how to spell that.
 ANOTHER CAT. This is our new cat named Francine. She is aggressive, clueless, and quiet.
 Unsuspecting Buster...
 They seem fine...
 Just another day. Keely ready for work.
 Cookie also ready for his first day of work. He and Phil are talking because ever since their incident of losing friendship, they've both wanted to be friends again.
 Enough of that, carpool is here.
 Moze swinging between school and work.
Moze: "I'm getting rid of that stress moodlet!"
 Have fun, Cookie!
 And with the kids gone, Phil and Keely are alone with the cats.
 And Buster and Francine are alone with the humans.
 This is how Francine sleeps, which I think is adorable.
 This is Moze's room, now redecorated. I'm pretty happy with it.
 That is NOT how you eat, Buster.
 Moze has had the want to play catch for a long time. And I mean a LONG time.
 So Keely joins her.
 Since it is the weekend, Moze meets Meghann, her closest friend, at the mall. (Mall by Quxxn, found here)
 They sing karaoke in the music store.
 Moze: "Sooo what do you wanna do now?"
Meghann: "I don't know, what do you wanna do?"
Moze: "I don't know, what do you wanna do?..."
 Well how about some arcade games?
Moze: "I don't like this, I'm losing!"
 Kitty love.
 Moze: "Mom! Listen to my song! I like fudge, I like fudge. If you ask me what I like I say I like fudge!"
 Moze: "My favorite! Thanks Cookie!"
Cookie: "Aw shucks, it was no problem."
Cookie had the wish to make Moze's favorite meal since their double birthday.
 Uhh no. That is not tolerated, Francine.
 ...oh. Well now I see what's goin' on.
 Still, this is a learning opportunity.
 Well now I see how dark this place is because I always forget to put lights on community lots.
 Anyway. Another try at the photobooth.
 It worked! Although I guess it was taking pictures too fast for Keely and Moze to change positions.
 Keely joins her old friend Karen Shmingle for karaoke.
 And their daughters dance behind them.
 Cookie wanted to talk to Alexa.
Cookie: "I am just. So. Excited! Did I tell you about my new job?!"
 Keely: "Have you ever noticed the stars? They're so bright and the sky is so black. It wasn't like that when we first moved here, you know..."
 Phil: "Uh-huh..."
 Keely: "Phil! Are you even listening?"
Phil: "C'mon Keel, even you know you're rambling!"
 Enough rambling, how about a dance?
 Moze was across the street because she wanted to play a two-player arcade game.
 Which meant that she was no longer with her parents which meant that this police officer showed up for her.
 But her parents were still dancing, which meant that she didn't get yelled at.
Cookie: "Hey Moze! I guess I'm the responsible adult on the lot. Well goodnight!"
 Francine: *rolls around*
 Francine, you are cute.  <3
 Buster, you are hideous.
 Buster: "What? I'm just grooming myself."
 So, whattya say? Kittens?
Buster: "Heheh..."
 Buster: "You sure about this?"
 Francine: "Absolutely."
Nu-uh, you are not using the plant excuse with me! You get in that cat house, Buster!
 Buster: "WELL...that was...WELL I think I'll just go watch some TV."

But he didn't. Right then Buster wished to groom Francine. Before I could make him do it, he actually did it himself, autonomously. Buster and Francine are seriously the cutest couple in my game.
Buster: "What can I say? I luffs Fran."

Next time: Definitely kittens. Oh, and stuff with the humans of this legacy, too.