Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cookie and Moze: Chapter 2.10 "The Great Pumpkin"

Last time with the Diffys, old people died and Marceline aged into a child. This time...

Keely asked for a raise from her boss!
 She's at level nine in the journalism career; at level ten she would reach her Lifetime Wish.
 Afterwards, I sent her to pick some pumpkins.  D:
 Keely: "Why am I floating??"
 Keely: "I know...it's the Great Pumpkin!"
 Phil: "What? Why are you looking at me?"
Nothing. Everything's fine.
 Phil: "Keely?"
 Phil: *gasp*
Grim: "That's not really my--"
 Keely: "Please! I don't want to leave my family! I have children, and grandchildren!"
 Keely: "And I didn't have time to pick these pumpkins, or roller skate, or kiss under the mistletoe, or--"
Grim: "Enough!"
 Grim: "I know it is a sad thing...but it is your time, Keely Diffy."
Finn: "Grandpa?"
 Finn: "Lemme at 'em!"
No, Finn. Just...no.
 Well, they were still at the festival, and everyone wanted to take a picture, so they did.
 Then Phil and Finn finished picking the pumpkins.
 Finn: "Grandma!"
 Moze: "I am so sorry I wasn't there, Marcie."
 Cinnamon Bun: "I miss Gamma too!"
If you say so, but I don't see a mourning moodlet in your panel.
 Here is the picture from the festival. I LOVE IT. Keely was one of the options of people to add in there, but I didn't know that she would really show up!

Prunella is actually using those newspapers.
 Cats are the best audience.
 Cookie: "Whelp, I'm off to get a tattoo. Yep, totally unaffected by Mom's death."
Moze: "Sure."
 He's so unaffected that he stopped and forgot what he was doing. Something he never does.
Cookie: "I just remembered when we first moved here...Mom helped out so much with taking care of Finn..."
 Marceline: "Gah, all the adults are trying to pretend that everything's normal. Well it's not! Grandma's dead and it sucks!"
You...need a distraction.
 Pumpkin carving!
 Phil!  ;_;
 Thank you SO much for that, Arthur.
Arthur: "You're welcome."
 I built this lot right behind the school. It is a school gym of sorts that I'm going to try out as a venue for teen and child "dances". Finn threw a formal party and invited all the teen- and child-aged Sims in town.
 Rufus Charm: "Hey Finn!"
 Rufus: "Wow. You guys sound terrible."
 Marceline: "This is so exciting!"
 Marceline: "Maybe I'll even get a kiss from Mar!"
Slow down there, Marcie.
 Finn and his friend Charlotte took pictures in the photo booth.
 Rufus: "Rrrrruff! I'm a dog!"
 Rufus: "What am I doing?! My mommy's dead!"
Yeah, yeah. Everybody's mom is dead.
 Marceline: "Oh MAAAAAAR! Why don't you come out from hiding in that bathroom!"
 Mar Pride: "Ummm...have you seen my sister?"
Marceline: "I think she's in the photo booth with Finn. I wouldn't bother her."
 Marceline: "So! Would you like to dance with me?"
 Finn: "These pictures turned out absolutely perfect!"
 I don't see anything...
Finn: "Well you've got to give it time to develop..."
 Mar: "COOTIES! Charlotte I'm going home!"
Marceline: "Boys are stupid."
I didn't really like the sound of "Mar and Marceline" anyway. "Marceline and Mar"? No.
 Marceline: "I can still dance!"
 Finn: "Muscles! Yeah!"
Marceline: "Will you dance with me, Finn?"
 Finn: "Yeah! Just...y'know, at a distance. I can't be seen dancing with little kids."
 Marceline: "Hymph. It's close to curfew time anyway, so I'm going home."
 Just in time to get back in the rain.
 Cookie: "G'night, C.B."
Cinnamon Bun: "Bu' dadda!"
 Cinnamon Bun: "'m not suleepy!"
 Cinnamon Bun: "'m not..."
 Like he did in his younger years, Phil suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night even though his energy bar is not full.
 This time, Keely is not there to call him back to bed.
 These cats always have to run outside every time it rains.  -_-  The front door is locked to pets from now on.
 The cats miss Keely, too.
 I had to give their photo a good spot.  :)
 Phil tries to help by making sorrow annihilators.
Moze: "I don't think this is going to--"
 Moze: "Hey, I do feel better."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Mmm."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Tank you Finn!"
Finn really does help out a lot with C.B.

