Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.12 "Ongoing Effects"

Last time with the Diffys, Emmie had a talk with Salem about her origins, which went...as well as it could. Kim and Thad decided that a move was in order, and the Diffys all came to live in Roaring Heights. This time...

Jane: "I'm going to sell so many things here!"
Cashier: "Um...ok. As if this consignment store gets much business, but whatever."
 Yay for birthdays! This time it is Thad and Jane's, and technically Kim's, but I couldn't really get her a cake seeing as she isn't actually aging.
 Kim: "Happy birthday, Thad."
 Thad: "Happy birthday to you, too."
 Kim: "Even though I'm not aging?"
Thad: "It's still your birthday. If Jane gets a birthday, you do too."
 Thad: "I really love you, Kim."
Kim: "I love you too."
Thad: "Do you...I mean, would you like to get married? To me?"
Kim: "That...would be amazing, Thad. Yes, I would really like to."

 Kim: "I don't think I can stop grinning."
Thad: "Then don't stop."
 During the night, Kim is woken by a sick feeling.
 Kim: "That's weird. I guess I had too much cake."
 This sickness seems to be going around town...
 Sick Townie: "So you're digging through piles of garbage?
Jane: "And you just vomited in the junkyard. We've all made our choices."
 Kim: "I'm so tired today."
 Kim: "Another nap then."
 Emmie takes it upon herself to get a part-time job at the grocery store.
Emmie: "I'm an independent woman now. It feels good."
 Wendy has been making good strides with her bass tips.

 Kim: "I don't know if I'm exactly right about this, but I think I'm going to be a mother."
Cake: "I'm just gonna be over here...on the floor."
 Kim: "Ready for bed already?"
Thad: "Yeah, I've got a small part on a TV series, and the hours are brutal. How was your day?"
 Kim: "I called in sick to work, and ended up going to the hospital."
Thad: "What happened?!"
 Kim: "It's nothing bad! I went to confirm my own suspicions. Thad, I'm pregnant!"
 Thad: "What? I didn't think it was possible!"
Kim: "I didn't, either. The doctor didn't say anything about my 'condition', so I don't think it was even noticeable. I might be more alive than dead, now."
Thad: "Hmm, you have been feeling more 'solid' over the past few months."
Kim: "And all she said was that I have very low fertility rates, so this pregnancy is a rare occurrence."
 Thad: "I guess we've been trying more than enough for it, heh."
Kim: "It was bound to happen."

Kim: "Are you glad?"
Thad: "Of course I am! This will be our child together."
 Meanwhile, Jane and Wendy are at the local pool for a midnight swim. And for the free booze.
 Jane: "So, did you and Thad ever have, uh, happy fun times? Like, make the woohoo?"
Wendy: "Oh, we tried. It was always weird, though. We couldn't think of each other like that, and it just ended in disaster."
 Jane: "Heh, no one's here so I can totally do this!"
But where did your eyebrows go?
 Wendy: "Fuuuun!"
 Wendy: "Catch me if you can!"
 Jane: "Hey, you put clothes back on."
Wendy: "Didn't want to lose them. And you did, too."
Jane: "It was actually reeeeaaaally cold."
 Jane: "We looked pretty good naked, though. Don't you think?"
Wendy: "Oh definitely yes."

And...yada yada yada.

Next time: Our generation six baby will be born!


  1. Wee, potentially a ghost baby?
    Either way, congrats to Thad and Kim!
    And congrats to Jane and Wendy for the yada yada.

    1. Potentially! But we will see...

      Thanks for the congrats! And for reading. :D

  2. Guess who caught up? ;)

    I like Emmie, she's really interesting.
    Yay for baby :3 *looks up at number of kids roll* Are there going to be any others?

    I really like Kim's down hair, where did you get it from?

    1. Woo for catching up! I've got your legacy in another tab to do the same.

      Yeah, I like her. Not looking forward to when she has to leave the house.

      Number of kids will be revealed next chapter. ;)

      I think it's a Paintstroke. *looks it up* Just kidding! It's from Beaverhausen: http://beaverhausenx.tumblr.com/post/92468423557/newseas-matcha-female-t-e-v1-texture-by

      Thanks for reading, and catching up!

  3. Kim looks really good with her hair down! Did the move fix her? I see she doesn't have the feathers floating around her anymore. And yay for baby! Kim and Thad are adorable together.

    And Jane and Wendy running wild, lol

    1. I think so, too! It's a strange situation. I haven't noticed the feathers anymore, and I don't think she's been floating as much anymore, either, but I'll have to get back into the game to be sure. However, she *technically* still functions as a ghost, meaning she doesn't age and she still walks through walls.

      I'm having fun with Jane and Wendy. xD

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Kim is so pretty! Holy crap! :O

    1. Haha, thanks! She's grown into her looks, and is more comfortable with herself, I think.