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Phil and Keely: Chapter 1.6 "Check, Check, and Check"

Last time with the Diffys, Moze was adopted and aged into a toddler. Child-toddler interactions go!

Cookie: "I'm gonna be the best big brother for you, Moze."
 Yes, I think he will be.  :)
 It was also Keely's birthday that day.
 Keely: "No one's cheering for me..."
 Cookie: "Happy birthday Mom!"
There you go.
 Keely: "Ok not so bad..."
 Keely: "MY ANKLES!!!"
Yeah don't even. You look the same, except a few wrinkles on your face. I feel like if I had Generations, Keely would be having a midlife crisis right now.
 Phil's birthday too!
Phil: "What is this?!!"
 Phil: "Oooohh..."
 Phil: "Hey, not bad!"
Normally I would give my Sims a makeover on their adult birthday, but the miscellaneous fun of the generation is Born With It, which means I can't alter their looks. Eh, not a big deal.
 The family sits down for a game of dominoes.
 Then Phil and Cookie both had the want to talk to each other.
Cookie: "Dad, can I ask you some questions?"
 Cookie: "Uh...just us two?"
Phil: *sigh*
Keely: "Father-son talk! That's so cute! Uh...I'll just be checking on Moze then..."

Phil and Cookie's manly talk!:
 Phil: "So your teachers say you've taken quite an interest in computers; that's great Cookie!"
 Cookie: "Yeah but I have to give a speech about it! I don't like giving speeches..."
 Phil: "Hey I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Just practice and you'll do fine."
 Cookie: "Um...I heard some high schoolers talking about fun in bed? What's that about, Dad?"
 Phil: "Uh, let's talk about that when you're older, ok?"
Manly talk concluded!  x_x
 Phil: "So I put Moze to bed..."
 Keely: "Good. Moze is such a sweet little toddler. Anyway, what did Cookie want to talk about?"
Phil: "Uhh Cookie? He just had some questions about school and some stuff he overheard from high schoolers..."
 Keely: "Oh our poor Cookie! So confused in this big world!"
Yeah, there comes her dramatic trait.
 *Ahem* I'm tempted to give Keely some cheesy line here, but I'll spare you. Moving on...
 Ah, good; it's Moze.
Moze: "Hmm."
 Moze: "Hmm."
You like it or not?
 Moze: "Mmm!"
 Unlike Cookie, Moze is perfectly happy to be left in her high chair.
 Cookie: "Sqweee!!!"
 Cookie: "You bought me a bake sale table?!! Eeeep!!!"

 At least she likes it.
 Cookie: "It smells so goooood! Now where are the customers?"
 Even though it's a hotspot, there are only two other people here.  -_-
Cookie: "One of them is Jolene..."
 Ha, Cookie abandons his table to talk to her.
Jolene: "I'm with you; I don't like these speeches we have to do."
 Jolene: "We should totally go biking together some time!"
 Cookie: "Hehe yeah that sounds fun."
You like her!
Cookie: "Do not!"
Do too.  :)
 Phil: "Say, 'daddy'!"
Moze: "Heeheehee!"
Phil: "Ok, time to learn to talk."
 Phil: "Remember Moze, if you love somebody don't hesitate to tell them. They probably love you back!"
 Moze: "I love you, Daddy!"
Awww. Talking skill: check.
 Phil is not so lucky with potty training Moze.
 Moze: "Daddy, no! No potty!"
 Moze: "It's gonna eat me."
Ohmigosh her face is too cute!
 Cookie: "Come back when I finish this castle."

 Yes, he completed the block table skill!
 Jolene invited him over after school. BTW, congrats on getting on the honor roll Cookie!
 I didn't get a screenshot of the announcement, but I thought this might convince you that he did indeed make it on the honor roll.
 Moze: "Am I doin' it?"
 Keely: "You sure are."
Walking skill: check.
 The Shmingles have a pool, so of course Cookie was trying it out.
 Jolene: "Cookie, you wanna work on homework with me?"
Cookie: "Uh, sure!"
 After homework they played tag.
Jolene: "You're it, ok?"
 Cookie: "Ok, just let me stretch here..."
 Jolene: "Wait!! I think I'm gonna fall in!"
Lol, it would be funny if there was an interaction to push other Sims into the pool. There really needs to be more interactions/objects for the pool.  :/
 Moze: "Red fish blue fish?"
 Moze: "You're funny, Mama!"
 Moze: "Know what, Daddy?"
 Moze: "I'mma be a sumo wrestler!"
 Moze: "See?!"
You are too cute, Moze.
 The Diffys have enough money for a computer, so Keely doesn't have to always go to the library to work on her journalism writing.
 Keely is successful in helping Moze get over her fear of the potty.
 Potty skill: check.
 About this time in game I put in an awesome lighting mod! It looks amazing! Got it from Mod the Sims here.
 Phil: "The world is SO DIFFERENT!!!"
Lol, imagine waking up one day and the whole world is a shade darker and less blue. What was normal is now gone.  o_O
Cookie has finally gotten the last baking skill, just in time for his birthday.
 And the guests are here for the party.
 My sister aged to a young adult! She is puuuurty.
 Silly guests. Thank you for bringing food, but you coulda' put it downstairs, maybe on the counter?
 Cookie: "So I'm like rully tired an' stuff, but I want cake!"
 Cake it is.
Christy Erving: "HAHAHA are you turning three or something?!"
Cookie: *sigh*
 Cookie: "I know just what to wish for!"
 Cookie: "Anybody wanna guess what it is?"
Keely: "Cookie, sweetie, the candle wax is melting onto the cake..."
 Cookie: "Oh! I guess it is..."
 Christy: "HAHAHA your cake is ruined!"
Cookie: *sigh*
 Cookie: "Aaaahh! Fire!"
 Daphne: "Well I'm running AWAY FROM THE FIRE!!!"
Just so the rest of you know, this is the appropriate response!
 While Keely called the fire department, Phil and Dorothy DeMayo got the extinguishers out.
Carla: "I'm still enjoying this party!"
 Christy: "Are you stupid? This party sucked from the start!"
 Guests: "Yeah this party is endangering our lives! We don't like!"
 Phil was looking strangely calm.
Phil: "I've always wanted to do this. I'm so proud of me!"  :)
 Cookie: "Haha! Totally looks like I'm holding a tiny firefighter!"
 Carla: "I changed my mind!"
Other guest: "Nah, it's still good! Fire is awesome!"
 Dorothy: "I'm on fire! Being able to say that makes this party totally worth it!"
Cookie: "Well then..."
 Cookie: "Didn't think I'd get another cake, did you? Well nyah nyah!"
All right, stop taunting the readers.
 Most of the guests have left, but at least Jolene is still here.
Jolene: "All in all, this is a pretty good party!"
 Right after I took that picture, she leaves.  -_-
 Hurry up now, we don't want another accident!
 Eeesh. I think I've seen this before.
 Whoo! He is actually pretty handsome. Though I think his features are all Phil's.  -_-  At least he has Keely's skin and eye color. He gained the natural cook trait.
 Cookie: "I'm sooo tired after all this."
 Shonna: "These SHINY."
I think everybody's tired.
 Henson: "Yep!"
 Moze: "Yep! Wuahhhhh!!"

Dorothy: "Not me! I'm gonna win this game!"
Playing against yourself, so yeah you both win and lose. And look at that sunrise! You've been here waaay too long.  -_-

Next time: "Moze will have her birthday! Level of face-one similarity will be determined.

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