Friday, July 12, 2013

Cinnamon Bun: Chapter 3.7 "Teen Drama"

Last time with the Diffys, Bridgette Singles-Loner and Maura Beaker both had secret attractions for Salem. This time...

C.B. is dealing with an emergency.
 Cinnamon Bun: "No need to worry, I have rescued the trashcan!"
 Bridgette: "Mr. Diffy? At my house?" *worried*
 Bridgette: "Mooom!"
Lola: "Mrs. Grunt is trapped inside!"
 C.B. is on it.
 Lyla Grunt was trapped in the room through the door on the right. Because it is so cramped in this house, C.B. couldn't get through. So I reset Lyla and then sent C.B. to her house to check on her.
 She is fine.
Cinnamon Bun: "Heh...I can go now?"
 Lyla: "Buzz, this is not the time!"
 Cinnamon Bun: "Rejected by his wife. That's cold."
Lyla: "You need to stop picking fights with everyone in this town!"
 Lyla: "You've grown old, act with some maturity! Being the most hated man in town has not done me or your sons any favors!"
Yeah...I don't think they'll notice you leave, C.B.
 At the gym, Corrine Hurst has had it with Vidcund Curious.
 Corrine: "I can't deal with this anymore, Vidcund! We have a baby, but your head is so far in the clouds that I doubt you even know her name."
Vidcund: "Of course I do, it's--"
 Corrine: "It doesn't matter! She deserves her father, and a family. She can't have that if you won't even allow me into your house."
Vidcund: "I've told you, my brothers and I perform many experiments in that house and it's not exactly visitor-friendly."
 Vidcund: "Now, erm, I need to get back to my studies."
Now this makes a whole lot of sense, guys.
 Salem got a love letter from Bridgette, which is all fine and good, except that she is dating Salem's friend Ashley. Ouch.
A letter from Maura is much more welcome.
 Salem meets her for a movie.
Maura: "Thanks for inviting me! Let's pick something good."
 Salem: "I got the tickets, let's go."
Ripp Grunt and Gwendolyn Polanco, what are you two doing here?
 Maura: "That movie was waaaay too long. I've got to get home and check on my little sisters and brother."
Yeah, Maura left just to go home.
 Disappointed that Maura apparently bailed on him, Salem visits Ashley's house.
 Salem: Hey Ash, let me in ur house!
Ashley: Sorry, can't. Way behind on hw and mom is making me finish it.
Poor Salem.

At the junkyard, where "things happen":
 Corrine: "We're having another baby, doesn't that mean something?"
 Vidcund: "I've told you; finding out and proving the mysteries of the universe come first! I am a scientist!"
 Ripp is now married to Lakeshia here. I think he's happy.  :)
 Lakeshia: "Not trying to eavesdrop, I just want that trash."
 Corrine: "But you could move into my house, and then we could take care of the children together."
 Vidcund: "I can't afford to be away from my equipment and all my research."
 Vidcund: "Research which I must get back to."
 Corrine deals with confrontation as Vidcund did: with reading.
 I just figured out how to upgrade the fire extinguisher! Also, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but C.B. is at the top of the firefighter career.
 Please change into your firefighters uniform.
 Cinnamon Bun: "Trampoliiiiiine!"
Not good.
 Salem: "Please don't make me."
Do iiiiiit. It'll be fun.
 Salem: "Dooon't stop belieeeevin..."
 Salem: *unamused*
 You're actually at the fire station?
Cinnamon Bun: "It's work hours."
 And here's a non-fire!
 Hi August!
 Cinnamon Bun: "Hurry! Jump into my arms!"
 August: "But...who are you?! My mom told me not to trust strangers!"
This is why you need to wear your uniform, C.B.!
 Cinnamon Bun: "I don't have time, just c'mere!"
August: "Nooo!"
 August: "Stranger danger!"
 August: *defeat*
 Cinnamon Bun: "No, really, I'm a firefighter! I just saved you, I've got a truck and everything!"
Elliot Smith: "I'm gonna tell my mom about this..."
August: "Mine too!"
Cinnamon Bun: "Good! They both know I'm a firefighter!"
 On his last day of school, Salem is skipping. Right in front of his house.
 Salem: "Woo!"
 Townie: *channels Julia Roberts*
 Salem: "Yeahhh..."
 Salem: "Oh! Hi Maura..."
Maura: "Caught you at a bad time?"
Salem: "Of course not."
 Maura: "Then you up for bowling?"
Salem: "Sure, only thing to do in this town, right?"
 Salem: "Yes!"
Maura: "That doesn't look too difficult."
 Maura: "Oh no...wait..."
 Maura: "Yeah!"
 Salem: "You are really smart Maura, kinda like me. Uh, like-minded, y'know?"
 Maura: "Aw, well thanks."
 Maura: Mmm hair.
 Salem: Mmm hair.
 Salem: "So will I see you at my birthday party?"
Maura: "Of course, Salem. I wouldn't miss it."
Emily feels a little nostalgic sometimes and likes to wear her old outfit. I really don't mind.
 Salem: "Hey Dad! I'm going to hang out with Ashley tonight, um..."
 Salem: "Let's say that, hypothetically, his girlfriend has a crush on me and wants to be with me. Should I tell him? If I don't, he'll go on being happy and might not ever even know."
Cinnamon Bun: "Salem, you have to think that, hypothetically, if you were willing to go along with her, she would probably be cheating on him by now."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Wouldn't you want to know?"
Salem: "I hate when you're right."
Cinnamon Bun: "It won't be easy, but you'll feel better afterwards."
Salem: "Sure, sure."
 Ashley: "Sal, are you ok? You look a little nervous."
 Salem: "Um, yeah, of course. I'm fine."
 Salem: "Well there is something I want to talk to you about. How about we sit down?"
Ashley: "Sure."
 Salem: "Oh, uh, hi Harlan."
Harlan Singles: "No time to talk. Need to finish homework."
 Speak of the devil - well, they haven't spoken of her yet, but Bridgette's here.
 Salem: "...crud."
 Salem: "So, uh, the sky is nice and free of clouds, isn't it?"
 Ashley: "C'mon now, what do you want to say?"
 Harlan: "This teen drama is all well and good..."
 Harlan: "But I'm seriously trying to study, guys!"
 Salem: "So, uh, you and Bridgette, right? You guys are official, aren't you? Like going out, like really going out, no gray area, just hard boyfriend-girlfriend status?"
 Ashley: "Oh definitely; I asked her to be my girlfriend last week and she said yes! We changed status on Simbook and everything. She is amazing, and I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I've really never felt like this before."
 Salem: "Ok, well, maybe you should just calm down there because nobody's perfect, y'know?"
 Harlan: "Seriously."
Salem: "Shut up, Harlan!"
 Sorry for the interruption, but I couldn't help but notice the teens over here.
Laura Loste-Ruth: "Please stop staring at my butt, Elliot."
 Ashley: "What are you trying to get at?"
 Salem: "Bridgette wants to cheat on you! With me! She keeps flirting at me when you're not around at school, giving me compliments and passing notes. She even sent me a love letter in the mail, something like 'you and I should get together'."
 Ashley: "No...did she really?"
 Salem: "She really really did. And it's put me in a really awkward position but I just want you to know that I would never do anything with your girlfriend, and that's why I'm telling you about it."
 Salem: "Haha..."
 Ashley: "What could possibly be funny?"
Salem: "It's; we've been friends since we were kids, and now we're in a situation like this. It's weird, and amusing."
Ashley: "Sorry if I don't think so."
 Salem: "Ash, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that this happened, but I knew I had to tell you. It's something you want to know, right?"
 Ashley: "It's ok, Sal. Honestly I'm not mad at you, but I am upset right now."
 Ashley: "It's just..."
 Ashley: "I will talk to her about this, but I don't think I can stay mad at her for long. If you had a girlfriend, you might understand."
Salem: "Right, I don't feel that way about anyone. Because if I did, I really should have asked her out a long time ago. I should have told her how I felt. And maybe she doesn't even know that I feel that way. And since she has expressed herself, but I've been too stupid to reciprocate..."
Ashley: "You're rambling."
Salem: "Right. I'll shut up now."
Ashley: "That's ok, I wasn't listening anyway. I'll see you at your birthday party."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Feel better?"
Salem: "I think so."
 Salem: "My room hasn't changed much as I've grown."
Well, don't blame me.  >.>
 Salem: "I don't. I still like it."
 Salem: "I am ready to grow up though."

