Saturday, January 23, 2016

Aidan: Chapter 6.7 "Warning"

Last time with the Diffys, Aidan proposed to Wanda. This time...

You probably had no idea that Aidan and Wanda were about to get married...
 Hello, Kim!
Kim: "I hate leaving my house."
I know, I know.
 Marty Cassat: "Congrats, Aidan!"
Aidan: "Glad you could come, Marty."
Marty Cassat is Aidan's partner at work, and his best friend.
 Wanda has arrived.
 Randolph: Regan is so creepy since my father died. "Can you stop staring at me?!"
Regan: "That's not nice to your stepmother, Randy."
Randolph: "You aren't really my stepmother anymore, though."
 Ha, I love catching Sims sneeze.
 Emmie: "Bleeeghghgh."

 Aidan: "Woo! It's my wedding day!"
 Aw, Wanda is so pretty.
 I guess since I didn't use an arch no one is going to sit down.

Wanda: "Yes! So many celebrations!"
 Aidan: "So many...? It's your birthday?!"
 Kim: "Plebs."
 Wanda: "You didn't forget?"
 Why do you have to walk through the water like that? Other Sims wade in.
Kim: "I'm walking through the water. Because I can."
You take all the fun out of it.
 Aidan: "No, I didn't forget. I planned this on purpose so you'd have a great birthday."
Wanda: "Sure. You're cute, though."
 Aidan: "Now that everyone is so hungry and tired that they're about to drop, are you ready?"
 Wanda: "Let's get married."
 Ben: "Well, this is the best spot I could find."
 Ben is actually more excited/happy than Aidan and Wanda.
Ben: "I'm so happy Mom and Dad are getting married!"
 Ben: "They are the best."
 Marty: "So happy for Aidan right now."
 All Kim will do is give these stank faces. Why are you so salty today?
Kim: "I've just got a lot of things I'm thinking about, ok?"
 Kim: "This is a beautiful wedding party."
You're still grimacing.
Kim: "I meant to turn that off today."
 Aidan and Wanda: "I do."
 Aidan was not joking when he said everyone was hungry and tired.
 Aidan: "You're so beautiful."
 Wanda: "Duh, I worked hard on this makeup look."
Aidan: "I'm not talking about the makeup."
 Ben: "My parents are married." *eyes welling with tears*
 Kim: "Gorgeous wedding party, Wanda!"
How did you change--?
Kim: "Shh."
 Wanda: "Time to get the food and drinks out!"
 Marty: "Really? So we don't have to eat this rice?"
 Unfortunately it started to rain right after paying for the buffet, and this sent most guests home.
Aidan: "C'mon, guys! It's only a light drizzle."
 Ben: "Our parents are married now, and that means our family is complete, and they'll love us even more!"
 Ben: "Much as it would be fun to see the sunrise, I'm starting to get tired, Dad."
 Aidan: "You're right, Ben. It's time to go home."
Regan: "You've made a huge mistake."
 Ben: "Who're you?"
 Regan: "Marrying into the Bingley family is the worst thing possible!"
Aidan: "Uh, WHAT?!"
 Regan: "They will curse you and ruin your life! Foreeeeeveeeer!"
 Aidan: "This is my wedding day, and one of the best days of my life!"
 Aidan: "This is some sick joke! And I don't really think you were invited!"
Regan: "It's a public beach."
Aidan: "As if you didn't know what was going on!"
 Regan: "If you are going to stand by her, you must already be brainwashed."
Aidan: "Did you miss the part where we already have two kids together?! It's a bit late to be telling me this, if what you're saying was true."
Regan: "You'll regret this day."
Her words would be more convincing if she wasn't holding a rainbow umbrella.
 Back at home, these cats are getting frisky.
 Stuck Wanda: "You really need to take better care of that kid."
Aidan: "I don't see you helping!" >:I
 Aidan: "We didn't get a first dance at the party."
 Wanda: "I prefer the private dance anyway."
 Aidan: "Private dances, huh? Huehuehue."
Wanda: "I'll give you a private dance, don't worry."
I decorated Jane's old room for Ben. His colors are based on the Joker; not that Ben's psychopathic, but his favorite color is lime and I thought it looked good. Also, random ghost.
 Ben visits Zach's house after school.
 Ben: "Hi Grandma!"
Kim: "You look mischievous."
 This is Aurora, Suzanna's daughter and Kim's great-niece.
 They have puppies!
 So cute.

