Monday, April 1, 2013

Cinnamon Bun: Chapter 3.1 "A New Beginning"

Last time with the Diffys, Muffy and George were born and the Diffys threw a feast party. This time...
     As the years went by, and the kids became less hectic, Cookie grew older. He retired and Jolene and her sister Meghann both moved into the Diffy household. Meghann is still difficult to handle, but the Diffy cats have helped to soothe her. Finn and Charlotte grew up and he proposed. Charlotte of course said yes, and they moved out as Finn started his career in sports. 
     Moze realized that her attraction to Mark was based only on looks, so she broke up with him and started dating Argus. After a few years, Moze and Marceline decided to move in with him to his large house on the beach. Moze continued to struggle as a singer, and eventually quit. Moze started a blog about her experiences as an adopted child and gained some success, but her main focus was raising Marceline. Marceline, inspired by an interest in books and her mother's writing, decided to become an author. 
     Upon growing into a teenager, Cinnamon Bun was affected by the fires around town and decided that he would be a firefighter when he grew up. When he grew into a young adult, C.B. realized something else: his best friend as a teen, Emily Maesson, confessed that she had always had a crush on him. This confession made him realize that he had the same feelings for her, and they married. They decided that they wanted to start their own lives together, and moved to the nearby, although often hushed, Strangetown.

tl;dr: Cinnamon Bun is now grown, married, and living in Strangetown. This recreation of Strangetown was made by Jeody, found here. I also added the Strangetown Sims made by Sixamsims, found here. I made some of them colorful. So yes, after uninstalling everything and reinstalling, I added my save file but it won't load. It was a stretch to think that that would work. It's all good though, I was able to create Cinnamon Bun (my intended heir) and Emily (his intended spouse). Yes, the roll for this generation is a couple.

Cinnamon Bun is athletic, brave, good, artistic, and unlucky. His Lifetime Wish is to be a Firefighter Super Hero. His favorite color is hot pink.
 Emily is clumsy, an angler, eco-friendly, a hopeless romantic, and loves the outdoors. Her Lifetime Wish is The Zoologist. Her favorite color is pink. Emily's mother was Illdrid Maesson, from the Maesson Legacy.
 Cinnamon rushed off to get a job in the firefighter career.
 He got to work maintaining the fire truck and alarms.
 And then tried working out.
 The secondary income is as a fishersim, so Emily got started.
 Emily: *sigh* "Already bored."
 C.B. and Emily met at the local pool. C.B. was very impressed by the cacti.
 I love clumsy Sims.  XD
Emily: "C.B.!!!"
 Cinnamon Bun: "What?"
Emily: "Nothing..."
 Emily met Loki Beaker.
 Loki: "Your swimsuit is the color of flies and maggots!"
 Emily: "Excuse me? That's an awfully rude thing to say to someone you just met!"
Loki: "I'm sorry, someone has to be honest with you!"
 Emily: "Hmm, I'm guessing you don't want to her about renewable resources..."
 Loki: "What is with people always going on about their hybrid cars and solar power? I'll keep my coal-powered lab, thanks!"
 Emily: "That's a little old-fashioned, don't you think? Haha."
 Loki: "You could say that, but it's just how I like to do things. For instance, I don't like to clean or shovel coal, so Nervous takes those jobs."
Emily: "Nervous?"

Meanwhile, C.B. was viewing a soap dispenser.
 Cinnamon Bun: "I think the air conditioning in here is broken."
 They went across the street so that Emily could sell her fish.
Horse: "Purple hair? No likey!"
Yeah, I get it.
 Emily suddenly had the option to apologize to C.B.
Emily: "I'm just overcome with guilt!"
Emily: "I am sooo sorry I passed gas and blamed it on you! I felt really bad after."
Cinnamon Bun: "Don't worry about it! Feels like karma, anyway."
 End of the day.
And home.
 First official work day.
 Lola and Chloe have decided to be coworkers.
 Pascal Curious is a firefighter. He mostly reads though.
 Oooh a hedgehog!
 Gotcha! Unfortunately, there wasn't money for a cage, so the hedgehog escaped her pocket a couple hours later.
 A mime!
Mime: "..."
 There are very few places to fish in Strangetown. The graveyard is one of them.
 Extra creepy being this close to the Specter house.
 I don't like the look on Olive's face.
 Emily had the option to joke about C.B.'s cooking. He's never cooked before.
 He took it well. Some autonomous interactions ensued:
 Cinnamon Bun: "Hey Emily, I've been working out. I kind of have to, since I'm a firefighter and all."
 Emily: "Whoa being a firefighter is soooo hot! Literally heheh."
 Emily: "You are so trying to impress me right now."

And it worked.
 Emily: "I've never played pool before, this is fun!"
Face one don't care.
 I was playing around with pose player.
 Emily: "Hey, this is a private moment!"
 I added a fishing lot that I downloaded from the exchange, so now there are three places to fish: the "beach", the graveyard, and this lot.
 Emily: "I think I got something...wait for it..."
 Emily: "Hymph. Nevermind."
 Emily: "Ow! I poked my eye with the pole!"
 C.B. is working hard as his coworkers are hardly working.
 First emergency!
 It's at the Curious house.
 You got this.
 Meanwhile, Emily is having a snowcone.
 Don't look behind you.  o_o
 Rain means fishing is not very fun.
 But making money is!
 Well...he wanted to.
 Lola is not pleased.

Cinnamon Bun: "Emily! You should join me!"
Emily: "Haha, no thanks."

Emily: "I don't mind you skinny dipping though."

Next time: C.B. and Emily get to know some of the colorful personalities of Strangetown...


  1. Oh, fun!
    I love the faces Emily makes. And Loki, hur.
    Yeah, I'd be creeped out by fishing near the Specter house, too.

    1. Yeah Emily is really cute!

      Some of the backgrounds of these Strangetown sims are so creepy o_o

  2. I just wanted to know I've been reading your legacy, trying to catch up. I'm sad about your save file. I miss Prunella and the kitties the most. :(

    1. Thanks for reading! It's nice to know when I have a new reader :)

      I miss those cats too! I need to have some more kittens sometime.