Monday, May 21, 2012

Phil and Keely: Chapter 1.2 "Cookie"

Last time Keely discovered that she is pregnant. Let's see how this goes...

Phil: "Keely, I'm home!"
 Keely: "So baby baby baby...we're having one."  :D
 Phil: "Whaaaa--! This is great news!"
 Phil: "Must. Wash. Hands."
 Then they both wanted to read pregnancy books, so they went down to the library.
 Keely: "How could Phil take my seat? I'm pregnant!"
Oh no...
 He was making it up to her though.
 Phil: "I've never given a massage before. Is it good?"
 Keely: "Oh yeah..."
 Both: "Hmmm..."
 Phil: "Let's cuddle."  :)
 Cute stray cat!
Stray cat: "I'm where's my shrimp reward?"
 Keely: "Ugghhh I feel like a blimp."
 Phil: "I don't trust this sink. I feel like it's plotting to flood the house, just like the toilet."
 Keely: "Gimme a hug."
They're so cute, they roll wishes for each other all the time.
 And in accordance with the rules, I have added laundry to the house. I kind of forgot it at first, but yeah I think I put it in the third day, so not too bad.
 Keely: *crazy eyes*
 Keely: "I want ice cream."
 Hey it's Daphne Tang! I actually made her, isn't she cute? Yeah don't answer.
Daphne: "Is this horse real? It looks real!!!"

 Heehee Phil snuck a kiss.
 Then he ran off to try to make some money.
 But the stupid bartender kept making him sing karaoke.  >:I
 Phil: "Uhhh Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?"
 Meanwhile Keely was still at the library.
Keely: "Huff huff!"
 Keely: "It hurts so good!"  :)
 Daphne just walked right by! Not even enough courtesy to freak out at the woman in labor...
Daphne: "Huh? Is someone there? I need to use the toilet..."
 Keely: "Phil..."
Phil: "Yeah, I don't know. Our simmer just told me to come back here but I'm not sure what--"
 Phil: "Ahhh!!! You're in labor!"
 Keely: "Yeah, I kinda noticed!"
 Keely: "Umm I'm going to the hospital then."
 Keely: "Ooh a horse!"
Stray horse: "Me no likey woman in labor!"
Yeah, just get out of my life then.  >:I
 Phil: *sneezes*
Keely: "Your allergies can wait, let's get inside!"
 And here is our new baby boy! Since Phil and Keely were named after one of my favorite shows from Disney Channel, I named him after one of my favorite shows from Nickelodeon, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. He is named Cookie after Simon "Cookie" Nelson Cook. Keely's pregnancy went well, so I gave him the friendly trait after his parents and rolled the other trait to get excitable. His favorite color is grey.
 Stray horse: "Me no likey purple hair!!!!"
Phil: "Well get out of my life, I'm a father now."  :)
 Here is Cookie's crib, which until we have more money is simply in Keely and Phil's room.
 Keely: "Oh no! Uhhh no, I didn't break the toilet, nu-uh not me!"
 Phil: "Keely. I know you broke the toilet. It's ok, just fix it."
Keely: "Hymph. I don't know who did it, but I'll fix it."
 Cute picture with baby!
 Phil: "I don't trust the stove either. Not since Keely burned that macaroni...the stove is plotting against her."
Whatever makes you feel better, Phil.
 Keely: *is determined*
 Keely: "Hymph. I wanna hold Cookie!"
 Keely: "Yay Philly's gone!"
 Keely: "Hey baby boy."
 Let's see how those drinks are coming...

 Hey the fancy tricks are looking good! Doesn't make the drinks taste any better, though.
 Got a Sim Gnubb set because Phil wanted it, and they do need something fun to do.
 Phil: "I'm so happy with you and Cookie. We're a family now!"
 Keely: "I'm happy too, Phil. I don't think I'll want another baby for a while though...being pregnant is hard stuff!"
 Look how tired you've made your parents, Cookie!
 Keely: "I HATE that washer!"
 Don't look too excited, Phil.  -_-
 Phil: "Yay, it's Cookie's birthday! Yeah!"
Why do I feel like you're being sarcastic?
 Keely: "Yay Cookie!" *is dripping from clothesline*

 Um this is no time to check the stove, Phil.
Phil: "I told you I don't trust it! I don't want the house to go up in flames!"
 Yay for the toddler stage! Let's see those genetics.
 He got Phil's little pointy ears, of course Keely's skin and Phil's hair color. Also Keely's eye color. Looks like Phil's face shape, maybe Keely's nose? It may be too soon to tell, but he looks like a satisfying blend of his parents.  :)
 Cookie: "Guhhh..."
 Cookie: "Blupp!"

Cookie: "Haha!"
Aw, even picky-nose animations are cute.

Next time: Toddler training!


  1. Stray horse: "Me no likey purple hair!!!!"
    Phil: "Well get out of my life, I'm a father now.

    ...Implying that Phil and Stray Horse have some rich history of adventures together or something. xD

    1. Stray Horse couldn't handle Phil's ambitions or his purple hair. XD

  2. Aww they just took a nap.

    Cookie's cute!