Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.7 "Potential"

Last time with the Diffys, Kim and Jane graduated from university and moved out of the house with C.B. and Emmie. Kim started her career in journalism, and C.B. retired as a firechief. Then Jane invited Thad and his wife Wendy to move in. This time...

We find Wendy Beaker-Subject skinny dipping in the public pool.
 Reginald Norris: "Yeah! Belly flop!"
Wendy: "WHAT."
 Wendy: "Just when you thought and hoped the pool would stay empty..."
 Reginald: "It's like that? Whatever, I'm outtie."
Jane: "Hi there! I'm so excited that you and Thad are moving in with me and Kim. It's going to be fun!"
Wendy: "Are you sure you have room for us?"
Jane: "No worries, we just finished renovations. The attic has been turned into some bedrooms."

Renovations, eh?
 The new living area.
 The Kitchen.
 And the dining room off of the kitchen.
 Wendy: "Now that we've moved out of our parents houses, we need to have a discussion."
Thad: "Ugh, I hate discussions."
 Wendy: "We've talked about this before, and I think we came to the right conclusion. I really like your friends Kim and Jane, and I hope that we might both be able to stay here."
 Thad: "Of course. There's no choosing; we're all happy here. I'm glad we're on the same page with this."
 Thad: "And this will be better for the both of us."
 Wendy: "So it's decided. We're getting a divorce."
 Wendy: "I'm sure you're ready to move on from the confinements of our marriage. To find someone who is more, *ahem*, your type."
 Thad: "What?! Uh, I--"
 Jane: "What's going on in here?! I sense tension, and there will be none of that in my house."
 Wendy: "Don't worry about it. We're all getting along here, but Thad and I are divorcing."

Jane: "What?!"
Thad: "We're happy with the decision, Jane. We started dating as young teenagers, and our families really liked us together, but we've realized that it's just not what we want anymore."
Wendy: "We don't want a romantic relationship, but we're still going to be friends. Like always."
Jane: "Too long; didn't read."
Thad: "What?!"
Jane: "Hey guys, they're getting a divorce!"
Thad: "Well that seems unnecessary."
Jane: "Just thought everyone in the household should know so that it won't be awkward."
Wendy: "Don't you see, Thad? This certainly isn't awkward at all. Thank you, Jane."
Jane: "You're welcome."
 Wendy and Jane head outside so that Wendy can jam out on her bass.
 Wendy: "Yeah!"
 Jane: "She's still learning, but I can just tell: this kid's got potential."
 Kim: " you want to talk about it?"
Thad: "There's nothing I need to get out, if that's what you mean. I'm content with the decision, and I'm sure that Wendy is, too."
 Thad: "This is going to be a new beginning for me, now that I have a little space from my family."
 Thad: "Uh, did you just change--?"
Kim: "Not a word."
 Thad: "Anyway, I've always felt like I had to become a police officer, like my dad. And when I was a kid, yeah, that's what I wanted."
Kim: "But what do you want now?"
 Thad: "I want to act, in movies, TV, the theater; I just enjoy it all. I like to be creative, and become a different person."
 Kim: "Hey I remember you in our high school plays. The Importance of Being Earnest was amazing."
Thad: "Yeah, Algernon, heh. That was a fun character."
 Thad: "And my drama teacher gave me contacts for agents in the business."
Kim: "You should definitely go for it, then."
 So Thad does, acquiring a job in the film career, which is one of the secondary incomes. A little introduction to Thad: he is a grumpy, athletic genius, who is also an easily impressed and friendly Sim. His favorite color is yellow, and his LTW for the time being is Scientific Specialist. Previously, Story Progression did have him in the police career, like his father Ashley.
 Wendy continues to practice her bass, which has become a hobby of hers, since the other secondary career is busker. Wendy is an unflirty, overemotional loner, who is also athletic and has an enthusiasm for vehicles. Her current LTW is to Become a Superstar Athlete, and her favorite color is white.
 Jane is picking up her hobby of inventing toys and widgets, doing her part to fulfill the second primary income, inventor.
 And now it's time for a birthday.
 Emmie: *giggles*
 Oh, stop worrying about Thad and Wendy. They're fine.
 Jane: "No, no, I was just thinking about lightning bolts, electricity, and that scene from Sweet Home Alabama. I think I've got some ideas for new inventions."
 Emmie: "Phew, sure feels good to not be in that little toddler body anymore."
Jane: "Heh heh heh..."

Jane: "She scares me, just a little."

Next time: The spring festival is in town, and there will be visits from our friendly ghosts.


  1. Wow, that's an interesting way to handle a divorce, lol They're so...civilized!

    I loved "The Importance of Being Earnest", the movie is a lot of fun to watch!

    Emmie is cute. =)

    1. Yes, they were both young when they got together, and now as adults they just both want different things, so there wasn't much disagreement. Hope it made sense!

      I love it too! I've seen the one with Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon, it's so good!

      Yes, I really like her. :)

      Thanks for reading!