Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cookie and Moze: Chapter 2.11 "Make a Move"

Last time with the Diffys, the founding generation died.  ;_;  Also Cinnamon Bun aged into a child. This time...

Jolene is still at the house.
 Cookie: "Jolene, I know we haven't really been 'official', and our relationship was kind of rushed because of C.B., but my parents' deaths have made me realize how important the people in my life are to me."
 Cookie: "I guess what I'm trying to get to is, you are very important to me, and I want you to be a part of C.B.'s life. I'm asking you to be my girlfriend."
Jolene: "Haha, you have to be so formal about it. Yes, I'll be your girlfriend."

 Cinnamon Bun: "If you think I'm sleeping with a CAT, well...I'm just not."
I guess that's the only possible reason C.B. wouldn't go to bed.
 Fine, Arthur is gone.
 He'll just return once you've fallen asleep.
 Buster and Francine.  <3
 Still sad about Phil.  :(
 Cinnamon Bun: "Hey, you're wearing my dad's shirt, the one he never wears."
Jolene: "...yeah, haha."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Hey, you must be the reason I need braces. Dad never had braces."  >:I
Jolene: "You'll be grateful later that you have those braces, and not my crooked teeth." With Keely and Phil now not using their room, I moved Cookie into it.

 Marceline now takes Cookie's old room.
 And C.B.'s crib is replaced by an actual bed.
 Prunelle: "Hey Arthur, I've been thinking...well, you are about to have your birthday, and I'm not getting any younger either."
Arthur: "Yeah, so?"
 Prunella: "Well, I was thinking that maybe you would want to try to have some kittens with me--"
Buster: "You guys really thinking about that at a time like this? My favorite human just died!"
Arthur: "Dad, this conversation really doesn't involve you..."
 Prunella: "Anyway, what do you say?"
Arthur: "Whatever you want sounds good to me, Pruny."

Prunella: "Dat tail."
Yikes, I need to look away.
 Arthur: "Ah, yeah, I'm glad you looked away...I don't really want to have my personal business out on the internet..."
 Prunella: "Well I can just tell them about it then..."
Arthur: "Pruny!"
 Prunella: "Haha, they know what we did anyway. That's the only thing we use that cat house for."
Arthur: "And this is my memory of when my now lifelong mate tried to embarrass me on the internet."
This chapter should get a content warning due to "sexual situations" among cats.  o_o
 Marceline: "First day at school, you have to embarrass me. I did not fart! I'm pretty sure that was Darren."
Cinnamon Bun: "Well how could I know that? You were both on the other side of the room..."
 Finn asked Charlotte to hang out with him. I didn't have the patience to wait for this lot to load.
Finn: "You pick this time."
Charlotte: "Ok, get ready for my amazing song selecting skills!"
 Charlotte: "This feeling's like no oooother!"
Finn: "Wait, High School Musical?"
Charlotte: "Go with it!"
 Both: "I've never had someone that knows me like you do, the way you doooo! I've never had someone as good for me as you-oo, no one like youuuuuu!"
 Cookie, Jolene, and Cinnamon Bun went on a family outing to the theater. Just because Charlotte's mother is attracted to you, doesn't mean you should tell Jolene, ok Cookie?

 Poor Marceline was home alone because Moze was out performing sing-a-grams.
Marceline: "That's ok, I think I'll just be alone and cry now.
 Good thing a babysitter showed up and helped her with homework.
 Charlotte: "Haha, I'm totally a model. This cheesy lighting makes it even better."
 Finn: "That's not a bad idea though. I can totally see you modelling for some diamond jewelry or something."
 Finn: "Um, don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think you're holding the pool stick right."
 Charlotte: "I'm just happy when I don't get a scratch!"
 Finn: "We are both terrible really. We've been playing for an hour and barely gotten anywhere."
Charlotte: "You're right, pool is not our thing."
 Finn: "I'm getting a little tired actually. You want to sit down for a bit?"
Charlotte: "Sure."
 Charlotte: "I'm tired too. It's getting close to curfew time."

 Finn: "Yeah, um. Yaaaaaaawn."
Charlotte: "Hmm. I think there is gum on the ceiling."
 Charlotte: "...and on the walls. Yuck."
 Charlotte: !!!
 Charlotte: "Finn?"
Finn: "Ummmm...yeah?"
 Charlotte: "I'm really starting to like you."
 Finn: "I'm starting to like you too. A lot."

Wow, I've never seen this "make a move" interaction before. Really, really cute!
 Cat grooming time!
Francine: "Me next!"

