Sunday, January 26, 2014

Salem: Chapter 4.6 "Welcome to the Family"

Last time with the Diffys, Salem went to jail for the first time, he and Emily visited the graveyard, and Maura was successfully impregnated. This time...

Maura: "Salem! I have a really bad backache!"
 Salem: "I'm sorry, Maura. Do you want to just go home?"
Maura: "No, Ashley invited us over so let's go."
 At the Beaker-Subject house, Ashley and Bridgette's baby, Thad, has been born.
 Ashley: "I'm so hungry!"
Salem: "Why don't you guys have some roasted marshmallows?"
 Bridgette: "I don't really think a burnt marshmallow would help."
 Salem: "Maura? I'm actually really tired. Do you mind if we head home?"
Maura: "That's fine with me."
Salem: "Great, I'll just go say goodbye to Ash."
 Maura: "You know what, Bridgette? I don't think I really like you. I tolerate you for my cousin, but that's it."
Bridgette: "How sweet of you."
 Maura: "And you know what, Bridgette? I'm pretty hopped up on pregnancy hormones right now. I have no filter!"
Bridgette: "Wow, I'm not going to talk to an insane person."

Maura: "And you know what, Bridgette?! I'm pretty sure I saw a letter in the mail for Salem the other day! Scented with some fancy perfume! And I could swear it came from this address!"
Bridgette: "What's that? I think Salem is ready for you to leave now."
Maura: "This isn't over!"
 Ashley: "Hello again."
And it is time for the second ever Diffy Snowflake Day party. On the last Snowflake Day, Salem was a child. I am ok with this.
 Rhiannon: "I don't know Jonas, maybe we shouldn't have come to Maura's party. This seems boring, and there aren't enough seats."
 Ami: "Grilled cheese, Maura? Is that all you can make?"
 Maura: "I just really have a craving for it."
 Um, guys. Let's just start, guys.
 Maura: "Can you tell that I feel like a beached whale? And all my favorite people are here, yay."
 Salem: "Ooh..."
 Salem: "A chess table."
 Maura: "Hear that, people?"
 Maura: "Salem got a chess table. Now we don't need another one; one chess table per household is enough!"
 Maura: "Opening presents is fun!"
 Maura: "Oh, wow, ok, yay."
 Maura: "A freaking chess table."
 Maura consoles herself by indulging in the grilled cheese.
 Rhiannon: "Wow, y'know, this was ok. At least we got presents."
 Maura: "Isn't this fun, Ami? We're both pregnant at the same time!"
 Ami: "Oh, whoa you're pregnant?!"
 Ami: "I just thought you were letting yourself go since you and Salem are married now."
Maura: "Er, uh, no. There's a future Diffy spawn about to pop out of me."
 Maura: "You're almost as far along as I am!"
 Ami: "Alright, heh, stop touching my belly now."
 Maura: "Being pregnant is a little magical, isn't it?"
 Maura: "Oh! It kicked!"
Ami: "Yeah, sure, magical. I've got to get going now, Maura."
 Maura: "Whoa, that's more than just a kick!"
Cinnamon Bun: "Emily! Get in here!"
 Emily: "Nononononono..."
Maura: "Um, you've done this before, right? I was pretty sure you've done this before!"
Emily: "You need to get to the hospital! Salem!!!"
 Salem: "Can you believe what terrible quality those stools are?"
 Salem: "Are you in LABOR?!"
 Maura: "Salem..."
 Maura: "Aaah-CHOO!"
 Maura: "Sneezing while in labor is the worst sensation I've ever felt."
 Salem and Maura went to the hospital, and nothing would stop them while they were in the fire truck.
 Mr. Gnome wished them luck.
 And the newest Diffys are a pair of natural twins! The first I've ever had! At least I'm pretty sure they were natural; Maura only listens to country music and the Diffys don't even have a TV.
 The twins are named after characters from Drop Dead Diva. The older is Kim, named after Kim Kaswell, and she is a couch potato and loves the heat. Her favorite color is black.
 The younger twin is Jane, named after Jane Bingum, and she is a grumpy eccentric. Her favorite color is blue.

Welcome to the family!
 With these two girls, the number of children requirement is filled.

 Having babies in the house makes you tired.
 And crazy? Where are you going?
Emily: "I'm going to look at those lights. They look strange, but pretty."
I don't think you should do this.
Emily: "Can't stop me!"

 Emily, what is it?
 Emily: "I...can't really tell..."
 Emily: "Some sort of ship?"
 Emily: "I can't get away!"
 Emily: "I don't like you."
 Emily: "I have the worst icky feeling right now."
Aw, Emily.  :(
 Hey! I'm watching you, Gilbert.
 Gilbert: "What? The bird's still alive; no harm done."
 Something wrong?
Maura: "Salem told me he won't be home until tomorrow."
At least he'll be back for the twins' birthday.
 Jail time again?
Police man: "Should there be? Do you know something about this?"
Salem: "I'm just going in for questioning; don't worry."

The next day:

 The adults in this house are way too grumpy for this baby birthday party.
 Cinnamon Bun: "I'm acting happy!"
 Ah, the ecstatic parents as they realize that they are about to have two toddlers to take care of.
 Salem: "Now where's the next one?"
Kim is first.
 Kim looks mostly like Salem, but I think she has Maura's darker blue eye color. She also inherited Emily's yellow skin tone, which I didn't know was possible.
 She also has Maura's blonde hair under her pie hat.
 And now for Jane.
 Salem: "Yeah, bed now."
 The purple hair continues into the fifth generation!

Like Kim, Jane's features look mostly like Salem. She too inherited Emily's yellow skin tone, but in a darker shade. She also inherited C.B.'s light brown eye color.
 Everyone's had enough partying for tonight.

Now don't look like that; I know you're not tired, but your parents are!

Next time: The kids keep growing up!


  1. LMAO! The randomness of sims sometimes :D
    This was a thouroughly enjoyable chapter, your light-hearted comments were exactly what I needed, thank you :)

    OMG Kims hat is AMAZING! <3 And they're both adorable toddlers <3

    1. The randomness is definitely represented in this legacy. I like to present the pictures in the order that they were taken, though I do rearrange them sometimes for coherency (yeah, this is me being coherent).

      Wow, I'm glad you liked it! :D

      I think they're pretty cute, too. I'm biased towards my Sims though. :P

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Wait, did Maura ever even have a filter????
    Your updates always crack me up. The twins are adorable. Ilove the way the purple hair looks with Jane's skin.
    Gilbert is a good kitty, lol, he just took a few feathers.

    1. Haha, maybe Maura thinks that she has been holding back?

      I'm glad the updates make you laugh; I enjoy writing them so it's good to know that they are also enjoyable to read. :D

      I think the genetics have come full circle with Jane. She has purple hair, which originated with Phil; she has C.B.'s golden/brown eye color, which originated with Phil; and she has a dark yellow almost orange skin color which is very close to what Phil had.

      I do like Gilbert a lot, and he really does just watch the small animals.

      Thanks for reading! :)