Monday, April 20, 2015

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.15 "The Pie is a Lie"

Last time with the Diffys, Wendy and Jane went on a date, and Emmie grew up into a young adult and moved out to live with Salem. This time...

Pickles and Puddy sleep together on Emmie's old bed. I love these kitties.
 And Puddy is always wishing to explore under the couch.
 Wendy visits Virginia Supine as part of an opportunity.
 Virginia: "Hello, thank you for meeting with me."
Wendy: "Well, uh, of course."
 Wendy: "So you said you're a writer?"
 Virginia: "Yes, I run the arts and culture section of the Roaring Heights Living magazine. I'm going to be doing a feature about local artists, and I think people will be interested to read about your success with busking."
Wendy: "You really think people will be interested?"
Virginia: "Well, it is rare that someone will achieve your popularity by just busking, and having the freedom to work when and where you want is something people fantasize about."
Yeah, you guys can just get to that.
 Well, hello Emmie.
Emmie: "Jane didn't come to my swimsuit party."
Well, we've been busy.
 Thank you for attending, valued guest.
 No thanks to those people who totally ignored the point of the party.
 You're excused, Salem. I know it's hard to get through doors. *shudder*

 You guys don't look much alike, except the hair. Aidan gains the hates the outdoors trait.
 Wow, guys, could you not do that on his birthday? Or ever, really.
 Taking cake and leaving. Always classy, Emmie.
Emmie: "You skip my party, I skip yours."

I would like to point out that, while the sink is broken, it is not anywhere near that puddle under Aidan's feet. I swear I potty trained him.
 Pickles: "Hey! Get that camera out of our faces!"
Dangit! I'm supposed to be invisible!
 Happy new room stuff Aidan! It's still fairly empty, sorry.
 This stray cat just seems so sad to me. Puddy and Pickles are right there taunting it, with their playing and warm house.
 Welcome, Darcy! Time for another party because it is feast/spooky day. Thanks for bringing the mac and cheese.
 Ashley: "Hello Thad and Aidan!"
Thad: "Hey Dad!"
You're so cute, Ashley.
 Luckily Wendy knows how to make pumpkin pie. And unfortunately you might notice that someone is absent from this party. Salem just recently died.
 Wendy: " you swim?"
Marilyn Downes: "Yeah, I pretty much float to the top, though."
 Jane: "Did Kim throw this party?! Should've told her to keep pregnant women off the guest list!"
Aidan: "Seriously! They're destined to summon their storks while they have the most available attention!"
Thad: "We are gonna have a talk after all this is over, Aidan."
 Elliot: "Hey guys! So I brought, um, apple pie! I'm holding it! In my hand here."
Ashley: "We're all right here, and there is no pie."
Elliot: "Well I'll just go and take it into the dining room, then! Keep paying all your attention to that pregnant woman!"
 Jane: "We certainly will!"
Thad: "I'd be making faces, but my muscles are sore from ACTING all day. At my job. As an actor."
Jane: "Get over it, Thad!"
Marilyn: "No! I didn't want to actually go into labor and prove them right!"
 Virginia Supine from earlier is also here. And pregnant.
 Wendy: "Oh. I didn't know she had anyone in her life."
Thad: "Can anyone take Marilyn to the hospital?!"
Wendy: "And miss the party? I'll do it!"
Bonnie Davis: "Are you serious, old man?"
 Bonnie: "Do you see what's happening here?! There are bigger things than you and your lie pie!"
Elliot: "There, there, Bonnie. We know Clyde's cheating on you. It's okay."
Bonnie: "I..." *sob*
 Speaking of Clyde...
Clyde Reeves: "HAHAha! Let's taunt this woman for being a supernatural creature!"
Emmie: "Well I was looking forward to screaming at her for coming to a party while pregnant, not this other nonsense."
 With one pregnant woman gone, everyone decides to dig in.
 Ashley: "I haven't had the chance to say it, but I'm really glad you and Thad are so happy together, Kim."
Kim: "Thank you, we really are."
Ashley: "Even though you're second cousins, and that did freak me and Salem out."
Kim: "...I was hoping that would never come up."
 Ashley: "But Aidan seems to be doing just fine. And this house you built is just beautiful."
Aw, thank you so much for the compliment. Wait...
 o_o I've never seen this happen before now. Thank you, Ami!
 Looks like it went through Ashley's right ear and came out the left.
 Ami: "Um, excuse me. That's some spicy chili right there."
Ashley: "No worries."
Virginia: "Can you make them stop screaming at me?"
 Emmie: "Pregnancy means babies and it could happen at any second!"
Clyde: "She's going to kill us all! Did you see those fangs?!"
Emmie: "Clyde, stop being ridiculous! She needs bed rest, now!"
Elliot: "Um...can I put this down now?"
 Meanwhile, at the hospital, a beautiful little girl is born.
 Aidan: "Look at that pie. That pie is a lie!"
 Aidan: "I know you just took a slice, but it still looks full! Is it magic?"
 Aidan: "Finally, he's leaving!"
Why that face?
 Aidan: "I don't like that guy. He said Mom and him had 'things in common' right when he walked in! Nobody's allowed to jump on my mom except my dad! And even then it's still weird."
 Why the face, Emmie?
 Emmie: "I can't believe we're just here celebrating when Salem just died."
Well you had no objection while you were eating that pie.

