Sunday, October 25, 2015

Aidan: Chapter 6.4 "Seeing Daggers"

Last time with the Diffys, Aidan and Wanda had a little lunch date, and then she moved into the house. As friends, of course. This time...

Wanda is trying out the spray/graffiti art kit. I've decided that I'm going to change her LTW to Street Credible, the one that relates to street art (once she's saved up the points for a LTW change). She previously had one of the LTWs related to the acting/directing career. Wanda is officially part of the household, and the secondary income is the none/no job roll. I'm glad about this because someone will be home to take care of the garden.
 And of course you'd be here right at the beginning of the chapter.
Runaway Papz: "I'm practically part of the family! Might as well let me sleep in the guest room."
No. You'd probably steal soap and toenail clippings from the bathroom.
 Everyone decides to go out on Aidan's day off.
Aidan: "So who brought their service dog?"
 Thad: "Hey pass me one, Aidan. Aidan?"
Aidan: *glug*
 And then we find that Raphael Norris, one of the Sims I brought over from Strangetown so long ago, is dying.
 Thad and Kim remember him, and mourn.
 Aidan goes upstairs to find Wanda.
 Aidan: "You're cute when you dance."
 I find that Mr. Pickles died while I was distracted with the human Sims.
 I found his urn in the kitchen. I'm going to miss him. :,(
 Wanda: "Is there anything good for breakfast?"
 Aidan: Don't look don't look. "I made some waffles, leftovers in the fridge."
 Yay! Someone stuck in the floor in my very own house! And they sure are stressed from being here all day.
 Wanda: "What's that you're reading about?"
 Aidan: "It's Point Farmer, an autobiography. I like reading autobiographies, but you never really know how much the author is exaggerating, or just making things up so they'll look better."
 Aidan: "The accuracy in a regular biography might be more unbiased, but will have less interesting details, and won't know all of what happened in someone else's life."
Wanda: "Yes, yes."
 Aidan: "I can see you don't really want to hear about all that, but you do want to sit close to me, right?"
Wanda: "Actually that is exactly right."
 Yes, I see you're very happy that a girl is letting you touch her.
Aidan: "Not just 'a girl', but it's Wanda."
 Oh. And I see she doesn't mind.
Yes, I also see that wish.
 Sally: "I really don't like having Papa gone, and with Nora so far away, it really feels like our little family is falling apart!"
Puddy: "We still have each other."
 And we still have Mr. Pickles, on occasion.
 I took very few pictures when Kim and Thad finally moved out. I must have missed the hand-waving animations.
 Synchronized shoulder brush!
 Aidan's very happy to have his parents out of the house.

