Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.14 "Guess Who"

Last time with the Diffys, Kim birthed the new addition, Aidan. Kim and Thad got married and celebrated, and Mr. Pickles, the cat, was adopted into the family. This time...

Jane: "Hey Wendy, can we talk about that night?"
 Wendy: "What night?"
Jane: "Well, the night we went to the pool, and had drinks, and streaked, and...things happened."
Wendy: "Oh, I didn't really remember what had happened; I lose my memory when I drink too much."
 Jane: "So you don't even remember what we did?!"
Wendy: "No, I don't! I'm sorry. Why so upset about it?"
 Jane: "You really don't remember?"
Wendy: "No, but what exactly did we do?"

 Jane: "This. And more."
 Wendy: "Jane, get off! How could you kiss me like that?! I don't just take these things lightly like you do!"
 Wendy: "I may have been drunk that night, but I'm not now! And I won't be involved in some 'friends with benefits' relationship! If you want that, fine, but it is completely not my kind of thing."
 Jane: "Wendy, I'm sorry. But you've totally misunderstood me. I really do have feelings for you, and I want more than just 'friends with benefits'."
Wendy: "Are you sure? I require commitment, and you've never been in a serious relationship before."
 Jane: "Well, there's always a first time. And maybe mine can be with you."
Wendy: "Ok, one date then."

So they proceed to the museum:
 Wendy: "Huh."
Jane: *thinking about inventions*
 Jane: "This is fun."
 Wendy: "My next date will be with the gym."
 Jane: "Had a good time?"
Wendy: "None of the art pieces here are truly unique or exemplary of their form. This museum needs a better curator."
 Jane: "Well I don't see you curating anything. Maybe it's harder than you think."
Wendy: "I'm sure it is."
 Wendy: "I suppose it hasn't been a total waste, though."

All in all, they had a good date.
 And now it's time for our little Emmie's birthday!
 And the tradition continues...
 Emmie: "You just didn't want to let me go, did you?"
Y'know, I never had any birthday cake fires until I started playing the Diffys.
 Emmie: "Who bought those candles?!"
 Aw, I love you guys!
 Thad finally put out the last of the fire.
 And the second try was successful.
 Emmie: "See the difference?"
 There it is. I really wish those genes had passed on. *_*
Emmie's final trait is natural cook, which is added to flirty, good, grumpy, and brooding. Her LTW is the Culinary Librarian.
I just like this picture because Salem and C.B. are in it.
Salem: "Not the first time I've seen my dad's ghost."

The next day:
 And now: Jane has inspiration!
Jane: "Well hotdog!"

 Emily: "Um, I wanted to talk to you guys..."
Jane: "Are you leaving?"
 Emmie: "Well, yes. I thought Salem might want some company, and he needs someone there while he's in Strangetown for business. So I'm moving into his house. "
Kim: "We're definitely gonna miss you."
 Jane: "Me especially."
Kim: "Do you know what you'll do now that you've graduated?"
 Emmie: "I've been working in the bakery of Deco Groceries, and I really like it, but I think I want to move on to be a professional chef."
Kim: "That's great!"
Jane: "You've got to visit us all the time."
 Emmie: "It won't be the same; I'm going to miss everyone."
 Jane: "I know."
 Goodbye Emmie! *sniff*
 Look who's learned to talk!
Aidan: "I'm fluent in Simlish, Elven, and Halfling."
 Kim: "High intelligence modifier. I'm so proud."
 Emmie: "Guess who!"
 Emmie moves fast. Story Progression told me she's dating this fellow, Charles Bingley. He's a Sim I created, so I highly approve.
 Emmie: "Our dates are like beautiful sunsets to my day."
 The gym is always a good place to busk.
 You're welcome for the makeover, BTW.
Frances Picard: "My response is on my sweater."
 Really just gonna walk on past, Emmie?
 Emmie: "You think I'm like that?"
 Emmie: "I was just getting a better spot. This is the optimal place to listen for the acoustics."
You're really Sheldon Cooper-ing it.
 So Puddy wanted to visit the beach. And Thad forgot her. That's the only reason we even came out here, Thad!
Thad: "I've been up since 5am, and it's now...midnight."
Excuses, excuses.
 Puddy had to run all the way from the house just to get her wish fulfilled. It's not too far, though.
 I'm officially going to count this as a date.

They were both sleeping on the lawn chairs. <3

Next time: Aidan will have a birthday!


  1. I caught up!! :proud:

    Can I just say I love your play style, it's so spontaneous and fun! I'm sad that Emmie's leaving, hopefully she spreads some of her pretty genetics around town :P lol

    1. Thanks for catching up! :D

      Thank you, I'm usually more focused on playing and going with the flow than planning everything out, unless I have something particular in mind.

      I'm sad, too! I'll try to include her every now and then. And it's totally not weird to marry in her ancestors after a few generations. >.>

  2. I have a question. How did you make all your sims in the town have different colors hair and skin? Did you do it manually by create-a-sim?

    1. Yes, basically. I use the Nraas master controller mod to give the other sims makeovers. Check out the site:

      And, even though by now most rainbow skin colors have been added in by EA, I still use these:

  3. Grown up Emmie is so pretty, I just now seemed to notice that she has pointy ears. <3 I think her previous hairstyle hid it, lol I hope SP is kind to her. =)

    1. Yes, just like Emily, of course. I love pointy-eared Sims. SP has been really kind to her, and to Charles along with her.

      Thanks for reading!