Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cookie and Moze: Chapter 2.12 "Visitors"

Last time with the Diffys, Cookie got "official" with Jolene, Prunella and Arthur tried for kittens, and Francine died. This time...

Prunella: "Hello, welcome back to the Diffy legacy. I'm Prunella Diffy, second generation cat spouse. There are going to be a lot of cat pictures this chapter, so it will probably be your favorite so far."
 Prunella: "Nom nom nom."
 Buster: "Arthur? What's wrong?"
 Arthur: "Dad, do you ever miss Mom? I just feel terrible."
 Buster: "Of course I miss your mom!"
 Buster: "Listen to me, I know Francine would be proud of you, you're about to start your own family! I only regret that she couldn't see it."
 Moze has had this face ever since Francine died.  :(
 Pumpkin carving distraction!
 Prunella: "Either I have not taken very well to the new cat food, or--"

 This here is Muffy, named after Muffy Crosswire, a monkey. Muffy is clueless and friendly.
And this is George, named after George Lundgren, a moose. George is neat and quiet.
 George: "Do I need to go to the hospital or somethin'?"
Arthur: "You look fine to me."
 Muffy: "Daddy?"
Arthur: "That's me."
 Marceline: "Tammy left me out in the raaaaaiiiiiin!"
Well get in the house anyway.
 Marceline: "Tammy? You think maybe you should call your parents home or something?!"
 Tammy: "Ugh Mar is just being stupid. Walk outside! It's raining!"
 Mar: "Hold on. I think it's gone."
 Mar: "Nooo! Still hot!!!"

 Marceline: "Told ya."

Misty Pride: "Kids, I'm hooooome! Tammy? Mar?"
I hate you.
Moze: "Showtime."
Just get on with it.
Moze: "Welp, show's over!"
Moze: "I'm sorry about the short concert tonight, guys. You've been great, I just have difficulty performing with such grief!"
Audience member 1: "You think one of her parents died?"
Audience member 2: "Undoubtedly it was someone important with the way she is sobbing up there."
Woo visitor!
Marceline: "Does anyone else feel that? Feels like...someone's right there."
Moze: "I don't know but I do see that floating cup. Strange."
Cookie: "I'm too overcome with grief for Francine to feel anything else!!!"
On the same night, another visitor arrives.

Buster: "Smells like...Fran."
 It is time for a party! The Diffys are hosting a feast party. I was actually disappointed that holiday parties can't be held on community lots.  :/
 Buster: "I'm feeling really weird...and tingly."
 Charlotte: "Spooky day is over."
Grim: "I am aware."
 Buster: "Didn't you take my Francine?"
 Buster: "Since Fran went, I'll go too."
 Moze is trying to keep spirits up.
 I set up a nice, big table for all the food and guests.

 I'm not sure why Marceline was making these faces, but I thought it was cute.
Marceline: "I think there are spiders on the ceiling..."
 Illdrid Maesson showed up burnt.  XD
 What a diva.
 Charlotte: "Finn? What are you doing way over here?"
 Finn: "Now that you're over here under the mistletoe..."
 Finn: " have to kiss me."
Charlotte: "It's not even the season for that yet, Finn."
Finn: "It's close enough."
 Charlotte: "Well ok."
 Charlotte: "Best. Party. EVER."
 Argus Hulin: "I've seen some of your shows around town, and I must say you are very talented. J Mo? Is that your real name?"
Moze: "It's actually Moze, Moze Diffy."
Argus: "It is very nice to meet you, y'know, up close."
 Mark: *suspiiiiiiicious*
 Finn: "Charlotte, you don't seem quite yourself. Are you doing ok? Marceline told me that Mar died."
 Charlotte: "Well I am still upset about it. Mar was my little brother! My house is so cold and quiet now."
Finn: "I'm sorry."
 Finn: "You know you're always welcome to come over here if you need to."
Finn: "How do you feel about a dance?"
Charlotte: "That sounds nice."

Charlotte: "I do feel better just to get out of my house."

Charlotte: "It's been a good night."
Finn: "Agreed."

Before I end the chapter, some kitten spam:

 I know it has been a while since my last chapter, I am sorry about that! I have been trying to fix lagging/crashing issues with my game. I have actually uninstalled and am reinstalling this week. Hopefully I can be playing the Diffys again in a few days!

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