Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.2 "Frog in a Well"

Last time with the Diffys, there was a super important family meeting, Teddy crashed the gift giving party, and Kim headed off to university. This time...

Kim has arrived at Sims University.
 You look nervous.
Kim: "It's...dark here."
Why don't you check out that "meet and greet" thingy?
Kim: "Fine."
 Kim: "All this free soda makes me want more free soda." *wishes for free soda from vending machine*
Want to be a little bit of a daredevil, huh? Well alright...
 Gaaahhh nonononono!
I say that a lot, don't I?

 She looks so pitiful... ;_;
 Kim: "Whoa, now this is awesome! Couldn't have picked a better color for a ghostly state! Red goes great with black..."
 Kim: "I can float! This is so exciting!"
Grim: *ahem*
 Kim: "Wait, no! Can't I stay here in the Simly realm as a ghost?!"

Kim: "Isn't that the privilege of someone taken before their time?"
Grim: "I am afraid that that is not really how this whole death thing works. You must come with me now, and I will explain."

The university promptly informs the Diffys, but unfortunately refuse to even remove Kim from the student union center. The Diffys are shocked and distraught from losing Kim.

 Jane: "I'm off to save the day!"
Except Jane, of course. She's all action.

Jane: "What kind of an establishment is this school, anyway? They're making me come to campus and seem totally unapologetic about all this. It was their faulty vending machine! They should at least pay for my fare there!"
 Once she reaches campus, Jane runs down to the student union building.
 Once there, she finds Kim's urn. And a llama.
 Jane: "I wonder if the vending machine over there is the same one."
 Jane: "Will you stop doing that stupid dance?! I'm having a moment here!"
 Jane: "I guess I'll just call Dad and let him know that I found her."

After snatching up the urn, Jane decides to bike around campus a little bit.
Jane: "I need some time alone right now."

When she returns home, the urn is placed in the living room so that everyone can be near to Kim.
 Jane: "I need a drink."
 The only bar in town welcomes you!
 Jane: "Hey Aunt Heather. I suppose you've heard about Kim?"
Heather: "Yes, Maura told all of us. Such a shame that one should die so young. Now we'll never know her true potential."
 Jane: "So you work at the science center now?"
Heather: "Yes, they were quite eager to hire a Beaker, though of course I couldn't divulge any of my father's discoveries like they wanted me to."
 Jane: "So have you done any explorations that are more extreme...like life or death type experiments?"
 Heather: "Well, no, we haven't been working on those types of things. It's all about saving the planet, you know. We don't have a recipe to raise the dead, Jane. But of course anything might be possible with science."
 Jane: "I know you probably think I'm crazy, but thanks for being nice anyway."
 Now Jane can truly drink away her sorrows. Sorrow annihilators yay!

Better leave before that strange woman tries to talk to you.
 Y'know you don't have to sleep on the top bunk anymore...
 Jane: "What? I don't mind sleeping up here."
 Jane: "Besides, I'm sure Kim will be tired soon."
Jane: "No. Shush."
 Salem: *contemplates life and death*

 Jane: "Grandad!"
 Jane: "I woke up and I remembered--that Kim--"
 Cinnamon Bun: "I'm so sorry, Janey."
 Jane: "How do you do it, Grandad?"
 Cinnamon Bun: "We all miss Kim so much--"
 Jane: "No, I mean...how do you live without Grandma?"
 Cinnamon Bun: "I--I still miss her every day."
 Cinnamon Bun: "But it's you. You and your parents are still here, and that keeps me going because I love you all so much."
 Maura: "Salem."
 Maura: "Are we bad parents?"
 Salem: "We couldn't have known that this would happen, and even if we did--"
 Maura: "That's not what I mean, Salem."
Salem: "Oh? What did you want to say?"
 Maura: "I miss her so much. I miss her too much. I miss her more than I would Jane."
Maura: "You understand? We shouldn't, but we have favorites. Jane's your daughter, and Kim's mine. You have to do something."
Salem: "What can I do? She's already--"
 Maura: "Your science experiments. They're more than you let me believe, aren't they? If there's any possibility...you have to try..."
 Salem: "Ok. I'll try, but I can't promise you anything."

 Jane: "I have to stop this. I need to do something."
 Jane: "I'll do something with this stuff from the junkyard."

