Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.8 "Memories"

Last time with the Diffys, Thad and Wendy got introductions, and decided to get a divorce, on the most amicable terms. Everyone moved into their respective careers: Thad in film, Wendy as a busker, and Jane as an inventor (and Kim already in journalism). Emmie also aged into a child, and I forgot to mention the trait she received, which is grumpy. This time...

Wendy, C.B., and Emmie are at the spring festival. At dusk.
 Old lady: "What am I doing here? I should be at home, safe in my bed. There's no harness! Guys? No harness."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Now that you're old enough, we should go swimming at the pool. The weather's going to get really hot soon, believe me."
 Emmie: "Yeah, that's definitely a good idea."
 Emmie: "I remember the first time we went to the pool. Also our first day in Strangetown. You went to the fire station, I went to fish for a while, and then we met at the pool. You hid in the men's room for a while because there was air conditioning, and I got into an argument with Loki Beaker. I'm glad Nervous got away from him eventually. Anyway, I saw a falcon across the street, but it bit me because I didn't know how to handle it yet. And then we went home, and I kissed you--"
 Cinnamon Bun: "Whoa, slow down! You really remember all that? I can hardly remember that."
 Emmie: "Yeah, I remember everything from Emily's life. Well, it feels like my life, but I know it really wasn't. Is that strange?"
Cinnamon Bun: "Um, well, I guess not, for a clone."
 Emmie: "And an overwhelming sense of being lost, trapped, and not having any clue who I am or what I that also normal for a clone?"
Cinnamon Bun: "Yes, and pretty normal for regular Sims, too."
 Emmie: "Ever since I had my birthday, I've felt like this. Why did Salem do this? What purpose do I have? Am I supposed to be just like her?"
Cinnamon Bun: "No. A definite no. You are supposed to be you, and only you."
 Emmie: "But I'm not only me. My own thoughts are constantly overshadowed by her, and my memories tell me exactly what she would do in any situation. Should I follow through? Am I simply a vessel to give her life?"
 Cinnamon Bun: "No. Emily's dead. There's no changing that, whether or not Salem agrees with me. I hope that you can live as yourself, and I don't expect you to be just like her. You are you, and I love you for that, not because I think of you as Emily."
 Thad: "Oh! Sorry, I thought you were upstairs."
Kim: "It's no problem. I couldn't sleep right away, so I just came down here to sit for a little bit. Join me?"
Thad: "Sure."
 Kim: "So I noticed you've been working out lately."
Thad: "Yeah, I actually enjoy it. And I've been hoping to get a part on a new action show. Just a bit part, but I thought it would help."
 Thad: "Well, uh, how's it going at the Strange Times?"
 Kim: "My editor has been telling me to 'dig up the dirt', and she means it literally. She wants me to go dumpster diving in people's trash."
Thad: "Really? Haha"
 Kim: "Yeah, she's pretty ridiculous. Reminds me of JJJ from Dragonfly."
 Thad: "Oh man, I was just a kid when those first movies came out. Such great memories. I love all of them, even though I know that the third one is soooo bad."
Kim: "Oh, I know! It's just so bad, but I can't help myself. They'll always have a place in my heart."

In the early morning:
 Emmie: "Hey! I knew you'd be out here."
 Emmie: "I've been wanting to talk to you. I need you to tell me what to do."
Emily: "What to do with what?"
 Emmie: "With, well, my whole life! I don't know who I want to be."
 Emily: "Can't you just be yourself? That makes the most sense to me. That is hard, though, since you are still a child and haven't grown up into who you're going to be yet. I guess just do what you want to do, and try new stuff to find out what you like."
 Emmie: "But isn't there something that you want completed? Something that you weren't able to fulfill during your life?"
 Emily: "Well, I can't really think of anything right now. I completed my own goal of caring for the people and animals in my life. I always wanted them to be taken care of so that they could achieve their own dreams. I want that for you, too. And even if there was something, it's not your job to fulfill that for me. Live for the now, you're thinking too much of what is past."
Emmie: "Oh! It really is the past, then. It seems like everything has only just happened, though. Almost all at once."

Emily: "It is too late for me, and besides, I had my time. I ask only one thing: please take care of Bunny, he is the reason I still check in on you all."
Emmie: "That should be no problem. I love him, too."
 Emmie: "Ok, I'm exploring new activities. Jane uses this inventing table; it can't be that hard, right?"
 Emmie: "Ow, ow, ow...I'm not very coordinated I guess."
 Oh, hi there! So I bought Supernatural.
 Thad: "So how's the star reporter thing going?"
 Kim: "Ha! Well today I went rummaging through Tank Grunt's garbage. He should have some military secrets in there, right? The old coot."

SP side note: I've always found Tank Grunt very interesting. He followed his father into the military career, and, although he had a few children with Ophelia Nigmos, he seemingly refused to move out of his bachelor pad. Still lives there with his three huge dogs.
 Kim: "How's the hotshot actor doing?"
 Thad: "Ha! Still getting bit parts in TV shows, but I'm lucky to get that in this town. I'd have to be in another city, a bigger city, to really get my career going."
 Thad: "Hey, thanks for encouraging me, though."
 Thad: "I'd probably still be following my dad if you and Jane hadn't let me move in here."
 Kim: "Hey, it's no problem. Everyone should be able to follow where their heart leads them, y'know?"

Cinnamon! Stay in the house right now!
 Thad: "Oh, uh, yeah, like if you had feelings for someone?"
Kim: "What?"

 Thad: "Ever since we were teenagers, I've always liked you."
Kim: "Wow. I feel the same, Thad."
 Kim and Thad sleep in the same bed that night.

 Kim: "Boo."
Jane: "Ugh, you have to be so ghostly on me right now?"
Kim: "I am a ghost."
Jane: "Yeah, but only halfway, really."
 Jane: "Have you heard Wendy play the bass? She's really good."
Kim: "You just want to get in her pants."
Jane: "What? That's ridiculous, I really like her playing. You're being weird today, Kim."
 Oh, hello there, service Sim!
 Meet Puddy, the newest Diffy. That name was her default, and I actually love it.
 Emmie: "Well aren't you just...uh...the cutest."
 Puddy: *hiss*

Right. Puddy is aggressive and independent. Not the best combination.

Next time: Will Puddy get along with anyone? Also, Kim and Thad go on a date!


  1. Puddy! Yay! I love Puddy Cat.
    Poor Emmie has a lot to deal with, but I'm glad CB was so understanding, and that she got to talk to Emily, too.
    Also yay for Kim and Thad, I thought there was a spark between them. Now, will Jane get into Wendy's pants next? I will stay tuned!

    1. Haha, Puddy Cat! We shall train her.

      Yeah, poor Emmie. Nobody is trying to pressure her, but she can't help but feel that way.

      I was hoping it wouldn't seem too out of the blue! I've wanted them together for a while, it's just too annoying when you have your eye on a Sim and they decide to get married. I do like Wendy, though. Stay tuned! I'm not yet sure if that will ever happen.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Puddy Cat, how cute!

    Poor Emmie, that would be weird, to have all those memories (especially grown up ones like kissing!) that didn't belong to her. I hope Emily was able to help her out with that.

    Thad and Kim. <3

    1. Yeah, poor Emmie. Having those kinds of memories has made her feel more mature than she probably wants to, but I think it's made her smarter, too.

      Glad you guys like them together. =)

      Thanks for reading!