That night...
 C.B. gets this want in his sleep. What could you be congratulating her for--
Noooooo! This is so wrong! That slimy Teddy, how did he manage this?
 On Salem's birthday, he is off to redeem some festival tickets for fireworks.
This is how many tickets are in C.B.'s backpack. Emily has a similar amount. I don't think the Diffys will be lacking there.
 Gotta have a sugar rush while he's here.
 You will, Salem.
 And it's safe to assume that, despite recent events, Maura also wants to see him.
She even sent him a birthday gift.
 Salem: "Mom?"
Emily: "Salem! Sorry, you caught me lost in thought. It's hard to believe you're growing up today."
 Emily: "Dance with me?"
Salem: "Sure."
 Emily: "You're a much better dance partner than your father."
Salem: "I know, Mom. I know."
 This will be an outdoor party. Salem has long wished for a ping pong table.
 Of course a party consisting mostly of teens needs drinks. At least in Sims.
 And they're here.
Cinnamon Bun: "All right kids, is everyone ready to party?"
 C.B. is the epitome of bad dancing.
 Ami Beaker, Maura's sister, is horrified.
 Maura: "Happy birthday, Salem!"
 Salem: "Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely my"
 Salem: "...are you wearing a ring?"
 Maura: "Actually, I am. Teddy asked me in the middle of the night, and he sure was in a rush. Honestly I've always wanted a ceremony with family and friends, so maybe someday we'll get around to it. Everything happened so fast, we haven't even had any alone time with all our roommates around. Um, I probably shouldn't tell you that, sorry."
That sounds really shady to me, Maura.
 Enough bad dancing.
 It's time for cake.

Hellooooo Cinnamon Bun!

Next time: Generation four begins!


  1. Salem grew into a cutie! I was hoping him and Maura got together, how dare she get married so fast lol.

    1. He's looks just like his father, but I like him.

      How dare she! Haha

      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. Wow, Maura hooked up with Teddy really fast! Poor Salem!

    I loved the 'stranger danger', ha ha!

    1. Yeah, really fast. Seemed like they started dating and married in the same day!

      Cinnamon Bun never wears his uniform anymore; I think he's getting too cocky.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. CB is hilarious and I love his and August's interaction. Lol.

    Poor Salem. :(

    1. Cinnamon Bun won't wear his uniform on his own, so I like to make fun of him.

      Salem isn't doing too good this chapter, the next one will be better for him though!

      Thanks for reading. :)

  4. LOL. Another great chapter, loved it. The stranger danger scene was hilarious!

    Aww, poor Salem. He almost had a girlfriend, better he finds out about her *fast* character now, than later, lol

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked that part, the kids looked scared of C.B.!

      Hmm I hope you don't blame Maura too much for that.

      Thanks for reading! :)