Sunday, December 29, 2013

Salem: Chapter 4.4 "Settling In"

Hello finally once again! I've been on holiday break for almost three weeks now; wow am I lazy. Sorry about that. Hopefully I can get out a few more chapters before I return to school.

Last time with the Diffys, Salem and Maura were married! This time...

The Diffys are moving to a new house.
 This is Serenity, built by Curtis Paradis (find it here)
 When Maura moved in, she brought her cat, Gilbert, with her. I can go cat crazy again?
Salem: just moved in. #bare #stillawesome #party #byob
 Soccer is fun.
 Until you figure out that you suck at it.
Salem: "I give up. Soccer is dumb."
Sore loser.
 I like having a cat in the house again.

 Well I can see why you look so grumpy. XD
Salem: "Grr."
 The Diffys have a pool now, which is extra nice in the desert.
 Maura: "Enough swimming. Must read now."
I think Maura is a secret bookworm. What? You don't know any of her traits yet? Well here are her stats: Maura is a mean-spirited yet good genius who is also artistically clumsy. Her favorite color is sea foam. Her LTW was to be a World Renowned Surgeon, but I eventually used lifetime rewards to change it to Perfect Mind, Perfect Body.
 Think he's had enough sleep?
Maura: "I'm going to find out. Saaaaalem!"
 Maura: "Had a nice nap?"
Salem: "Definitely. I feel refreshed."
 Salem: "How do you like the house?"
Maura: "It's great! We just need to furnish it."
 Small talk over. I'll going now.
 Cinnamon Bun: "Soccer is awesome!"
 I'm watching you, Gilbert.
 Maura's favorite music is country.
Maura: "Sweet thiiiiing!"
 I think her dancing is cute.
Emily: "I'm watching you, Gilbert."
 I guess Gilbert was good since Emily threw him a little treat.
 Maura quit her job at the hospital to work at the day spa.
Maura: "If I'm going to understand the town I've got to work my way from the bottom. This will help me later when I buy the place!"
 Lakeshia: "Wow, I didn't know you were so mean, Maura!"
Maura: "I'm not mean, I'm honest!"
 Lakeshia: "Honest? I could do without so much honesty, then."
Maura: "Look, I don't even remember how this started, so I'm going to walk away now."
 Maura: "Woo, that is one big rock on my finger!"
I leave you alone and you start picking fights...
 The other Diffys joined Maura at the festival. Emily is getting good at roller skating.
 Now pie!
 Maura: "I won?"
Emily: *choke*
 Emily: "Ugh, I don't think that was really worth it."
 Emily: "Oh no...pie sneeze..."
 Salem: "Hmm."
 I'm not sure if pie kisses would be disgusting or awesome...
 Oh! Emily's birthday.

 Emily: "Do I still look good?"
Cinnamon Bun: "Gorgeous as always, Emily."
 This is how Gilbert catches a guinea pig.
 A guinea pig that had bird feathers stuck to it?
Gilbert: "Don't you worry about where the feather came from."

Cinnamon Bun: "My favorite! Does this mean you like me?"
Of course I do, C.B. Even though it seems like I'm neglecting you lately.

Next time: Emily will go in search of a ghostly presence.

Also, I kind of want to start adding chapter titles. Thoughts about this? How do you guys come up with titles? Mine might end up being random sometimes.


  1. Ouch! lol, Gilbert's guinea pig catching...
    Their new house looks pretty! And I feel bad for Emily getting old. I hate my sims aging :(
    I wonder if Maura and Salem can expect a baby soon? :) Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    Welcome back! I've seen you commenting on my blog, so I knew you weren't dead ;)

    To get chapter titles, I pick one or two words or a phrase that can either sum up the chapter, or one scene of a chapter, or just something I particularly liked at the time. Make them as random as you like ;)

    1. Yeah I thought the feather was hilarious!

      Sim aging is a little sad, but at least there is the next generation to look forward to. I think Salem and Maura may get on that soon. :)

      Thanks for the welcome! I've been trying to keep up with everyone else's blogs, even if I don't my own.

      I like random titles, or titles that seem random until you read the whole story. I'd like to go back and add titles to all my chapters, but that seems like a lot of work lol.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Gilbert! I love the cats in your legacy, so I'm glad Maura brought one. =)
    Maura picking fights is hilarious.
    Aw, Emily getting old is sad.
    But Gilbert hunting guinea pig was awesome.
    I also do titles from phrases in the chapter usually. One of my legacies, I tries to use song titles or lyrics for every chapter titles (that one had two musicians as founders, plus a musician in gen 2, so that's where that came from) but it got hard keeping that up. So now I do titles from the chapter.

    1. Yay! I'm hoping to have a cat family again. :)

      Maura is a little scary sometimes. She and Lakeshia just had a difference of opinion, lol.

      Oooh I like the idea of using phrases from the chapter. Song titles are good too.

      Thanks for reading. :)