Saturday, April 5, 2014

Salem: Chapter 4.11 "Be Thankful"

Last time with the Diffys, Maura's abduction assuaged her anger at Salem, Maura also discovered that Salem has been doing scientific experiments in the garage, and all the girls went out for bowling. This time...

Jane is totally licensed to drive a firetruck.
 Maura: "Have you made any progress at the organization?"
 Salem: "Maura, it's not easy. I can't just leave; I know they wouldn't let me."
 Maura: "I know it's not easy, Salem. But you're smart; you'll figure out a way."
 Maura: "This information can't get out, though. It isn't just you or me. Our daughters will be starting their own lives soon; I don't want them to be ostracized for this."
Salem: "Of course. I have to be careful."
 Did you guys like the movie?
Kim: "The costume was all wrong!"
Jane: "Meh."
Welp, have fun bowling!
 Jane: "You're not coming with us?"
I've had my fill of watching you guys bowl.
 At home, Emily and C.B. engage in a match of ping pong.
 With some friendly fire.
 In her ambitious goal of improving Strangetown, Maura has started to buy properties around town. In other words, the miscellaneous fun is Property Mogul, which is fulfilled by owning/being a partner of three properties in town. With our limited funds, we have become partner at the diner.
 And bought the fishing hole. How about some fishing, Emily?
 Cinnamon Bun: "Emily!"
 Cinnamon Bun: "Let her live! You can do that, I know you can!"
Grim: "No."
 Grim: "Don't you see? She's already moving on."
Dog: "Throw the man a bone, for Pete's sake."
 Although C.B. was the only one to see her die, the whole household is of course affected by Emily's death.
 Salem: "Help me out with this?"    
Comfort her.
 Salem: "Jane, you know I'm here for you..."
Jane: "Daddy!"
 Kim: "Mom, I know it's Feast day, but..."
 Kim: "I don't feel thankful now with Grandma gone."
Maura: "Try to have a good time today, Kim. Feast day only comes maybe three times in a lifetime. This is my second Feast day, and I'm going to try to enjoy it. Be thankful that your grandmother lived as long as she did."
 Someone wanted to have a feast party; I'm guessing everyone because that's how festive my Sims are.
 It's probably creepy to have an urn staring at you while you eat, but I'm not ready to stick Emily on a shelf yet.
 Thad: "I'm sorry your grandmother died. I didn't know her well, but I miss her, too."
Kim: "Thank you, Thad."
 This gnome is in the Feast day spirit.
 Maura: *sniff* "I really do miss her. I wouldn't miss my own mother, but I miss Emily."
 Gilbert is in mourning too, but he's not good at showing it.
 Kim: "Do you really have to drag me out bowling tonight, Jane?"
Jane: "I can't stay in the house right now, Kim. It's too much."
 Jane: "You need to take it slow, guys. Bowling is an art."
 Jane: "Woo!"
 Jane: "Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down...
 Kim: "Can we go home yet?"
 Cinnamon Bun: "Emily..."

 Cinnamon Bun: "I miss you."
 Maura is at the gym to work on her athletic skill.
 Maura: "And that is just the person I want to see when I'm trying to work the stress out."
 Bridgette: "Lalala..."
 Maura: "Ha!"
 Cinnamon Bun: "Yeah I'll beat you up...try to mess with me..."
 Kim: "Uh, hey Grandad."
 Jane: "Are you worried about him, too?"
Kim: "Just a bit, yeah."
 Salem: "There may be a way for me to get out of the business. Carmen is going to jail."
 Maura: "Really? Are you going to be ok?"
 Salem: "Yeah, he's the only one that there is enough evidence to arrest. But this has really scared everyone, and I think I can convince them to disband. If the rest of us walk away quietly, we should be fine. Everyone except Carmen, of course."
 Maura: "Everyone should be scared! What they're doing is against the law. Scheming, fraud, burglary..."
 Maura: "Jail is only to be expected after all that."
 Salem: "Yeah, and I'm one of those people."
 Maura: "I'm sorry, but you know it's wrong. That's why you're getting out of it now."
 Salem: "If I can convince everyone. Then again, maybe it won't matter if I don't. Me and Carmen had a pretty good relationship. It would make sense if I left without him being there anymore."
 Maura: "Salem..."
 Maura: "I'm sorry I've been nagging you. I just worry so much."
 Salem: "C'mere."