Aidan: "Not that it was actually awkward, but I am really happy that it's just you and me now."
And the cats! Don't forget them!
 Later that day, they go on a date to the art museum. Aidan has to get his reading in, of course.
 Aidan: "Hey Wanda, can I talk to you?"
Wanda: "Yeah, what's up?"
Aidan: "I don't want to put this in an accusatory way, but..."
 Aidan: "When you left your phone to go to the bathroom earlier, you got a text from that guy Jack Torrance-McGinnis."
Wanda: "Whoa whoa whoa--"
Aidan: "He sent you a picture--"
 Wanda: "Ok, I really don't want you to get the wrong idea about that. Me and him have a little bit of history, but that's all back in high school. He still sends me messages, but I never respond to him anymore. Certainly not since I moved into your house."
 Aidan: "Ok. I still feel a bit shaken up about this. I think we should take our relationship a little more slowly than we have been lately."
 Wanda: "Aidan, please don't let this get into your mind and drive a wedge between us. I'll let you look through my messages to show you that I really haven't tried to talk to him, it's only him who contacts me and I don't even respond!"
 Aidan: "It's ok, Wanda. I do actually believe you, but I think this made me realize that we have been moving a little too fast. I just want to spend some more time talking and going on dates with you."
Wanda: "Oh. I can agree to that."
 That night, Wanda sleeps in the rocking chair. Much more comfortable than a bed! Also, notice the change of clothes.
 Aidan: Time passes so quickly. Precious moments can easily be wasted with poisonous thoughts. Should I forget about this Jack thing?
 Aidan: Wanda seems to be wearing some bigger-sized clothes lately. Could she be pregnant? How do I ask that???
Even though Aidan is seeing daggers from Wanda's "romantic interest", he still pops wishes for her.
 Thank you, person-stuck-in-the-floor! Now we know that it's spooky day!
 We decided to throw the first ever Diffy costume party! To which Kim shows up with a stomachache.
Which she has a reason for. I leave them alone for five minutes and they're having another miracle baby.
 Oh, hi Charles!
 Aidan: "Why did we end up inviting her?"
 Aidan: "And she came dressed in a sexy ninja-spy outfit."
I'd like to point out that Aidan is dressed as a detective, which is pretty much like a nurse just wearing their scrubs to a costume party.
 Wanda: "Change into your costume, Randy! I'll take a picture."
 Jack Torrance-McGinnis: "One minute I am a dashingly handsome, er, glowy person."
 Jack: "Next minute I'm a dashingly handsome four-star chef!"
Wanda: "Jack, I need to talk to you."
 Emmie: "I've got my costume on. Time to introduce 'Jason' to this slutty maid!"
 Wanda: "I'm going to have to ask you to stop texting me. I'm kind of...well, not kind of, I AM in a relationship now, and I really don't need you to be on the side texting me."
 Jack: "You must be kidding; I don't mind that you're in a relationship, if that's what you're concerned about."
Wanda: "Well, haven't you noticed that I stopped texting you back a while ago? And that picture you sent me recently was really uncalled for. I really didn't need to see that!"
Randolph: "I may make the cutest white tiger costume ever, but I'm watching you with my sister, buddy."
 Jack: "Why are you doing this, Wanda?! I was just having some fun, and I thought you wanted to have fun, too! You really are different since you aged up."
 Wanda: "That's what happens, Jack! People grow up!"
Jack: "Well I certainly haven't! I mean--uh--it really isn't that big of a deal!"
Randolph: "This guy right here..."
 Wanda: "Were you really expecting me to want to carry on with this?!"
Jack: "Yes!"
 Wanda: "Get this: I'm not your side-chick, and I won't ever be anyone's side-chick! Not anymore! You and Margarita are married now! And you're pretty selfish to go that far with her and still want a little piece on the side!"
 Jack: "I'm not selfish, you are! For cutting me off like this!"
Randolph: "That makes literally no sense."
Wanda: "You better get out of this house before I call my boyfriend over here. He's a cop, by the way."
 It's at this point that Aidan reaches the scene anyway.
 As Jack is leaving.
Jack: "I can't believe the slutty maid rejected me, too!"
 Jack: "I just wanted to have a wife AND a side-chick. All suave men do." *sob*
I'll give him this, he really is dashingly handsome.
 Charles/Jason: "This party got my wife to dress like THAT, and now she convinced me to go home early. Best costume party ever!"
It's the only one you've been to, isn't it?

Wanda: "I'm not mad that somebody brought their dog, but I am mad that they didn't dress him up in a dog costume! Also I just got yelled at by a jerk and my ankles are swollen."

After everyone is gone:
 Wanda: "I'm fine, Mom--oh, you don't want to hear about my feelings?...You're not old enough to be a grandmother yet...Ok, I've got to go now."
 Aidan: "You're really pregnant?"
Wanda: "Yes. I was a little worried you'd be mad about this, actually."
 Aidan: "No way! We made this baby, and it will be just perfect."
 Aidan: "I'm sorry that it's been a little tense lately. Emmie told me what happened as she was leaving. That was really brave of you to confront him right then. I wish you'd told me what you were going to do."
Wanda: "I needed to do it just myself so that he would really understand. The semi-public setting was so he would be embarrassed, and wouldn't do anything rash."
 Wanda: "I'm really sorry that you had to see what he sent me the other day. You saw it even before I did. He's never sent me a picture like that before, and I think it was because I wasn't responding to him. He just wanted attention. I blocked his number after that because it was really annoying."
 Aidan: "I can see now that it really wasn't your fault, Wanda. I'm just glad that we can put this behind us, and I'm really glad that you cut things off with him."
 Aidan: "You look a little weird, are you feeling Ok?"
Wanda: "Yes, I don't know what you're--"
 Wanda: "Hospital! Now!"
 Even while in labor, Wanda is happy to abide by the living green rules.

