Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cookie and Moze: Chapter 2.5 "Growing Up Diffy"

Welcome back to the Diffys! I know it's been a while...this is mostly due to that glitch I mentioned last chapter where a pregnant townie would be pregnant a loooooong time. I'll explain more later. Let's get back to the Diffys...

Good morning! The cats start their day by reacting to the dishes.

 Finn is not having a good time. He's just like his father, I guess.
 No, Cookie did not notice your tantrum.
 Moze is working hard to woo Mark.
 Moze: "I want you to know that I really like you, for you. We don't have to move so quickly if you don't want to. Will you be my boyfriend?"

Mark: "Moze, I really do like you too. I'll be your boyfriend if you'll be my girlfriend."
I knew he couldn't resist for long.
 Favorite kiss of the game. I wish I could see it more than once every relationship.
 Moze: "My work here is done."

The next morning:
 Moze: "You feel like paradise...and I need a vacation tonight. Haha..."
 Mark: "Moze, please!"
 Moze: "Too much? I was just joking..."
Mark won't woohoo/try for baby with Moze! I don't know what his problem is; I thought once they were in a relationship he would be all for it.
 Cookie is having no such problem.

Cookie: "Haha let's see what we got here..."
 Cookie: "Whua--!"
 Jolene: "What have I done?!"
 Somebody came home happy.
 Meanwhile, Moze had a much tamer time with Mark in the photobooth.
 Finn: "Talalalala...kitty!"
 Arthur: "Just trying to use the scratching post, man. I don't want any trouble."
 Finn: "Daddy, why you smiling?"
 Yeah, Cookie's facial expressions get a little stuck sometimes. But look at Finn! So cute.
 Cookie taught Finn to walk and potty trained him, and Keely taught him to talk.
 Phil "helped" with skills.
 Finn: "Nuh-uh. You are WRONG, Grampy."
 Cookie aged up to an adult on the street after he got a tattoo.
 Don't even make that "I look sexy" pose.
 Get back in your regular clothes.  -_-
 Cookie had been on his way to Jolene's house.
 When he saw her, he went back outside to faint.
 Cookie: "This is actually kind of cool. We're going to be parents!"
 Jolene: "C'mon, Cookie. You went outside and fainted. That reaction isn't exactly encouraging."
 Cookie: "I'm sorry, Jolene. It's just a shock, y'know? But I'll be here for you and do everything I can for our baby."
 Buster and Francine? Arthur and Francine?
 Still my cutest couple. Totally have a healthy mother-son relationship despite me thinking that Arthur is Buster.
 It. Is. Time.

 Happy birthday to Finn!
Cookie: "Happy birthday, son. You're the best."
Finn's new trait is athletic, so I decorated his room accordingly.
 Here's another picture. Just 'cause I like him.
 Moze made a phone call.
 Since Mark was being difficult, I decided that Moze should adopt. I think it makes sense for her anyway.
This social worker is much nicer than the one who brought Moze.
 Social worker: "Whelp, everything seems to be in check." *drops baby*
 Cookie: "I guess I'll pick her up. She seems to be a little off right there."
Moze: "Um, I was going to get her, Cookie. You didn't have to leave your cooking over there on the stove."
Cookie: "What's a little burnt macaroni? This child needs love!"
Wait, what? You left macaroni on the stove?! Why did the game tell you to pick her up and not Moze?!!
 Moze: "She's got plenty of love. From me. I'll take it from here."
 Oh how fires start for the stupidest of reasons.
Cookie: *smiles*
 Phil: "Yeah, uh, I'm gonna need somebody to come put out this fire because I am getting too old for this!"
Cookie: *still smiling*
 Keely: "Our son is so awesome! You see the way he put out that fire?"
Phil: "Yes, of course he got that from me!"
Cookie: *finally stops smiling*
 Cookie: "Now we don't have any food!!!"
 Firefighter: "You guys might want to invest in a fire alarm, duh!"
Finn: "Well you might want to invest in getting here before my dad does your job for you!"
 Firefighter: "I'm hungry!"
Keely: "Is she really complaining right now?!"
Well anyway, the fire was worth it I suppose for our newest little Diffy.
Her name is Marceline and her traits are heavy sleeper and loves the outdoors. Her favorite color is pink.

Next time: Hopefully we will see Cookie and Jolene's baby! You know that glitch from last time where pregnant townies would be pregnant a looooong time? It got to Jolene.  D:


  1. Great chapter! And I was wondering if I was the only one having an issue with the "stuck face" syndrome. In my legacy, Phantom's face gets stuck in a constant smile, even when he's panicking (like if he sees a zombie or something), but it actually works for his character. :D

    1. Thanks!
      A lot of my sims get "stuck face". Luckily they only seem to have it at random times and not permanently.

  2. I do love the way you occasionally talk to your sims directly in the chapters :)

    1. Haha, thanks!
      I can't help it, sometimes they look right at me...