Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cookie and Moze: Chapter 2.7 "Eat Dirt"

Last time with the Diffys, pretty much nothing important happened. There were a lot of cat pictures. But I don't really count that as a bad thing. However, this chapter will certainly be more eventful...

Unicorn: "Wheeeeoooooo!!!"
 Cookie met a unicorn!
 How are you, Finn?
Finn: "Huh?"
 Finn: "Oh it's you." *eye roll*
Whatever, I'll let you get back to homework, then.
Finn: "Hey, wait!"
 Finn: "You can grant wishes, right?"
That depends on what you're wishing for, but yes.
Finn: "Well I've got one that I've kinda been hoping would come true..."

That is sad and cute and of course I'll grant this wish!

Phil: "You got a promotion?"
Moze: "Yippee for me!"
Not really, though. Moze is moving very slowly up the singing career. Here she's at level two, which is pretty sad. Meanwhile, Cookie is at level eight of the culinary career.
 Now to fixing this baby. I installed this mod, and even though I had "unpaused" Jolene's pregnancy, there was obviously something wrong still, as she had not gone into labor. So I re-started the pregnancy.
 And then I had a ton more options! I don't know why it wasn't there before, but now I had the option to send Jolene straight into labor! So I did.
Jolene: "Whua...but...I just experienced this whole pregnancy all over in less than a second! You have got to be kidding..."
 Jolene: "You can't do this to me! THIS ISN'T FUNNY!"
I'm sorry, but I couldn't wait any longer on this baby.
 Cookie: "So I guess it's time for me to step in and help you with a home birth?"
Jolene: 0_0
 Jolene: "Most definitely not! Change of plans--hospital, now!"
 Cookie: "I could drive, you know."
Jolene: "You are such a slow driver, though. Anyway, this is an emergency! And I am not stopping for stop signs or even little kids on bikes!"
 Once again, Cookie shows that the Diffy men are far superior to any other legacy men I've had.
Cookie: "That's right, going in to be with Jolene and see the birth of my baby!"
 And here we have another baby boy. His name is Cinnamon Bun, his traits are athletic and brave, and his favorite color is hot pink. Also he got Jolene's skin color.  :)
 Brian Shmingle: "What's going on here?! Is this Keely Diffy's kid? Why are you holding that baby, Jolene?"
Jolene: "Dad, I've really had a long day. You can tell by my eyes. So let's discuss this tomorrow, please."
Brian: "We WILL discuss this, though!"
 Jolene: "Cookie, please, I think it's best that you take the baby for now. My father...he's not at his best."
Cookie: "Of course I can take him. Don't worry."
 Cookie: "Hello, Mr. Shmingle. I'm gonna do something that will really impress you!"
 Cookie: "You see that mud on my shoe?"
Brian: "Yes..."
 Cookie: "It looks delicious!"
 Brian: "Oh my..."
 Brian: "I think it's best that you leave."
 Moze: "Where did that baby come from?"
Cookie: "You haven't seen Jolene lately, have you?"
Moze: "Ha! I knew it! Cookie and Jolene sittin' in a tree...and, well I guess you skipped to the baby carriage part."
 Phil: "Jolene? I guess everyone saw that coming except Cookie himself...funny."
Finn: "A baby? It sure is makin' a lot of noise!"

Cookie: "And he'll be sleeping in your room! It has the most space..."
Cinnamon Bun is the last child of generation three.
 Marceline learned to talk!
Marceline: "I drank from de pottay!"
 Moze: " did?"
 Marceline: "I saw de kitty do it!"
Moze: "Well then..."
 Finn: "Hey Dad! Have you ever seen a cloud with water falling out of it?"
 Cookie: "I don't think that's even possible..."
Finn: "Of course it is! I learned about it in school. Teacher said we've been experiencing a drought for many years, but one day water's gonna fall!"

Finn: "First it'll get crazy hot; that's when you know the water's coming!"
Finn's teacher explained that the world is going to experience some changes in weather very soon!
 I found Alexa outside the science center. Still as much of a coward as ever.
 Since all the cat junk was moved upstairs, the Diffys now have room for a living area. Newspaper stack because I imagine Keely is bringing some of her work home.
 The cats still like to think of it as their space, though.

Finn was the first person to use the space--they definitely needed a nap area on the first floor. That's him in the picture, too.  :)
 Phil spends time with his youngest grandchild.
 Marceline: "Here, kittay!"

Arthur: "How about no."
 Keely finally completed a work opportunity where she had to become friends with Margie Charm.
Margie: "My my, it is hot out here!"
Seasons is installed.  :D

Carrie, why don't you go make some babies with your husband! I want more kids in this town!
Carrie Tidal: "Haha, you think you can tell me what to do."
 I am trying to be more proactive in leveling Moze up her career, so here she is singing for tips. After this, she received a lot more opportunities for sing-a-grams, almost as if the game had given up on me until now.
 I was looking for Alexa again, and was surprised to see this sight right outside her house.
 Kellie: "I really shouldn't have messed with that uranium..."

Meanwhile, at Sherri Logan's party:
 Moze: "I'm sorry, Sherri, but your boyfriend is boooooring."

 Sherri: "Husband."
 Jacob: "That's ok, Moze. I find you to be just as boring."

Moze: "Just so we're clear. Now let's all play video games!"
So they did.
 I sent Keely over to try to save the Tangs.
 Kellie: "Diffy! When I take over the world, you can control the media! As long as you put out these flames right now!!!"
 Kellie: "NOOOOOoooooo..."
By the time she got there, they were already dying.
 Keely: "You brought me here, but all I can do is watch them die..."
I'm sorry.  :(
 Keely: "They were terrible to us anyway. Evil Kellie, that coward Alexa, and Daphne completely ignored me when I went into labor! Bruce was ok."
 Across town, more Sims were catching on fire. I think this happened because it was summer, and the Sims were too dumb to go inside when they got too hot.
 Golden Ray: "Help! Anybody! Help!!!"
Mark! Why don't you pull a fire extinguisher out?!
 Mark: "What? She's fine. I think she was just joking around."
 Golden: "I was not...jerk..."

Finn: "The heat wave is here. Next comes water!"
All in due time.

Next time: More weather! Also, lots of birthdays.


  1. Yay, I'm caught up!
    Your legacy is hilarious. =D

    1. Caught up? On my legacy? This is awesome! Thank you :D

  2. I'm caught up too! Woot! I have to say, I love all your colorful sims and pets! Lots of pretty colors!

    I love your commentary, it is fun to read!

    I have not seen individual sims spontaneously catch on fire yet, but I have seen never ending community fires!

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading!

      I figured out that a mod I have, Awesome Mod, has been causing a lot of Sims to overheat; that's why so many were catching on fire. Luckily the mod has been updated, so I shouldn't see that problem anymore. :)