Monday, July 2, 2012

Phil and Keely: Chapter 1.7 "Plant!"

It's been a while, hasn't it? Can't really say much except I have been experiencing some annoying crashes (what else is new?). I usually save pretty frequently, but sometimes I forget and that is when I get frustrated. So instead of playing now, I am writing this chapter. Last time, Cookie aged into a teenager in a great ball of fire. Let's gooooo!

Phil: "Toddler books everywhere!"
We'll get it done, stop crying!
 After school one day, Cookie was invited over by Alexa, who lives only a few houses over.
 Homework party!
 So I was trying to get Cookie a part-time job in accordance with the Perfect Children rules. He wouldn't do it though! His excuse was plant.
Cookie: "But...uh...plant!"
 There aren't any plants in this room!  >:I  How'd you end up in Daphne's parents' bedroom anyway?!
Cookie: "Uh...plant?"
 So I made him go down to the grocery store. Still with the excuses.
Cookie: "I'm tiiiiired. I don't want a job!"
 Cookie: "I mean...plant!"
 Fine, to the bookstore it is. He was able to get a job there just fine.
 Moze: "Walkin' at ya, talkin' at ya. Yeahhhh..."
 Since Cookie is a teenager, I decided that it would be a little weird (and annoying for him) for him to share a room with his little sister. So Moze gets a new room. Also, wallpaper for everyone!
 Cookie's room is very empty (no money), but he does have a nicer bed.
 Phil: "We got a copy of your book on the bookshelf now. Congrats Keely!"
She finally finished The Shmingle Tale.
 Phil: "Makin' money, huh? Unlike my glitchy moonlighting..." *ambitious trait grumble*
 Keely: "Oh Phil, I feel like a real reporter now! Isn't it great?!"
 Keely: "And the best thing is I get to see your cute face every night."
Phil: "Duuurrr..."
 Keely: "Yeah! I, uh, could just...take a picture and keep it in my wallet or something! 'Cause you're my sweet hubby! Haha..."
My Sims fail at flirting.
 Toddler books, blah blah blah...
 Keely went to a party thrown by Carla Dean.
 It was TERRIBLE OF COURSE. As all Sim parties should be.
 Keely was traumatized.
 Cookie: "Hey Mozely. No more crying now, ok?"
 Moze: "Ok brother!"
 Alexa Tang came over after school one day. She's wearing athletic clothes because she's athletic. Also she has that face because she's a coward.
Alexa: "It's because this house is scary! Looks like it'll fall apart if I touch it!"  O_O
 I don't know if I should make fun of Cookie because this is only the second time he's hugged a girl, or feel proud of him because this is the second time he's hugged a girl!
 Alexa: "You're a great friend, Cookie!"
 Phil: "Hug?"
Keely: "Oh Phil, you have no idea what a day I've had!"
 Keely: "I was still thinking about that old man from Carla's party!"
Phil: "I'm sorry, Keel."
 Keely: "Philly? Can I have that hug now?"
 Phil: "Of course, Keely."
Aww love!
 Sim Gnubb helps Keely cope.
 Cookie: "I won!"
Alexa:  >:I
 Alexa: "Rematch!"
 After Alexa leaves, it's time for homework. Gotta get on the honor roll!
 Moze finished reading the last book!
 That block table sure taught you how to unclog the toilet, huh Cookie?
Cookie: *determined*
 The whole family together for dinner!  :)
 Keely: "Learning to cook is an important skill for anyone."
 Keely: "Me and Phil really should've put more time into it. I would advise you to invest in it, Cookie."
Disgusting drinks are no longer hilarious, Phil. That's his skill bar, halfway to the tenth skill level. TENTH SKILL LEVEL. The drinks should not be that bad anymore!
 Keely: "You're growing up so fast! Don't forget about good hygiene, either."
Cookie: "Mom, c'mon...I'm not even halfway through the teen stage yet!"
 Cookie: "Gnubb? Mind if I join? I'm pretty good, y'know."
 Keely: "Join me if you must, but don't come crying to me when you lose!"
Hmm I wonder what that boat looks like up close.
 Cookie: "Looks like rain! Did you feel something?"
Shut up! You know that's impossible!
 Keely: "I believe he is trying to distract you from how bad he is loooosing!"
Cookie: "Whatever."
 Cookie: "Where'd the baton go??"
 Cookie: "OW! That did not just happen!"
 Yes it did, and I have photographic proof!
 To be fair, Keely did the same thing.
 Keely: "BATON! I thought we were friends!!!"
Keely has been playing Gnubb waaaay too much.
 But it payed off. Still undefeated whoo!
 Toddlers can't gain skill from the block table. Ok then.
Moze: "Still having fun!"
Get back to your xylophone.
 These drinks. These drinks are PERFECT QUALITY!!!
 Phil: "Yeah you want some of this now, huh?"
 Keely: "You know I love you, right? No matter how much these drinks may make me vomit, I still love you."
 Phil: "No, look! These are good! Stop walking away!"
 Phil: "Seriously, I deserve a trophy for these drinks."
Keely: "Smug..." *grumble*
 Keely: "Wuahhh...These are actually good--nay, PERFECT!"
And that's the reaction we're looking for.
 Cookie: "Shower before school! Yay!" *excitable*
 Keely: "C'mere sweetie."
 Keely: "I feel like the luckiest mother alive to have you for a daughter, Moze."
 Moze: "Aw, shucks. You're embarrassing me, Mama."
 Cookie is finally off to his first day of work.
 Moze completed the peg box skill.
 And the xylophone skill.
 Um. No! Don't make that face just yet, Moze!"
 I bought you a cake!  ;_;
Cookie: "Who was supposed to bring Moze to cake again? I thought Mom was, but she said Dad wanted to, but Dad insisted that I should..."
There seems to be some sort of mix-up that delayed whoever was supposed to bring Moze to the cake.
 That doofus face is adorable, but I'd rather you make it after blowing out candles.
 Moze: *birthday dance*
 Moze: "Well, well?"
 Yep, she's totally face-one. Unfortunate. Still, she's my face-one. Gotta love her. This was the hair I wanted to give her, BTW.
 But look at it in the actual game!
Moze: "Happy birthday to me!"

It looks terrible!  >:I  Can't have that, so her hairstyle changes a few times as I was deciding what to go with.
Moze: "Simmer? It's my birthday, aren't you happy and proud of me? There are more important things than hair, you know!"  ;_;
Right. Moze grew up (perfectly) with the virtuoso trait. *confetti*

Next time: Moze will be a baking, blocking, homework machine!


  1. Hey! I'm liking the legacy so far. I love how straight forward your writing style is.

    This may be a stupid question but what is a face one?

    I love the TV shows that you are using for your naming scheme. Actually when I started reading I was like why do these names sound so familiar haha

    Your on my blogroll on my random legacy. I kind of have a list of all of the random legacies.

  2. Hey thanks!
    Not a stupid question. :) When the game generates new people into your town, such as mail people, newspaper kids, and new families, they all have the same face, same nose, mouth, etc. These are face ones. I have a mod in, Awesome Mod, which randomizes the faces so that new people are not face one. I guess it doesn't work with adopted kids, though. :/
    Yes I love these shows. I have names picked out to the 4th generation haha
    Awesome, thanks for adding me!

  3. Lol. Aw, loved the exchange between Keely & Phil. "You would not believe the day I had" Lol. Bad party!

    Poor Moze - she was trying to enjoy her birthday and you messed with her hair. Ha! Before the sparkles are gone, I have already updated hairstyles & clothes!