Saturday, January 9, 2016

Aidan: Chapter 6.6 "THE Ring"

Last time with the Diffys, Aidan and Wanda became more committed to each other, Ben aged up to a child, and Andy was born. A lot of people also died through story progression. This time...

We adopted a male cat named Mushi.
 Now make kittens!
 The Diffys got invited to a party across town.
 Ben met this kid; I think his name is Darrell Nair? I need to make my notes more descriptive.
 Wanda: "Ben, your dad just got called to work for an emergency, and the babysitter just texted me that she needs to go home. If you don't want to go home just yet, you could meet your grandmother at the pool."
 Ben: "Well, I'm glad I got to meet you."
Darrell: "Yeah, I'll see you at school."
 Kim is at the pool with Suzanna and Katrina.
 Here's Katrina all grown up. She reminds me a little of that muppet with the blonde hair.
 And Suzanna.
 The sad thing is that Ben can't talk to Kim because she's a celebrity. They still have some relationship because she's started interactions with him before.
 Well that's not a loving posture at all. No way to cradle your newborn baby!
Wanda with robotic voice: "If only I hadn't been interrupted from my slumber."
 Aidan with robotic voice: "Newborn humans are a joy in life."
 Mushi looks awfully pleased. I wonder if that's his vomit.
 This is Zachariah, Aidan's brother!
 You invited your nephew from school! How nice.
Ben: "Nephew? I thought he was my cousin or somethin'. I invited him because he knows every rock type for the quiz tomorrow."
 Zachariah: "My house isn't as big as this. Mom always says she never expected me to come along, or my cousins to end up living with us."
Zach inherited Salem's skin tone, how cute.

Ben: "If we could just stick to the rocks, that'd be great. Our teacher was really building up this quiz."
 Aidan: "If I make this face can I go to bed?"
After you age up.
 Aidan: "Wait for it..."
 Aidan: "Yay I'm the same!"
 Nope! There's the wrinkles, bald eyebrows, and bad hair.
 Wanda: "You're looking more mature, and that's not a bad thing."
 Aidan: "Wanda, I've been thinking about us lately, and how we have two kids."
 Aidan: "It's pretty serious, but we're not married yet, and I think I'd like to take that step with you."
 Wanda: "Really?!"
Aidan: "Well you didn't have to make that face."
 Wanda: "So this is a proposal?"
Aidan: "Not really, I don't have a ring yet. I just wanted to see if you were open to it."
Wanda: "Then I say yes, I am open to the idea."

 I recolored their room and I really like it now.
 Aidan: "Oh hai!"
Your mother's here, put a shirt on.
 Ben: "Woo! Cake!"
 I guess we'll just ignore that cake upstairs and let Andy age up on the floor. Ben's going to be disappointed.

 Andy looks exactly like Wanda, except he's a boy. Maybe not the same eye color, though.

I love the child-toddler hugs. <3
 Ben went to the park one day after taking a writing class. And nothing happened.
Ben: "I wonder if those signs are why no one's here today."
 Ben: "At least I learned a lot."
 Aidan: "So I got that thing."
 Wanda: "What thing?"
 Aidan: "Y'know--the ring."
 Wanda: "THE ring?"
 Aidan: "Yes. THE ring. For you."
 Wanda: "It's really shiny."

Aidan: "So do you accept it?"
Wanda: "Yes, I do!"

Next time: We'll see Aidan and Wanda's wedding. And I apologize for the gap between chapters; my last one was in November. I got pretty busy over the holidays. This chapter is rather short, but I'm just trying to get back into writing now. Since I missed it, hope you had happy holidays and good luck in the new year!


  1. Aw, lol. At least Katrina is much nicer looking than Janice the Muppet. xD

    "Newborns are a joy in life." Lololol! So true!

    Aw, the non proposal after frightening age up (Why did you shave Aiden's eyebrows, EA? D:) was sweet. <3 Hopefully they'll build up to the real proposal some day.

    And there it is! Woot! Congrats to Aiden and Wanda! Happy Birthday Andy! and Happy New Year to you too!

    1. I still think Katrina is pretty, she does resemble that muppet though.

      Looks like EA didn't really want to make different animations for the rocking chair. SMH.

      Next is the wedding. :D

  2. Really? No floor- sims?

    With Aidans age up and shaved eyebrows, the proposal, together with showing himself off shirtless to his mother; think he's having a midlife- crisis.

    About time he proposed! No really, their lifestyle is so modern (do people still call it that?) with children and a home before deciding to get married. But the wedding will still be nice. Hope no one dies.

    1. Floor-sims didn't do anything interesting this time, but don't worry because they're still there.

      Maybe he is having a midlife crisis and I just didn't know it. He does work out a lot more since aging up.

      At this point getting married just seems like a formality. I just like the wedding pictures. No one dies at their wedding, but there is something that happens that almost ruins it.

  3. Hah! Blond muppet sim! Too funny.

    Mushi is cute! Pity he had to throw up on the floor..

    Woot, wedding coming up! That belated Christmas card is really sweet - and a bit funny too, going into labour while posing.

    Happy 2016!

    1. I love Mushi with all his spots and stripes. That was his EA-given name and I really like the ones that come up for pets!

      Yeah, that's our third baby about to be born! I lose track of the time when messing with pose player. Andy is the only one who reacted right away because he wasn't actually in a pose.

  4. AAAAAAAHHH! I didn't realised you had updated! *feels like an ass for not noticing*

    Kitties! <3 yay for possible kittens. Mushi is really cute ^-^

    Aww, they're gonna get married. That's sweet ^-^ and yay for new baby soon.

    I really like Wanda's (I thought her name was Heather for a moment, but that's not her name xD) sleep hair and nightie. Where are they from? ^-^

    1. No worries, lol. I know it sometimes takes me a while to get to reading updates. :$

      Kitten(s) are coming!

      Yep, the greeting card shows the fuuuuuture! (Now I need to paint my nails)

      Ha, that would be funny if a random townie had my name. I think that would make her an automatic spouse, or roommate. Wanda's nightie is from Master Suite (the only stuff pack I have, lol). Her hair is Alesso's Paula; I use the retexture by Beaverhausen (