Saturday, February 8, 2014

Salem: Chapter 4.7 "Sparkles Everywhere"

Last time with the Diffys, Maura had a very hormonal pregnancy, and she ended up giving birth to a pair of natural twins! This time...

 Even these little babies know that those bar stools are terrible quality.
 Now to spend some time at the spring festival. Harlan here is getting a kiss.
 Emily: "Y'know, I'd like a kiss. It's all in good fun, of course. But the male kissing booth attendant left early. Well, I'm feeling a little adventurous, anyway."
 Female kissing booth attendant: "I'm not. Shift's over!"
 Snowcones are not for babies.
 These two know how to slow dance.
 Emily helps Jane with a ride.
 Emily: "Ok, Janey. This ride's about over."
 Like her father, Jane leaves the spring rider without protest.
 At home, the twins go for their useless toys.
 But there are useful things to be learned.
Kim: "Erm...chicken!"
 Maura: "Aw, that's right! You got it!"
 Kim: "Chicken?"
 Kim: "Chicken!"
Let's try teaching her more than one word next time.
 Salem: "What did Mommy teach you?"
Kim: "..."
 Kim: "Chicken."
 Kim: "Kitten!"
Oh good, she also learned words that rhyme with chicken.
 Now don't teach this skill halfway, Maura.
 Maura: "Mommy doesn't do things halfway, now isn't that right, Janey?"
Jane: "..."
 Kim: "Chicken, mittens, kittens, bitten, written..."
 Jane: "..."
Kim: "Hittin', flippin'..."
 Back to the useless toys!
 Salem: "Just say something, Jane."
Jane: "...sour."
 Ami: "Happy birthday, Maura!"
 Ami: "Hold on, is that a love letter?"
Maura: "Yeah, for Salem."
 Maura: "Wanna guess who it's from?"
 Circe: "You seem to be rather agitated, Maura."
Maura: "I don't want to talk about it, Mother."
Circe: "Oh I don't want to either. I was just making an observation."
 Salem: "Mr. Beaker, did you know that the song Roxanne is about a prostitute?"
 Loki: "Wait, I know the band that sang that."
 Loki: "Don't tell me...the band's name has to do with some institution."
 Loki: "The...The Military?"
 Salem: "Close, I guess, but no. The band is The Police."
 Rhiannon: "My sister's parties aren't that bad...and the music really makes it."
 Maura: "You're all grown up, Jonah. What are you going to do?"
 Jonah: "Get away from our father as soon as possible."
 And now Maura is finally growing into an adult.

 Maura: "Hey Janey, you know how cute you are?"
 Jane: "Mmhmm."
 And now C.B. is growing into an elder.
 Maura: "C.B., those sparkles!"
 Maura: "Hahaha...I'm sorry, there were sparkles everywhere!"
 Maura: "I see you're pregnant again, Ami."
Ami: "Elliot just can't keep his hands off me, I guess."
Maura: "Ugh, I really wanted that visual, thank you Ami."
Heather: "Hey Maura!"
 Heather: "Maura! I'm a superhero, Maura!"
Maura: "Very nice, Heather."
Maura's youngest sister shares my name.
 And now it is time for another birthday for the twins.

 Gretchen Downie: "Wow, Bridgette Beaker-Subject is an awfully good bassist."
 Gretchen: "I'm here for the music, mmhmm."
 Hi Buck! How have you been?
Buck: "Me and Jill have a couple children now."
Oh good, hopefully they will show up in future chapters.
 At the front of the house, Gilbert is also having a birthday celebration with Loki.
 You old cat, you.
 Jane sneakily ages up before her older sister.
 Jane: "Haha! Technically I'm older now!"
Jane gains the good sense of humor trait.
 Kim: "Don't care, I'm growin' now."

 Kim: "Whoa, all that twirling made me dizzy! Who put me right next to the pool anyway?"
 Kim surveys the party and finds it good. And she wants cake!

Jane: "I think I like parties. All the people, and music, and I can try out all the jokes I've been storing up in my head."

Next time: Kim and Jane will explore the world as kids who can now do things!


  1. The twins are cute.
    I loved the 'chicken' part. =)
    Okay, back to catching up.

    1. Haha, I had fun writing the 'chicken' part.

      Yay for catching up! Thanks for reading. :)