Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.17 "Outdoor Torment"

Thanks for eating part of the chapter when I first tried to write this, blogger...

Last time with the Diffys, a few things happened. Most notably, Jane and Wendy affirmed their relationship and made it official. The kittens Sally and Nora were born. And there was a death-filled gift-giving party in which Aidan grew into a teen. This time...

We join Aidan at the park in the center of town!
 Aidan: "But why??? I don't want to be here."
We're scoping out people, so hush.
Aidan: *sigh*
Wendy: "Jane, that is so amazing!"
Jane: "Thanks. The virtual reality can make you feel like you're anywhere with the right programs."
I'm not planning on using the time machine at any time, so it is simply a high-powered VR machine.
Jane: "Woo! Happy birthday!"
Wendy: "I may be getting older, but I don't feel that way! What do you think?"
Jane: *smushes face*
I just think they're cute.
Here's a nice big house. Let's meet people!
Margarita West-Harbucks: "Ah! Who are you?!"
Aidan: "I'm Aidan Diffy, and really? We were in elementary school together."
Olivier West-Harbucks: "There now, Mar, he's just one of your schoolmates."
Margarita: "You don't even know him, Daddy. And you've always cared about Shirley more than your real kids."
Aidan: "Ok, um. Hey, you like stars?"
Margarita: "Of course! This one time I went camping with my mom and we saw the big dipper! It was so cool!"
Aidan: "Nice! My dad has a telescope at my house, and, well I've never used it, but, um..."
May West-Harbucks: "Everything good here, Mar? I'm just gonna keep standing here until this guy leaves."
Margarita: "Actually, it was ok. I remember him now; we'll be in high school together when I grow into teen."
Cats are cute. They look like tiny dolls in this huge pet bed, though.

This is Aidan's teen room, and where he would prefer to spend his time.
And I love this poster.
Jane has discovered the joys of blowing things up.
Jane: "So. Much. Scrap! Also, no I'm not standing too close!"
Aidan met Adrian Rogers-Astare at the museum and I determined that they should be friends because their names are so similar.
Adrian's girlfriend Julianne Shear: "Are we still flirting?"
Julianne: "I'm just going to assume that I should still be making flirty faces."
Adrian: "Hey you strike me as kind of smart and nerdy. Would you be the Peter Parker to my Harry Osbourne?"
Harry: "I'm pretty suave, rich, and, well, I kind of need help with some homework assignments."
Julianne: "I guess we aren't gonna make those funny faces like we planned on after the flirty faces.
Aidan: "Oh, so that's just your roundabout way of asking for homework help?"
Adrian: "Let's just say that I never finished Frankenstein."
Oh hello Edgardo Meyers. You're a kind of attractive Sim; go forth and reproduce! When you hit young adult, anyway.
Edgardo: "Oh wow, I just received a message from my player to woo as many girls as I can! I must live up to this destiny!"
Rashad Rogers-Astare: "Curses on thee! I should've gotten that message!"
Dear Aliens,
Please stop abducting my elder females. It makes them sick and tired, and there are no positive moodlets. At least take them out to dinner or something.
Thank you.
P.S. thank you for no male pregnancies so far.
Jane: "You got a bunch of those pictures printed and framed. Nice."
Kim: "You recognize him? It's Phil, from that video we found in college."
Jane: "Oh yeah..."
Kim: "Grandad said he and Keely were his grandparents, so that makes them our...great-great-grandparents. I'm not sure who the middle two are."
Jane: "We should go ask Emmie about it. She'd probably know from her memories."
Kim: "She won't mind us asking?"
Jane: "Of course not. Just leave it to me."
Jane: "I guess I won't be contributing to our family tree."
Kim: "You mean like having kids? You want to have a little brood?"
Jane: "I'm not so sure, but I think Wendy would like having kids. She's always been really mature."
Kim: "It's not too late, y'know. I'm sure there's a way to do it, or you could adopt."
 Kim and Jane headed over to Emmie's house, but unfortunately she was out working. Charles and their two kids were there.
 This is Brandi.
And this is Tarik.
 Wanda: "You're here pretty late."
Aidan: "Well I was hoping to catch you after you got off work, so I left at 7:30 and, well, it still took me 3 hours to get here. And your brother wouldn't let me in right away so I stood here about an hour."
 Police officer: "Hey, kid! Is this your house? Everyone underage needs to be indoors at this time of night!"
Aidan: "Sneak me in?"
Wanda: "I can't; my parents are still up and they'd find out."
 Aidan: "That officer really liked to lecture."
 Aidan: "And my dad's probably about to do the same thing!"
 Nah, I'll just cancel the interaction."
Aidan: "...oh."
Yeah. Get to bed.
 Mr. Pickles is really into honing his hunting skill.
 I'll probably just release it, but yay for him!
Single file everybody! You're all gonna get soaked in the rain if you don't...
For whatever reason Sally ended up halfway across town and her needs were depleting.
At first I just had her walking home, but then I had mercy and sent Thad out to save her.
Wendy is visiting the Shear household, or trying to if they ever answer the door.
Only Julianne Shear was home, and that's not who we're looking for. I did notice this random room in the house, and I'm honestly perplexed. Why is there a sitting chair facing the toilet???
Hi, townie who just aged up!
I believe this is Evelyn Morgan (I'm sure she's a Morgan), and I just think she's super pretty. I'll try to get a picture of her in the daytime later.
We found Dylan Shear at the library with her daughter Danica.
Wendy: "Hello, I'm Wendy Smith. Your daughter Julianne told me you were here, and I've just been wanting to talk to you for quite some time."
Dylan: "Go ahead, I'm all ears."
Wendy: "I was just hoping that you wouldn't mind if I asked about your son, and, well--"
Dylan: "Say no more. Charlie is what some might call a 'test-tube baby', but the science lab calls it engineering a baby. It's not available to everyone, only special cases. They are still perfecting it."
Wendy: "Aw, it's probably not available for me, then."
Dylan: "There would be a little screening process, but I still have contacts with some of the scientists there, and I can give you some numbers."
Wendy: "That would be great! Thank you so much."
Dylan: "Not a problem. Tell them I sent you."

I just think that Pickles jumping on top of that dresser is hilarious.

Now what you gonna do?

Mr. Pickles: "Uh, I don't know why I did this when I'm so hungry. And now I'm trapped! Call the Ghostbusters!"
Yeah, they fix anything.
Aidan: "Hey, Wanda. Yeah I know you just said no and hung up a minute ago. Anyway, want to meet at the park for the festival? ...uh-huh...great! Be there in twenty."
Wendy: "Are you nervous about seeing this girl?"
Aidan: "No, just dejected at the thought of being outside for a long period."
Mr. Pickles: That is one weird human.
Wendy: "And now I'm left with the dishes."

Next time: We'll see how this somewhat-date with Wanda goes. And it will possibly be the last chapter of this generation. Woo!

Note: I'm really happy because I learned how to make pictures! Now the house can be filled with my favorite ones!


  1. I loved those pictures of the previous generations on the wall, very cool! I always thought about doing that--but--lazy! haha!

    Love all your cat spam, it almost makes me want to add some pets into the sim families, but I usually find them annoying before too long, lol

    1. I know! I wouldn't have made them if I wasn't so mad about my other pictures getting glitched out after travelling between university.

      They really are so annoying and need constant attention! But I still love them because they are so darn cute, and add more dimension to my game.

      Thanks for reading. =)