Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cookie and Moze: Chapter 2.8 "Next-Door Neighbor"

Last time with the Diffys, Cinnamon Bun was born and weather wreaked havoc on the townie Sims. This time, I'm pretty sure that Moze is throwing her food on the floor.

What are you doing?
 Moze: "What? You didn't see anything."

Francine: "Much better than Meow Mix."
Wow, that's kinda cool. I didn't know there were animations when Sims threw scraps on the floor; I thought they just magically appeared.
 Cookie: "Jolene! I am so glad to hear from you...yes, C.B. is doing fine!"
 Cookie: "...oh. I understand...yes, of course you can't leave him."
 What's up, Cookie?
Cookie: "Jolene's father is not doing well. He has Alzheimer's, it seems. Jolene has decided that it is best for her to be with him and take care of him, which I do agree with."
Still frustrating, right?
Cookie: "Right."
 Finn: "Noisy baby."
 Finn: "Twice in a night? Really, C.B.?!"
 Finn: "Spaghetti for breakfast? You're the best, Dad."
 Finn: "And I know you want what's best for me. Y'know, a laptop would really help me with schoolwork--"
 Cookie: "Nice try, Finn. Not happening."
Finn: "Fine."
 Finn: "Dad? I heard about my mom's family dying. What if Mom dies, too? I still haven't met her, and I was hoping that you could help me with that because I am getting worried for her and I think there may be a plot against Aunt Kellie because she got into that uranium and not everybody likes that and what if somebody suspects that Mom--"

Cookie: "Slow down, Finn. First of all, I don't think there is any plot against your mother. Kellie just got carried away and put herself in danger. She wasn't murdered. Secondly, I would be happy to help you meet your mother. That would be a very nice gesture."
 Stray dog: "Just passing through."
Jolene: "Just keep smiling..."
Jolene is over for Cinnamon Bun's birthday.
 Finn: "Ouch!"
You guys better get inside away from this hail!

 Marceline: "What's all dis?"
 Marceline: "Is dis for me? Will there be presents?"
 Sorry, Marcie, this celebration is for Cinnamon Bun.
Keely: "I'm so glad I could carry my grandbaby to his cake!"
Finn: "What am I, a next-door neighbor?"
 Cinnamon Bunn seems to have taken after his mother for his features.
 Phil and Finn went to the festival that night (I put in the festival from Riverview). I found this lady dying outside from the hail.
 Grim looks so amazing in hail.
 Finn: "Whua!"
 A bit sloppy at first, but Finn will get the hang of skating.
 Phil gets his face painted.  XD
Phil: "What? What is it?? A tiger, right? Maybe a shark? What?..."
 Meanshile, at home. I realize that Cookie's room is not completely wallpapered.  -_-
 And Jolene spends the night.
 Finn: "The dad says, I want meat lovers pizza!"
 Finn: "The mom says, you know I get heartburn!!! Yeah, that's totally what a normal mom and dad would fight about. I don't really know..."
Wow, Finn, you're depressing me.  ;_;
 Keely tries bonding with Jolene over some gnubb.
 Finn: "Hiya!"
Wow, that's a little creepy.
 Now it's time for Finn's birthday. Cookie threw a party for him. He did invite Alexa, but she never showed up. What a bi--
 Finn: "Hey! I'm making my wish!"
Whoa! Awkward hand placement, Keely.
 Finn: "Woo!"
 Everyone stopped paying attention to Finn because one of the kids at the party was apparently being inappropriate. I don't know what he did. *shrug*
 Look at Finn! He's growing up to be quite handsome, if I do say so myself.  :)  He gained the social butterfly trait.
 Three generations of these bluish-green Simmies.
 Mar Pride: "The party was ok; now I'm taking some cake home with me!"
I'm surprised you weren't the rude guest. It was some other kid.

Cookie: "I think that kid was eating out of the litter box! Highly inappropriate!"
Phil: "Well I heard somebody say that he put tootsie rolls in the sink!"
Finn: "I thought he took some cookies from the cookie jar, which is the worst crime if you ask me."

 To end the celebrations, we set off some fireworks!


Next time: Finn will meet Alexa. Also Marceline will have a birthday!


  1. Finn and C.B. both grew up cute.
    I loved the discussion about the inappropriate kid.
    Grim does look awesome in hail; I didn't know the hail could be fatal...

    1. Haha, I wish I'd seen what he did!
      I think the cause of death was hail, although with how crazy my town is reacting to weather, it could be almost anything.