Friday, May 30, 2014

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.3 "A Ghost?!"

Last time with the Diffys, lots of things happened. Game changers. Actually it was more like just one thing: while at university, Kim suffered a premature death, and was visited prematurely by death. Jane turned to drinking, and then hammering to deal with her feelings. Maura simply found the whole situation unlivable, and so, to appease her, Salem did the previously impossible and brought her (sort of) back to life. Then the chapter ended on a sad note with Gilbert's visit from death. And this time...

As I said last chapter, I no longer trust Kim to not kill herself when she's left alone, so Jane is accompanying her to university. Kim is a communication major, while Jane will be in technology.
 Jane: "This is going to be no fun, I can just tell."
 Jane: "You really don't remember coming here?"
Kim: "I told you, the last thing I remember before being a ghost was our gift-giving party. This is all new."
 Tiffany Angles: "Whoa, I didn't know that this would be THAT kind of school that let rainbow bright Sims in!"
 Jane: "What? Who are you? What do you even mean?!"
Tiffany: "Oh, c'mon, you know what I'm talking about; stupid bright purple hair and burnt orange skin?"
Jane: "And?"
Asala Karam: "Hey, did you come here with that ghost?!"
Jane: "Yeah, she's my sister."
 Asala: "Sorry, I'm not trying to insult you! It's just so unusual! How did that even happen?"
Jane: "I don't feel like talking about it."
 Sharon Dorsey: "Hey, I'm sorry if those girls were bothering you. Honestly they probably came from small towns with people who all looked the same. Granted, though, I think you are the only, er, rainbow Sim on campus, and your sister has got to be the only ghost student."
Jane: "Really? I guess I am the weird one then. It's normal to look like me, well, to be any color, in my town, but that's Strangetown."
 Sharon: "Strangetown? Never heard of it. Anyway, I just wanted to say welcome. I'm in my second week here, and let's just say that I know what it's like to be different."
Jane: "Well thanks for the welcome!"
Anoki Moon: *stares*
 Meet-and-greet time! We come for the free, nonlethal soda!
 Hey, don't get any ideas.
 Kim: "This place is creeping me out. Jane said they probably never replaced the vending machine."
Yeah, let's get out of here.
 Let the school week commence!
 Kim: "I still miss Gilbert."
Sophie Mander: "A ghost? Ick..."
 Kim: "Time to fire up this Mobile Radio Station!"
 Jane: "Time to fire up this Brain Enhancement Machine!"
 Tiffany: "I don't really think that she knew what she was doing..."
Yeah, you probably shouldn't insult someone one day and then let them do experiments on your brain the next.
 So...ghosts are incapable of running.
 But at least they can go through walls and, therefore, skip all the traffic at the door.

 Jane: "This class makes me look good, and I didn't even want to be here in the first place."
 Asking questions; Jane is truly an overachiever.
 Jane: "Hey, thanks for inviting us. I'm Kim's sister Jane."
Ye Gangnam: "Oh, I've never met a, um...I'm Ye."
 Ashley DeSorrento: "Ew, how did you get in here?"
Kim: "Through the walls."
 These people should not be allowed to use the oven.
 Idiot! You were probably the one who started this.
 And yet he came out without a scratch.  -_-
 Jane: "So, end of the week. Did you get your grade report?"
 Kim: "Yeah, and I've gotta tell you that it's not very good. I was totally off my game for those last exams. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be."
Jane: "Same here. Y'know, now that I'm here I'd rather not fail."
 Jane: "I'd suggest studying through the weekend, but for some reason I just feel totally incapable of doing that. I want to, but it's as if I don't even have that option."
Kim: "That's weird, I have that same feeling. I guess we're just meant to enjoy the weekend."

Let the weekend commence!
 Bonfire party!
 Kim: "A little extra somethin' somethin'."
Where did you even get that?!
 Kim: "It's the weekend. No questions please."
 Acting silly!
 Jane: "This's jus...the best time everrrrr."
 Watching Jeffery Dean get in a bar brawl!
 And more drinking!
 Well, that was fun (?). But now the weekend is over, so I'm glad that Kim and Jane are not prohibited from studying anymore.
 Jane: "So the quantum mechanics of, uh..."
 Jane: "Raspberries! I forgot. Good thing this is only practice..."
 Jane: "Hmm, do you feel as though you know something about playing guitar now?"
Stephen Brackney: "No, but I do think I could cook toaster pastries without starting a fire now."
Jane: "So close!"
 Actual studying. In the library.
 Again, the overachieving.
 Kim: "Yeah! That exam was a breeze!"
 Jane: "I can't believe how easy that test was! Studying works!"
 Liz Tarry: "Whoa! Are you a ghost?"
 Kim: "Yes, and a hungry one."
Liz: "Wait, you eat solid food? That doesn't make any sense."
 Kim: "You don't make sense. Go away."

 Jane: "Mediocre performance, but you've got a pretty face."
 Jane: "What movie are we seeing?"
Kim: "Dragonfly 2. It's gonna be awesome."
 Jane: "Hey, Ye, glad you could join us."
Ye: "Of course, I'm always up for a movie."
 Kim: "3D was a great choice, guys. Well, it has been a tiring week, so I'll just head back now."
 Jane: "Always up for a movie, huh?"
Ye: "That, and Kim invited me. She's a good friend."
 Jane: "Kim isn't here now. How do you feel about that?"
 Ye: "Well, I must admit I've always wondered what it would be like...with a berry."
 Jane: "A berry? Uh, right, yeah."

 Ye: "Mm, we should hang out more often."
 Final grades revealed! In unison!

 The grades are much better this time.
 Jane: "Woo! C!"
Kim: "A...A...A..."

Jane: "Brr, it's getting way too cold up here."
Kim: "Really? I can't tell."
Jane: "Shut up. Let's get home."
 Jane: "Ahh, that sun sure does feel good."

Not even kidding, I had absolutely nothing to do with this.

Next time: Kim and Jane find out that Salem has been doing more experiments while they have been at school.


  1. Haha, she found her body...sort of. Can she still float through walls?

    It looks like they had a good University experience. =)

    1. Yeah, it's weird. She still functions as a ghost, and only her appearance has changed.

      So far, so good. Thanks for reading!