Friday, September 7, 2012

Cookie and Moze: Chapter 2.4 "J Mo"

Last time with the Diffys, Moze grew into a young adult, Finn grew into a toddler, and Alexa rejected Cookie. This time, Moze is trying to win over Mark Carr.

Moze: "Sorry about the mess with the bar. Dad, we've got to get that replaced!"
Mark: "Is this a legacy?...I don't feel too good about this..."
 Moze: "Just ignore that feeling. Hey Simmer, I like this guy!"
I can tell.
 Moze: "So why don't we--"
Mark: "Moze, please, I just met you today. You're moving way too fast for me. I'm sorry, I have to go!"
 Well that was disappointing. Ice cream!
 Of course we brought the gnubb set with us from the other house.
 Jolene: "Hey Cookie!"
 Cookie: "Jolene? Jolene!"
 Cookie: "I'm so happy to see you! Squee!!"
 Jolene: "Oh Cookie, you're so cute when you get excited."
 Yes! Finally!
 Go quit!
Moze: "Gladly."
 Jolene: "Cookie, I hope you know that I've always valued your friendship. To be honest, I've had a crush on you for the longest time."
 Cookie: "Jolene, I'm sorry. It's so soon after Alexa...I'm not sure how I feel about you yet."

 Cookie: "I'm not saying no, I'm just saying not now. You are very special to me."
 I still think Buster and Francine are my cutest couple.

Kitties and toddlers.  <3
 And just a toddler.
 So Buster is stuck, sadly. It just happened seemingly randomly.
Francine: "He's blocking the food!"
No he's not. Anyway, I don't want all the cats taken away, and since it's not my fault, I have been cheating up his mood to prevent the social worker.
 Here is Moze getting a job in the singer career because the roll for secondary income is Vocalist. Her performance name is J Mo. Also, Moze's final traits are absent-minded, brave, virtuoso, artistic, and ambitious. Her LTW is to be a Vocal Legend.
 Finn:  o_o
Just eat it.
 Francine: "Buster? Buster?!! I am seriously getting worried..."
Arthur: "Dishes on the table?!" *reacts for hours*
 Moze was at a party, so she sang for tips with her guitar.
 There were only three people there, including Moze. Alexa was the other guest.
 She and Alexander seem to be doing great, BTW.
 Finn: *cries*
 Cookie: "Shh...I promise the potty won't eat you..."
 They had more success the next day.
 I like this picture. It has the whole family...except Cookie.
 Cookie had been at work. Working hard to bring home this food processor!
 It seems I have a lot of pictures of Finn this chapter. I just think toddlers are cute.
 This picture shows how Keely's skin tone has changed between their generations. I think that's kind of cool.

How about we spam the singer pictures now?!
Moze: "That's a terrific idea!!!" *overly-enthusiastic*

 Huh. This lady has been pregnant since Alexa first became pregnant. That's not good...
 Moze: "So yeah guys, I really like this guy I met a few days ago but he says I'm going too fast for him and I don't know what to do or if he even likes me..."
Blah blah blah...but I do think it's cute that she's talking about Mark.
 Francine: "MEOW. When you gonna fix Buster?!"
 Anyway. Moze is still trying to build a relationship with Mark.
 Woo! I fixed him! Just kidding, he fixed himself! Somehow. I really don't know what did it, but he's not stuck anymore!
Buster: "Do you know that that plate of cheesesteak has been sitting on the table the whole time I've been stuck? You should clean that up now."
Will you cats all stop making such a big deal out of the dishes? Even if they're not dirty, the cats must spend 90% of their time reacting to the dishes.  >:I

With Buster unstuck, I will end this chapter. But first, look! I've tried to make the house look good!  :D

Next time: More Diffys! Heheheh


  1. I know this chapter is super old but I just wanted to say the exterior of your house looks really awesome! I'm seriously jealous :P

    1. Wow, thank you! I honestly struggle with house building and landscaping, but I do try sometimes.