Virginia: "Lame party; I'm off to the hospital. They throw better parties there."
 Wendy: "Everyone's gone and the party's over? Oh noes!" *internally happy*

The next day:
 Jane: "Emmie? Sure, I can come over."
 Jane: "Well, Kim's at work...yeah...I'll be there soon."

 Charles: "Emmie, your friend Jane is here. How are you doing?"
 Emmie: "It's so bright outside."
Charles: "Yeah, it's a nice day."

 Charles: "I'll be outside with Toule, honey."
Toule was Maura and Salem's dog; now Charles and Emmie's.
 Jane: " are you, Emmie?"
Emmie: "Jane! I've...just been awful. Ever since Salem died, I've just been feeling depressed most of the time."
 Emmie: "And Charles, he tries to help, but...I just wanted to talk to you for a second. I honestly haven't told him what I am."
Jane: "That's understandable. I don't think it's important, anyway. You're you, and that's what's important."
 Emmie: "But it is important. I can't explain to him the feelings that I have. I have these dreams, Emily's memories, and when I wake up, I realize Salem's gone. To be in her mindset...I feel like I've lost my own son."
Jane: "Oh, Emmie..."
Emmie: "I want to define his role in my life, but he wasn't actually my son, and to say creator seems too cold, but father doesn't feel quite right, either."
 Emmie: "Anyway, I really called you here because Salem had this flashdrive, with a ton of old pictures on it. And I thought Kim might particularly be interested in it. There are a lot of old pictures, several generations back, but, with Emily's memories, I recognize most of the people as your ancestors."
 Jane: "Yeah, I texted Kim, but she's at work so she hasn't gotten back to me. Y'know, Kim really cares about you. I know we're close now, but when you were a baby, I just thought it was really strange, and our parents weren't really prepared to raise another kid. Kim was the first one to give you a chance."
Emmie: "I faintly remember that. Kim was more a mother to me than anyone else."
Emmie: "There's something that I've always wondered about, and maybe I should ask Kim, but I didn't want to be rude--"
Jane: "Just ask me."
Emmie: "What happened to her? I've got a gap in my memory from when Emily died to when I was, um, created."
Jane: "You mean why she floats, huh? After our birthday into young adults, Kim went to university by herself, and made it perfectly clear that, without me, she'd die. By a vending machine."
Emmie: "Seriously?!"
Jane: "It happens, obviously."
Jane: "So our dad did scienc-ey stuff with her ashes to bring her back. The next part I've heard both sides of the story. According to Kim, Dad was doing tests that weren't even necessary, and just made her feel like an experiment. And Dad says that he did perform tests on her, but he needed to test her cognitive functions, and he didn't mean it to come across the way that she took it."
Emmie: "It did always seem that there was something between them."
Jane: "Yeah, they didn't have a very close relationship before then, and Kim didn't want much to do with him afterwards."
Emmie: "On a lighter note, want to feel my pregnant belly?"
Jane: "For shame, Emmie! How long have you known Charles?"
Emmie: "Hey, we are engaged, ok? It's not just some fling."
Jane: "I actually wouldn't care if it was. I was only kidding; let me feel that belly."
Jane: "If you're anything like my grandmother was, you'll be a great mother."
Emmie: "I would normally hate being compared to her, but, coming from you, it's not so bad."
Emmie: "Thank you, Jane."
Jane: "It's no problem, and I mean that."

Next time: Handiness check fails, house decorating, and reconciliations.

Note: I switched into Emmie's household to get the pictures for that last scene; however I didn't save afterwards. It was only for the pictures. Also, sorry for kind of treading old water in their conversation about the past. I just wanted to point out that Emmie doesn't know everything that happened, and that would be confusing.


  1. O_O two ladies going into labor at one party?? Wow! haha, my last party only had one labor (but one death, does that count? Spoilers!)

    That Virginia is quite the looker. And Aidan grew up quite cute, I like his grumpy eyebrows, heh.

    RIP Salem :((

    I love Emmie, can't wait to see what her baby looks like :)

    1. It's not a sims party without death and pregnant women going into labor! A little annoying, but still entertaining for me.

      Most of my sims have grumpy eyebrows these days. It makes for some interesting facial expressions.

      Salem. :(

      I'm hoping Emmie and Charles have lots of babies; I want to see the genetics live on (I feel like a creepy scientist to say that, but oh well).

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Aidan's angry faces were so cute! <3 He has such a cutie pie face, he looks like he should go off and do scouts or go bike riding or something else cute (but he hates outside... Hm)

    Aw, cats sleeping together. Are there going to be kittens any time soon?

    Yikes, two labours in one party.At least the other sims weren't standing around with nothing to do though.

    1. Haha, yeah Aidan prefers to be indoors, I think the outside is just too unpredictable for him. He would look cute in the little boy scouts uniform, though!

      Yes, kittens are coming SOON.

      Yes, and at least it provided for something interesting. I usually forget to take pictures at parties because nothing really happens.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Hahaha, you have such entertaining parties--labors, fires, funny faces--loved it! =)

    Poor Emmie though, that would be quite a conundrum for her, trying to figure out just who Salem was to her. Whatever she decides, I'm sure she'll miss him a lot. RIP Salem. It's so hard to see the sims go...even if they aren't real, lol

    1. Slightly annoying, but entertaining, too.

      Yes, people like to organize things in their minds, and put everything in its place. But Emmie can't really put Salem into a particular role for her. Totally agree that it's still sad when Sims die. And Salem was really fun to play with for me. RIP.

      Thanks for reading. =)