Jane: "Yeah, this is more like it."
 Salem: "Now what can I do? As a ghost, Kim is able to manifest a ghostly state for temporary periods of time during the night."
 Salem: "I just have to make that state permanent."
 Salem: "I think it's working."
 Salem: "Eureka? I've always wanted to say that."
 Salem: "Now I need to test her motor functions."
 Salem: "She seems to have a functioning 'brain', although I think it's transparent..."
Kim: "What? Of course I have a brain!"
 Salem: "It's all good, then!"
 Kim: "RAWR!"
 Kim: "I'm a ghost now. This is what I do."
 Salem: "Hmm, you want to mess with me? Let's test your reflexes now."
 Salem: "Think fast!"
 Salem: "Ha, this test is useless since I don't have a control. It was fun though."
 Kim: "Enough! I'm not some experiment; I'm your daughter!"
 Salem: "I'm sorry. I guess what Maura said is true."
 Salem: "Um, so, you must have been through a lot. How do you feel?"
 Kim: "So you can take notes on it?"
Salem: "What? No, Kim, I'm trying--"
Kim: "I'll just go find Mom now."
 Kim: "Mom!"
 Maura: "Kimmie!"
 Kim: "What have I missed?"
 Maura: "Jane started hammering a bunch of junk in the basement. Trust me, you haven't missed much."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Kim?"
 Kim: "Grandad!"
Jane: "Kim?!"
 Jane: "I thought you were gone forever!"
Kim: "Right. I have a question about that..."

Kim: "How did I die? I don't remember."
Jane: "A stupid vending machine smashed you dead."
Kim: "Huh."
 Salem: "Concentrate...careful..."
 Maura: "Hasn't anyone ever told you to not play ball in the house?"
Salem: "Oh, sorry."
Maura: "I'm just kidding, Salem."
 Maura: "I actually want to say thank you. You brought Kim back, and that's amazing."

Maura: "I love you."
Salem: "I love you, too."

Gilbert: "Wake up, you lazy butt." *MEOW*
 Kim: "What gives, Gilbert? I'm pretty exhausted after everything that's happened."
 Gilbert: "Just come downstairs. I--I want you to watch me play with the cat scratcher." *meowmeow*
 Kim: "Gilbert, what's wrong?"
 Maura: "What is it?"
Salem: "Gilbert doesn't look good."
 Grim: "Looks fine to me."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Why do you keep doing this?"
Grim: "Hey, don't shoot the messenger."

Grim: "Now who's a pretty kitty?"
Ok, I don't think I can take any more of this chapter.

Next time: Yeah, Jane is going to university with Kim because I don't trust Kim to be on her own anymore. Sorry if this chapter was a little too heavy, hopefully next time the Diffys will be back to doing boring random things.


  1. Oh wow! Did NOT expect that!! What's floating around Kims ghost? Looks like feathers or fountais or something? Glad she's back alive though look forward to her adventures.

    1. Yep, they are feathers. Her ghost state is called "blunt force trauma" and is also caused by being smushed by the murphy bed, which I think is why the feathers are there. I'm glad to keep Kim around :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Whoa...what?! lol I have never seen a sim die by vending machine before! I'm glad that Salem was able to bring Kim back (?). Sort of back anyway, lol I loved his expression though when Maura told him they had favorites, and that Kim was hers. Priceless.

    I'm curious about those feathers too that float around Kim, I've never seen them either. Is that because she got brought back the scientifical way? I've only brought ghosts back to life using ambrosia, and that was a really, really, really long time ago!

    Aww, poor Gilbert. I wonder if he and Kim will be closer now though. They are in sort of the same "form"!

    I'm all caught up now, which is sad, no more Diffy's to read. I really love your sim family, they are just too adorable! =)

    1. I knew sims could die that way, but I just thought the chances were so slim that it wouldn't happen. It happened so quick too that I couldn't get a picture of the actual act! It's true, in-game Salem has a better relationship with Jane and Maura with Kim.

      I believe that the feathers are caused by the "blunt force trauma" ghost state, which is also caused by the murphy bed. I must admit that I fudged that bit a little because you can't bring sims back to life with the science skill. C.B. had an "oh my ghost" opportunity from when Emily died, so I used it for Kim.

      That's interesting, maybe it will bring Gilbert and Kim together more now. :)

      Thank you! I'm glad you could catch up. I should be writing a new chapter soon; I should have already done it but something about being out of school has made me lazy, I think.

  3. That was an unexpected turn of events! I'm glad you got your heir back!

    1. Yes, I didn't see it coming either! Thanks for reading/catching up!

  4. Holy crap! I didn't know sims could die that way. I've had sims play with the vending machine probably hundreds of times... I'm gonna be so scared now hahaha omg.

    1. Yep Sims who do that are living life on the edge! All of my Very Important Sims are paying for their soda now!

      Thanks for reading. :D