Sunday, January 12, 2014

Salem: Chapter 4.5 "Conversation with a Specter"

Last time with the Diffys, we bought a new house. Everyone spent some time just settling in as Salem and Maura got used to married life. This time...

Police officer: "This little 'charity' has gotten quite a few noise complaints from everyone who hangs about the junk yard. It's time to perform a little inspection."
 Salem: "Um...totally should have paid more attention to those 'what to do when the police knock on our door' training days."
 Police officer: "That's right! You run into my car! I didn't even see anything illegal, but I'm taking you downtown! Heh, I've always wanted to say that."
 Salem: "This is great for my street cred!"
 Maura: "Salem was supposed to be home hours ago!"
 Maura: "Your son is so irresponsible sometimes!"
Emily: "Maura, please."
 Emily: "I know you're upset, but maybe you should just take a minute to calm yourself."
 Maura: "...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken that out on you. I'm just worried about him."
 If Maura had only looked over the fence, she might have seen a certain someone at the police station.
 Salem: "Finally out. That wasn't so bad; I got in a good workout."
 Salem: "...I didn't expect Maura to still be up."
 Maura: "Salem! I've been worried all day about you! What happened?"
Salem: "Well, you see..."
 Salem: "My boss suddenly decided to do an unexpected charity drive. I was on the phone all day, trying to get people to donate."
Maura: "...oh."

Maura: "Well call home next time. I know your mom was worried too."
Salem: "No problem, I'll remember next time."
 Salem: "Hey Mom! Ready for our late night ghost hunt?"

Emily: "Let's go, sweetie."

 Salem: "Olive Specter's grave."
Emily: "Hm. I didn't really know her, but Ophelia said some strange things..."
 Emily: "Ok, I am getting a little creeped out here. Do you feel like someone's watching us?"
 Salem: "Well, Mom, we are in a creepy graveyard at midnight. I don't know what you expected to find."
Emily: "I'm sorry...I guess it's just curiosity. And Ophelia sent me here. She said the dead talk."
Salem: "Strange. I'll believe it when I see it."

After a few minutes:
 Salem: "Is that--? No, it's a trick. When I open my eyes she'll be gone."
 Olive: "Hello? I'm still here."
Salem: "Gah!"

 Salem: " I crazy?"
Olive: "If you think you're hallucinating, is your hallucination the most reliable source to ask?"
Salem: "Look, I'm just here to help my mother. She thinks you're the answer."
Olive: "She's afraid of death, yeah?"
Salem: "Actually, this all came about after my father nearly died."
Olive: "She wants to save her loved ones, then."
 Olive: "I searched all my life for an answer to Death. My reasons are my own. My methods were through the supernatural and all different kinds of magic, and I never found what I was looking for. I suggest a different method for you."
 Emily: "Hey Salem, I found a snake!"
 Salem: "She can't see you."
Olive: "She wouldn't understand. You know what to do."
 Maura: "Hey Ashley."
 Maura: "Any particular reason you chose to come in your swimsuit?"
Ashley: "I thought you guys have a heated pool?"
Maura: "Er, no."
I don't think I've mentioned this, but Maura and Ashley are cousins. His parents are Nervous and Erin, and Erin is Loki's sister.
 Salem: "Ash! Nice swimsuit."
 Maura: "Let the game commence."
 Salem: "So what happened to Bridget?"
Ashley: "She decided to stay at home. She just found out that she's pregnant, and she's been staying in most days since."
 Salem: "Oh."
 Salem: "So can you believe Bridget and Ash are having a baby? It kind of gave me an idea..."
 Maura: "Is that where you're going right now? Well, I'd say there's enough space in this house. We do have an extra bedroom."
 Salem: "So...?"
 Maura: "Ok, let's do it."
 On the job, Cinnamon Bun discovers that Ashley and Bridget moved into the old house.
 C.B. saved a pregnant Bridget!
 And her husband! Still in his swimsuit!
 Maura: "Dad really hasn't changed, has he?"
Ami: "Nope, and it's kind of a shame."
 Loki: "Boo!"
Rhiannon: "Dad, I'm doing homework."

Loki: "Not much fun when she doesn't play along."
 Salem: "Wow, Tank Grunt is crying into his pie face?!"
Loki: "Pull yourself together, kid!"
 Emily still fishes in her old age.
 Emily: "It's so peaceful, and I like to be by myself sometimes."
Maura: "Woo! I just got nauseous and threw up into the toilet! Salem will be so excited!"

 Maura: "Salem--"
Salem: "I know, I'm sorry I was late again--"
Maura: "No, that's not what this is about."
 Maura: "So I took a test, and...well, we're going to have a baby."
 Salem: "Oh, seriously?! That's fantastic!"

 In the early morning, Gilbert takes a journey to his old home.

 Gilbert: "Mama! Papa!"
 Gilbert: "I have really missed you all, you don't even know." *wishes fulfilled*
 Maura: "Woo!"
Emily: "You've really been getting into all this country line dancing lately."
 Maura: "Hey, I have nothing better to do all day, since the salon won't let me work."

Maura: "You should join in! It really is fun!"
Emily: "I think I'm...too old for that."

Next time: Salem and Maura's baby will be born!


  1. Aw, Gilbert's long journey home was so sweet! I love that you do kitty wishes like that.
    Yay for Salem & Maura babies!
    I love how the criminals run into the cop cars. I mean, the cops don't have to put any effort into it, lol.
    I wonder what Salem is going to do with what Olive said to him...

    1. I have to keep my kitties happy! It's just too bad that his family is all the way across town.

      Babies :D

      Yeah, it must be a moment of panic for the criminals. They don't know where to run, so they run into the cop car? Would be cool to see some sort of chase, but that's asking for too much. :P

      We will see...sometime in the distant future.

  2. WOOO! A baby!!

    "You know what to do." :O
    I don't!! Tell me, Ophelia!! What's happening there?!

    1. Yeah! Starting the next gen always makes me excited.

      She gave Salem a little project to work on. It was a last minute decision to keep it a secret when I was writing. I hope it will live up to the suspense; I'm a little nervous about it. :I

      Thanks for reading :)