Friday, November 9, 2012

Cookie and Moze: Chapter 2.6 "Mostly Cats"

Welcome to the Diffys, once again it has been a while. School has been keeping me away from Sims, so updates are much less frequent. I will keep it going though. Last time, Marceline joined the family through the flames. This time, we have adopted a cat.

This is our new cat, named Prunella.
 She and Arthur are going to make kittens some day.
 Why don't you come meet him, Prunella?
 Prunella: "Now I really wish I hadn't rolled around in garbage..."

 Francine was the first cat to grow into an elder.

The other cats were there to support her.
Prunella: "Will there be cake?"
Sure, sure. We will definitely have cake for you cats.

So what's been happening with the people?

 Phil and Keely have been spending time with their grandchildren.
 J Mo had her first show.
 There were three people there, so I guess it was a success.
 And she got to use her guitar!  :D
 One day, the social worker randomly showed up and freaked me out because some of the cats actually did have low moods. But she didn't take any of them.
Social worker: "This is a warning!"
 Then she left on her own.
Social worker: "Well you're all freaked out now, aren't you? MuahahaHA!"
 Speaking of glitchy stuff...
 Cookie: "Moze, you have GOT to try this air I just cooked up!"

It's Finn! Because I know you love him.
 Jolene: "Cookie!" *totally imagining him naked*

Jolene: "I just don't know...there's something weird going on with the baby..."
When your pregnancy is only supposed to last three days but goes on for a week, I'm sure it feels that way.
Cookie: "Let's get some food in you; I think that will help."
 Once again, my Sims eat at the same table! Booyah!
Jolene: "I just can't get over the feeling that something is wrong..."
 Cookie: "Oh no! Your mama is crying! How will I make her feel better?"
 Jolene: "Aw, Cookie. You have made me feel better. I think I'll just go home and get some rest now."
 At home, Marceline aged into a toddler.

Because I don't want another face one, I edited Marceline's face. I just tried to make her look cute, and since I edited her as a toddler, I don't know what she'll look like grown up.
 Here's what she looks like in the mornings. Not too happy.
 Cat update?
 You'll get it eventually, Prunella.
 Buster followed Francine into elder-cathood.
 I think Moze is taking after her social worker, running around with Marceline like that.
Moze: "A little running won't hurt her. My child is going to be tough!"
 Finn got up really early.
 So he could choke on ice cream?

Finn: "The cookie pieces make me choke, but I can't stop eating!"
 Just eat.
 Oh, what now...
 Jolene: "Cookie, it's so nice to see you!"
Cookie: "Yeah I'm glad I could--"
 Kim: "My name is Kim Hidalgo. You've appeared shirtless in public. Prepare to die."
Cookie: "Hey, I don't know you, but that time on the sidewalk was just a wardrobe glitch, and I can tell you it won't happen again."
 Kim: "Not. Good. Enough."
Margie: "Hey guys! What's going on?"
 Kim: "Prepare to die!"
Margie: "I think I just came in at the wrong moment..."
Jolene: "Yeah you walked in on some crazy lady trying to kill Cookie!"
 Jolene: "You got this, Cookie! Wooo!"
 Jolene: "That's my baby's daddy!"
 Kim: "OW! Bu-bu-bu--"
Cookie: "Just. Leave."
 Cookie: "EW."
Jolene: "I guess I can't really say congratulations since you just beat up a woman, but...congrats? For defense!"
 Cookie: "Hey, I came out to spend time with you. Want a massage?"
 Jolene: "Oh yeah."
 I was tired of the cats and their stuff taking up so much space downstairs, so I gave them their own room.
 It has everything they need so they never have to come downstairs!

Also I am not sure why there is music coming out of this girl's ears.

Next time: Cookie and Jolene's baby will definitely be born.  :D

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