Ben: "So can we get one?"
No, the Diffys are cat people. You can be a dog person after you move out.

Speaking of the cats:
 Puddy: "Sally has a mate now. She seems very happy."
 Mr. Pickles: "Really? Any kittens yet?"
Puddy: "Not yet."
 Mr. Pickles: "It might be time for you to move on."
 Puddy: "I don't know about that."
Mr. Pickles: "I've been waiting for you."
 Puddy: "I'm scared."
Mr. Pickles: "Don't be scared. Wait until the right time, and just let go."
 Just in case anyone was wondering,  Stuck Wanda is not just a hilarious side gag. She also actively gets in the way all the time.
Stuck Wanda: "I can almost see the gears turning in your mind, but now they've come to a halt as you have no way to get around me!"
 Stuck Wanda: "Now help me practice my lines to perfect my audition."
Ben: "But...I'm already an hour late to school!"

After that frustration, at least I have a cute Sim toddler to look at.

Next time: Ben brings a friend home from school, and more birthdays!


  1. The cats' discussion was so sad ;-; poor Puddy, and Pickles. It must be hard for them being away from each other.

    Yay for wedding! Not yay for weird umbrella woman. She seemed creepy and strange.

    Stuck Wanda seems so irritating! How have you not deleted stuck Wanda yet? xD

    1. It's going to be Puddy's time soon, unfortunately. But she will be with Pickles again.

      Yes, Regan used to be Wendy's friend a long time ago when she would go busking for tips. She randomly insulted Aidan, so I wanted to make something of it.

      She is irritating! Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to delete her without risking my Wanda. I can't click on her since she's in the floor. x_x

    2. Thanks for reading! (keep forgetting to say that for some reason)

  2. Floor Wanda is back! Maybe that's what rainbow- umbrella woman was taking about; The curse of floor-wanda.

    It was a nice wedding, even with the rain, bad-omen umbrellas and Kims happy face. Aidan and Wanda are really cute together, and the lighting in the first pictures is very pretty. Is it a mod?

    The cats are to sweet together, but does it mean that another cat is close to death now? I hate when pets die, it's so sad.

    1. Floor Wanda truly is a curse, smh.

      I was glad with how it came out, even though some guests were grumpy. That pink glow is just how Roaring Heights is at sunset. It's a very rosy town.

      Yes, unfortunately Puddy is very old now.

      Thanks for reading!

      Hey, I nominated you for an award because I really like your blog

    3. Thank you! I read your post; just haven't made a response yet.


    Invisible wedding arch! So you don't have to have the wedding arch but the guests will sit down to watch! lol.

    Gosh, Kim is still so pretty. Lol at her outfit changes. (It's quick-change!)

    And Wanda looks so lovely. <3

    Mazel Tov Aiden and Wanda!

    I see Floor Wanda is still stuck. Though her funk cloud has disappeared. Is there a floor shower down there too? ;)

    Aw, I like the colors you chose for Ben's room. It looks cheerful.

    1. Thank you for that arch!!!! I only have one arch in my game, so I hate using it for every wedding. And they sometimes are just overkill.

      Kim is still technically a YA; forever young.

      I'm glad they're married now! I love Sim weddings.

      I wish she had a floor shower so I wouldn't have to see that stink cloud all the time. I used debugenabler to reset all Sims in town, but she's still there in my floor. I'm going to look at my other options with that mod.

      I can't do as much renovating as usual since I've got the living green roll, but I do like his room well enough. :)

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Its been a while but what about resetsim * ?