He even taught C.B. how to walk.

Eating candy makes you look really worried, Cookie.
Cookie: "I'm just worried about what this candy will do to my waistline."
 This is Cookie's carpool now. He's at level nine of the culinary career.
 Marceline: "Hey Mom! I think a cat would cheer you up!"
 Moze: "Well, I'll try it. Here, Prunella."
 Marceline: "Mom? Are you ok?"
 Moze: "Well of course, Marcie. I guess your grandma's death is just getting to me more than I thought it would."
 Moze was still working through it. She had to deliver a sing-a-gram to Emmett Maesson.
 He is husband to Illdrid Maesson from the Maesson Legacy.
 Here's a picture of all the generation three kids.
 After homework is done, I sent them to play horseshoes with Phil.
 Cinnamon Bun: "Me too?"
You are much too young for horseshoes.
 Cookie: "C'mere, you can play with me inside!"
 Finn: "It's starting to rain, haha!"

Marceline: "Maybe now you can finally get that bath you've been needing!"
Finn: "Ha, very funny."
Phil: "C'mon, kids. It's your turn again, Marcie."
 Marceline: "Ok, I'm ready."
 Finn: *gasp* "Grandpa!"
Marceline: "What's the matter with you, Finn?"

Marceline: *gasp* "No!"
 Cookie and Moze: "DAD!"
 Marceline: "I--I can't look anymore!"
Finn: "I can't stop looking!"

 Phil: "Hey guys, it's raining! This feels so funny!"
Phil actually stuck out his tongue, but I missed taking a picture of it.
 Phil: "Well, Grim..."
 Phil: "...I'm ready to see Keely again."
 Grim: "You really do stink, kid."
Marceline: "Told you."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Guys? 'm still in da highchair guys."

 Grim really doesn't think my house is clean enough.
 Cinnamon Bun: "What's he doin'??"

Cinnamon Bun: "Nu-uh."
Now C.B. won't use that potty. I guess I can't blame him after Grim messed with it.
 What's that?
 Haha, Buster's playing in the tub.
 Buster: "Just checking for spiders..."
 Cookie: "Jolene, I know what you've been going through now. Both my parents died recently..."
 Cookie: "It just makes me realize how important family is. You can still make it for C.B.'s birthday, right?"
 I have no idea why Marceline was staring at the wall like this, but I think she looks cute.
Marceline: "Spiders!"
 Cookie: "I really am glad that you could make it, Jolene."
 Jolene: "Oh of course! I wish I could be with you and C.B. more often! It's just that my sister Meghann is going a little crazy and I'm afraid of what she might do if she were on her own."
 Cookie: "Well I'm sure C.B. is glad to see you now. Isn't that right?"
Cinnamon Bun: "Heehee!"
 It's finally time for Cinnamon Bun's birthday.

 Everyone is cheering him on.

 A toddler leaps...
 ...into a child. C.B. adds good to his traits.
 I gave him braces.  :)
 Cinnamon Bun: "Marcie, did you know it's my birthday?"
Marceline: "Haha, how could I not?"

Marceline: "Happy birthday, you little twerp."

And now I will end what feels like a really long chapter. But first:

Cookie achieved his Lifetime Wish! This actually happened some time ago, when he was a young adult. I just kept forgetting about it. Next time: I decorate rooms, and Finn will "make a move".

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, and hopefully I'll be posting again before the new year!  :)


  1. Wow, the Grim Pumpkin really hit your family hard this chapter!
    I love the ghostly pic of Keely.

    1. Grim Pumpkin :D
      He did, but at least the worst is over!