Cookie: "You haven't seen my room yet, have you? You should come check it out."
Jolene: "Heheh ok."

Sim's-eye view.

Cookie: "I LOVE it!"

Cookie: "So, what do you think?"
Jolene: "It's very nice."'re interesting.

Alien: "Now what could be the purpose of this smashed orange globe?"

Prunella: "Whoa...I just realized that I'm pregnant! Any advice, Francine?"

Francine: "Yeah. Don't bother me while I'm using the litter box."
Prunella: "Oh. Sorry..."

Prunella: "I think I'll just relax under this cozy, quiet bed."

Jolene is a never nude. And now I feel a little creepy for watching her shower. And taking a picture.  o_o

Moze has reached a level in her career where she no longer is forced to wear those outfits that remind me of bellhops (?). IDK, maybe bellhops were the point. I just thought it was weird.  :P

Francine: "Buster...I-I really want you to know right now that I love you."
Buster: "I love you too, Fran. Is something wrong?"

Francine: "Um, maybe, maybe not. I just feel weird."

Buster: "Cookie the human? I think something's wrong with Fran."

Grim: "You're right! She doesn't look too good."

Arthur: "Moooooom!"

Grim: "Here, kitty kitty."

Francine: "Ok, you seem nice enough."
Buster: "No! Fran, don't do it!"

Grim: "Who's a pretty kitty? You are!"

Grim: "You like mice, don't you?"

Francine: "Aw yeah..."

Cookie: "Francine has been in the family for so long..."  :(
Prunella: "I know this is kind of an inappropriate time, but I really need to use the litter box!"

Buster: "It still smells like Fran."

Buster: "I'll just curl up here."
Buster!  ;_;

Jolene: "Your dad knows that umbrellas exist, right? You guys don't have to come in all the time dripping and cold."

Cinnamon Bun: "Well the thing about that is, Dad knows they exist, and are pretty cheap too, but our Simmer insists on making us miserable."
Bleh. I don't want to deal with waiting on you Sims to get your umbrellas out.

Marceline: "Rawwr! Watch out for the yeti, Buster!"

Cinnamon Bun: "I sure could use a vacation from this homework."

Finn: "Yeah! I say Twikkii Island."
 Marceline: "How about Three Lakes? I'd like to see Bigfoot."

Moze: "Hey everybody, I'm back from sing-a-grams."
Finn: "You guys, I haven't told anyone yet, but me and Charlotte kissed yesterday and I think we're gonna start going out!"
Cookie, Jolene, and Moze: "Congrats!"
Cinnamon Bun: "Ew, cooties."
Marceline: "Wow."  -_-
 Jolene has been over for several days. It's time she got back home to make sure that her sister Meghann has not done anything crazy. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but Meghann is evil.

I have filled out Moze's room a little.

The TV is actually mostly for Cookie, so he can level up his cooking.

Moze: "Ok, 2am, it's bedtime Marcie."
This family is so off sometimes.
Moze: "A TV in my room, and it's not even for me?"

Marceline has her own room now, but I think she gets lonely in there sometimes, since she chose Moze's bed.

Prunella: "I'm really pregnant. This is happening."
Yep! No takesies backsies.

Next time: Arthur and Prunella's kitten(s) will be born!


  1. You have ruined my innocence forever with CAT RELATIONS!I had NO IDEA that's where kittens came from.
    I loved Finn and Charlotte's date, that make a move interaction is pretty funny.
    Poor Francine.

    1. I'm sorry! Prunella had only educational purposes in mind, I'm sure.
      I'm really starting to like Finn and Charlotte together.
      Francine! :(

  2. Prunella is simply hilarious! Is it possible for cats to have the Inappropriate trait? :P

    Finn making his move was utterly adorable! The faces!

    Poor Buster. ;_;

    1. Inappropriate must be a hidden trait for her. :D
      Yes, the faces! I probably used too many pictures, but I couldn't help it.
      Buster! :(

  3. Can't wait for kittens!!!!111oneone!!!

    Lol at the 2 AM bedtime. She's sure going to be tired tomorrow. :P

    1. Kittens :DDDD
      They don't really have a bedtime, so the kids are always tired. They could go to bed sooner if they wanted to! :P

  4. I literally cried when Fran died. I didn't cry for anyone else, but I cried for Fran. Still crying a little. :'(

    1. I'm sorry!!! The level of sadness that the cats seemed to have for her was surprising to me, I guess I didn't expect it and that made her death even more sad.