Maura: "So many times you would be gone overnight, and sometimes for several days."
Salem: "Don't worry now; I have a plan, and I'm going to follow through on it."
 Jane: "So we're both having to study, even on the day of prom."
Kim: "I'm not really studying; I'm working on an article for the school paper."
Jane: "Well you suck. Such a go-getter."
As Jane mentioned, it is "prom" night. I built this community lot by the school; let's see how it goes.
 We've got two elderly chaperones.
 This is Tanesha, Ashley and Bridgette's daughter. I think she's super cute.
 And Jane comes out of the bathroom all dressed up.
Jane: "Now the party can start!"
 The girl here in the red dress has a name that I love: Faith Loste.
 Thad and Kim decide to try some dancing.
 And Jane joins them on the dance floor.
 Jane: "This would be more awesome with disco balls!"
Tanesha: "So true."
 Jane: "Hey Ruth, you should come out to the dance floor."
 Ruth: "Uh, not just yet."
 Jane: "You're right; we should eat now."
 Maura: "The dance should be about over. Faith, where are Jane and Kim?"
Faith: "Over there, Mrs. Diffy."
 Everyone is having a fabulous time, perhaps even the ghost.
 Kim: "Does this mean the dance is over? Haha."
 Maura: "Now that I'm here, I'm not about to waste an opportunity to wear this dress."
 Jane: "My mom is dancing now. Can I go?"
The dance is wrapping up; you can go home.
 Jane: "Awesome. Hoodie time!"

 Maura has gotten pretty good at dancing by now.
 And the next day is the girls' birthday.
 Jane: "I've had coffee today! Yeah!"
Wow, you really don't need that, Jane.
 Maura: "Be careful; I've heard of birthday candles starting fires before."
 Jane: "Ha! You'd have to be pretty dumb to somehow start a fire with little birthday candles."
I would appreciate you not insulting the intelligence of your great-grandfather, Jane.
 We've got some friends over. And Bridgette.
 Jane is making up for the "shooting star" that she missed.
 Kim is actually going to age up first this time.
 Kim: "Sweet."

 Kim's traits are now couch potato, loves the heat, grumpy, ambitious, and bookworm. Her Lifetime Wish is to be a Star News Anchor.
 Jane: "Wait! I'm not ready!"
 Jane: "I need more coffee!"
No, you're growing up now!

Jane's traits are now eccentric, grumpy, good sense of humor, social butterfly, and irresistible. Her Lifetime Wish is to be Super Popular.

Next time: The start of the fifth generation! Woo!


  1. Wow. Wowowowwww!! Jane is jaw-droppingly gorgeous!!! WOW!!!
    Kim is pretty beautiful too, but Jane... :O

    It's sad that Emily died, but she did live a looooong life and it must've been passed her time.

    Who died at the dance? 0.o

    Oh, and love the plan to get out of the crime career. How will it work out, though?

    1. I'm glad you thing she's so gorgeous! That would give her a big head for sure.

      Emily lived a few days more than 95, I think she was around 98 days old when she died. I'm sure she felt fulfilled; she got to see her son and grandchildren grow up. C.B. may be around for a while yet because when he "died" his life bar was reset, and he's a lot younger than Emily.

      I honestly can't even remember her name, or I would have mentioned it. Just some old townie who crashed the party.

      Hopefully it will work out well; I hope that all made sense, too. I know it was probably explained a bit too vaguely.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Grim showing up at the prom was hilarious. Also, Maura showing up at the prom, lol.
    The girls both grew up lovely.

    1. Haha, who's a worse chaperone for prom, Grim or your mother?

      Thanks for reading! :)