We have the first child of the seventh generation! Meet Ben Diffy. He is named after Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation, which is a show that had it's finale this spring. If you like sarcastic "mockumentaries" and Amy Poehler, check it out. Our Ben was born with the clumsy and grumpy traits, and I found out that he inherited immune to fire, too! I guess that one has been passed down from C.B., and I just didn't realize it. Ben's favorites are pop, hamburgers, and lime.

At this point I won't pretend anymore because the marital structure roll is for a couple. :D

Next time: Aidan and Wanda spend some more time with romancing each other, and our cat family gets an addition.


  1. Ah, Kim was right all along :D I'm happy they're together.
    Nooooo! Kitty! 3:
    Jack Torrance sent her a nude? Sheesh, I wouldn't have rejected him like that if I was her, you know what he was like at The Overlook.

    Ah! Baby! <3 *secretly hoping they get more kids*

    1. Of course Kim was right. :D

      I didn't even realize he shared names with that Jack! I don't think I can look at him the same now; before too long he'll be back with an axe.

      There are more kids in the future. :D

      Thanks for reading!

  2. CUTE couple! Im happy about baby, as well, I bet their kids will be adorable.

    I love Parks and Rec, and I think its great you named your sim after Ben. He's my fav <3

    1. Yes, I'm hoping I'll get a mix of their features, not just clones. If not I may have to intervene.

      I love Ben from Parks and Rec, I relate to his nerdiness lol.

      Thanks for reading. :D

  3. Wow, baby already! Nice you two... It almost takes away the sting of mr. Pickles. But does that mean that Aidan will have a brother that is younger than his own kid? Pregnant lady rides bikes to the hospital.... that is just so familiar. Atleast she didn't run all across town.

    Really, what is it with your game and floors? And that paparazzi, maybe she'll follow Thad now though. Oh Jack is handsome. He doesn't know how to take rejection though. Probably not used to it. I've always wondered what that costume Randolph is wearing was supposed to be, thanks for clearing that up.

    1. Yes, Aidan's brother will be a few days younger than his own. Not by much, though. Sims really take to the bikes when they don't have cars. Thad used to ride his bike to work all on his own, and that was before I was doing it for the living green roll.

      I don't know; it's almost like the floors are made of quicksand, like that scene from Jumanji.
      Yep, Jack is one of those types who only cares for himself, unfortunately.

      The white tiger costume is pretty lame; there's not even cat ears!

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Haha! I have arrived! Your sims were also a very big reason I'm still alive and sane after my inlaws tore through here.... Er... visited. Thank you!

    If you have NRaas Tagger it adds the map tags and it's a little easier to figure out who's stuck in the floor. It's still a process of elimination, but at least you can click on the maptag to reset them before ErrorTrap or Overwatch (I forget which one catches floor sims) finds them. Or you can use DebugEnabler Fix Invisible Sims... I think that's it... Maybe it's Fix Invisible Outfits. Whichever. Anyhow.

    Baybeez! Y'know? I actually feel a little sorry for Margarita after what Jack did. I mean... ick. That's just uncalled for. Hopefully Aiden doesn't hold onto the memory of Jack's pic for too much longer.

    Go Wanda and Thad! Congrats to them! With Thad getting older, hopefully this one will help her through that. :(

    Also, hats off to Wanda for cycling herself to the hospital while in labor! lol!

    1. Yay! I'm glad to be of assistance to help you keep your sanity through an in-laws visit!

      Ahh thanks for the advice! I will look into those mods because, even though it is funny, the sims stuck in floors get annoying after a while! I have overwatch installed, but that sim has been in our floor for a loooong time, and it doesn't catch them. Maybe because it's stuck on the active lot?

      Yeah, I initially really wanted Aidan to be with Margarita, but she missed her chance there. Could've been tending our garden and not worrying about a cheating husband, and instead she chose Jack, lol. I think Aidan will do ok with moving on from that after Wanda went out of her way to break things off.

      Yes, I'm actually happy that Aidan's going to have a little brother, and since he's about the same age as Ben, they're schoolmates together.

      I wouldn't have blamed Wanda for calling a taxi in that emergency situation, but she looked quite happy to get there herself in the only transportation we have.

      Thanks for reading!