Sunday, June 3, 2012

Phil and Keely: Chapter 1.3 "Walking and Talking"

Ok so first off sorry that it's been a little while since the last chapter. My laptop was having problems with its battery but it's all good now. Anyway, back to the Diffys. Last time Cookie aged up into a toddler.

So now I can tell you that the generation goal is Perfect Children (help!). This is immediately begun by starting to teach Cookie how to talk.

Peg box spam!:

 I think Cookie deserves a cookie for getting the square correct.  :)
 Keely is a boss at sim Gnubb.
 Oh. I didn't know that they randomly saluted while playing Gnubb. Kinda cool.
Keely: "Good game Phil, but, once again, I have won. I salute you for your valiant efforts."
 Talking skill complete!
 Let's see how that mixology skill is coming.
 Phil: *sniffs* "Blurrrgh!"
 Phil: "Uh, you wanna try it?"
No no, you go ahead.
 Phil: *barfs*
 Since the Perfect Children goal requires Cookie to read 9 toddler books (9!), Keely went to buy some.
 Then they all met up at this park (which is from modthesims here).
 Some other Sims were there playing instruments.
 Cookie: "I can talk!!!!!"
 Walking skill is begun.
 When I leave Phil alone, he tends to freak out.
 Anyway, one book down.
 And in the morning, a second book is read.
 It's pretty cute seeing them read together.
 Keely: "I know! They are sooo cute!"
 Potty training complete!
 Keely: "Oh if the public knew of the secret life of star reporter Keely Diffy..."
 Keely: "My life is full of baby vomit and poop."
It's not so bad, Keely. And Sims 3 babies don't even puke...
Keely: "I know, I just like being DRAMATIC."
 To escape from baby poop I guess, Keely is at the library to start a biography for Karen Shmingle. This will surely help her work performance when she finishes it in ten years.
 While Phil is at home with Cookie.

 And the walking skill is complete!
 Cookie: "Walking and talking..."
 Cookie: "AT THE SAME TIME!"
Yes we're all proud. Now go learn more!
 Cookie: "I've learned that music is delicious."
Stop that.
 Cookie: "Heehee you can't make me!"
Yet you still do it. Good Cookie!
 Synchronized sandwich eating!

 Ok, I'm done.
 Phil: "Our son Cookie is the best!"
 Keely: "Yeah! I just want to hug and kiss him."
 Two thoughts at once! My Sims are getting smart...too smart.
 Keely: "Tickle tickle, Cookie!"
 Keely: "My moves!"
Wait, no they're not.
 Phil: "I just broke the toilet."  :)
Definitely not.
 Phil: "UH"
 Keely: "Come back to bed Philly..."
Wake up for NO REASON when he still needs sleep. Way to go, Phil.
 You are ready for work before your carpool is here?!
Keely: "Yep. I am amazing."  :)
 Cookie: "I'm done with my food!"
 Cookie: "Don't like this highchair no more!"
 Cookie: "TOO RESTRICTED!!!"
 Cookie: "Momma? Daddy? I may cry..."
 Cookie: *cries loudly*
 Cookie: "Heheh. Ahem."
 Cookie: "Hi Daddy!"  :)
 Yeah. It's back to more toddler books. Confession: I've actually never used toddler books before. This is kind of neat.
 Keely: "Phil! I got a promotion today!!!"
 Phil: *horse face* "Great job Keely!"
 Now that stories and reviews have a say in Keely's work performance, she is off to interview some people. This is where my Simself lives with my sisters in Sim form. Yeah, I wanted her to interview us.
 My sister Hayleigh was home.
Hayleigh: "Hello green woman!"
 Keely: "I work for Sim News for Sims and we are taking a poll of local youths--"
Hayleigh: "Yeah, I'll stop you right there. That sounds really boring."
 Hayleigh: "Uhh so this is awkward. You can leave now."
 Keely: "But wait! Uhhh...Justin Bieber! Yeah, you like Justin Bieber, right?! Uhh me too!"
 Hayleigh: "Really? You're way too old to like Justin Bieber, and if you do that's a little creepy."
 Keely: "Please! I neeeeed this!!!"
Hayleigh: "Whoa personal space! Get off my lawn, lady! No interview for you!"
I promise she's not pregnant. She just threw up for no reason! Well that was weird.

Next time: The toddler training and begging people for interviews continues!


  1. So, I'm finally catching up on your legacy.
    I've been laughing out loud so far, your family is hilarious.
    And Keely begging Hayleigh for an interview had me in stitches. But...Justin Bieber!

    1. Awesome, thank you!
      She's a teenage girl, she must like Justin Bieber!

  2. I love the toddler spam, and it cracks me up when things are synchronized.

    Neurotic sims are the best. I had mine check a completely broken sink once and he just put his face in the water, turned the not working knobs and walked away with a positive moodlet. :D