Monday, June 3, 2013

Cinnamon Bun: Chapter 3.4 "Holidays"

Last time with the Diffys, Salem grew into a toddler and C.B. and Emily did cute couple things. This time...

The Diffys visit the now-fall festival.
 There's not much for Salem here, except a pumpkin patch. I think he likes the scarecrow.
 C.B. and Emily join the pie eating contest.
What just happened to you, Emily?! Besides the pie, your eyebrows are gray, and your hair is totally different! Sorry for the disgusting close up.
 Emily: "What happened is that I won the contest!"
I do not appreciate that outfit.
 Cabbage patch, or, pumpkin patch kid!
 Let's make friends with a bird!
 And successful this time.

A shower cures Emily of her brown hair.
Emily: "Were you watching me shower, Cinnamon?" :D
 Cinnamon Bun: "...maybe. But I'm not admitting to anything."
Emily: "Well Harvey here was definitely watching me shower."
 Emily: "This is your new home, I hope you like it!"
 Emily may love this bird a little too much.
The junkyard seems a strange place to meet someone, at least to me.
 I guess Chloe and Cormac here just wanted some privacy.
 Burglar: "What a nice little family..."
 Burglar: " steal from!"
 Burglar: "This better be the diamond room!"
Nope, just the baby room.
 A police officer, Araceli Steen, showed up and attempted to catch the burglar.
 This did not go well.
Burglar: "Muahaha!"
Araceli: "Worst work day ever."
 Poor Salem. First a burglar invades his room, now his mother can't cook fast enough.
Cinnamon Bun: "You're not afraid of the burglar are you, Salem? You know I've heard he's very ticklish, so all you need to do is tickle him like this!"
Salem: *giggles*
 Here's an interesting situation. Ripp Grunt and Olive Specter had been dating for a while, ever since he grew to a young adult. Then they got married and he moved into her house. Now it's only been a day or two and I see this thought bubble that tells me they must have broken up.
 Ripp: "I was fine with being her boy toy, but after I moved in I saw a different side of her that wasn't just the massages and expensive gifts I knew. She had some interesting souvenirs and tools from over the years. Her niece, Ophelia, told me to get out, she told me that those in the graveyard didn't exactly die of old age. Well, I looked it up, and at least three of those buried are her former husbands! I got out of there, but now Olive is stalking me!"
Cool story, bro. It really is though.
 Now the reason I was looking for Ripp: because C.B. wanted to congratulate him.
Cinnamon Bun: "Congrats Ripp! Finding someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with is truly special."
 Ripp: "Thanks Diffy! Even though finding out that my wife is a murderer who allegedly had woohoo with the Grim Reaper kind of killed our marriage. Your congratulations are still appreciated."
Cinnamon Bun: "I'm just going to keep standing here smiling until Ajay runs into us and changes the subject."
Time for a feast party! Even though she couldn't beat up the burglar, I like Araceli, so she was invited.
 Circe brought french toast. Not exactly dinner time food, but still delicious!
Lazlo like salmon.
 Ripp is still upset over his revelations about and break up with Olive.
 At least he can dance away his troubles.
Salem was even able to eat with everyone.

 Emily: "Ow! You kicked my ankle!"
Cinnamon Bun: "It was an accident. I'm sooo sorry!"
Emily: "It's ok, just be more careful."
C.B.'s not a very good dance partner. He continued to kick her the more they danced.
 C.B. attempted to make some friends.
 A friendship formed from an awkward situation?

Toddler snuggling. :)
 C.B. is off to save more of the town!
Cinnamon Bun: "I feel a little mixed about saving Mrs. Specter given recent events..."
Olive: "Just get out of here, then. You don't know nothing about my life."
 There is no question about saving this Loste-Ruth child however.
 And of course this kitten made it out alive.
 Salem was enjoying his boat in the pet room.
 Then he started to dance and twirl.
 He ended with a leap into the air.
The landing from which was quite dramatic. Salem grew up with the slob trait. He was not taught any toddler skills at all because the generation goal is deadbeat parents.
 Salem: "Hi there! I name you Hilda."
 Mr. Ratburn died.  :(
Bridgette: "Derp."
Ajay: "Uh-huh, that's nice sweetie."
Sims these days.
It's time to get the winter festival going with a bonfire.
 Emily: "Pyromania is ok when it's cold."  :D
 What a wonderful lesson for Salem. Yes he did get his face painted.
 Emily grows into an adult.
 C.B. is basking in the glow of his wife as a full blown adult. Or it's the glow from the fog machine flames. Whichever.
Salem: "Dad, you do realize you're eating your pizza dish with a fork, right?"
 Cinnamon Bun: "You do realize you have bright pink makeup and a crown painted on your face, right?"
Salem: "Touché Dad, touché."
Salem: "Ack!"
 Emily: "I'm sorry honey! Are you ok?"
Salem: "Moooom I'm fine!"
Aging up messed up Emily's outerwear outfit.  :/
 Aww couple wishes.
Salem: "Hey old-man-Grunt!"
The General: "Do people call me that? It's General Buzz Grunt!"
Salem: "More like General-Buzz-Kill! Amirite?"
 Don't worry, I'm sure that The General has seen worse than bratty kids in his war days. Now where is that picture that shows he laughed it off?
Salem: "Whoa did I just see a UFO up near the Curious house?"
Salem: "Is that where babies come from? 'Cause I did see that commercial and it kinda makes sense now."
Well, it is where a certain Pascal Curious' baby came from, but that is in another do doo do.
Let's have fun on the ice!
 Or fall on the ice. And come dangerously close to Salem's head with the blade of an ice-skate.
 It is time for a gift-giving party, and Harvey is allowed into the living room.
Salem: "I can't let this bird out of my sight!"
 Emily: "Oh no! I believe that, from the looks he's giving me, Ripp has developed an attraction to me!"
The General brought a whole turkey! Yum.
 Good thing Araceli can distract Ripp from Emily.
 Look at you, being a model.
Salem: "And I call this look 'blue steel'."
Cinnamon Bun: "All right everyone! Let's get to the gift-giving!"
 Everyone wants a seat, but not everyone gets one.
Salem: "This looks interesting!"
 Salem: "A play table! Please don't testingcheats delete this, pleeeaaaase!"
I did delete it. We didn't earn it, and if I kept it I'd probably forget later and sell it.
Emily: "Gah! Ripp keeps staring at me like a creep!"
Jenny Smith: "Oh dear, the Grunts have been giving us Smiths creepy stares for years. You get used to it."
I hope Harvey doesn't leave any "presents" on the floor.
 Mistletoe kiss.
 And now C.B.'s aging up.
 All right congratulations on being an adult.
Cinnamon Bun: "Hmm. I sense less-than enthusiasm."
No, no. Your every moment is special and important to me. Moving on...
Emily: "Salem, you do realize that you left your dishes on the floor, yes? Now would you please help us clean up?"
 Salem: "Only if I can lick the plates clean."
Emily: "Most definitely not."
 Salem: "Fine, I'll clean up just like you said. I'll make your bed."
Emily: "The one I'm about to sleep in anyway? Great."
Salem: "Hi there little turtle, oh but you're not that little are you? You're a growing turtle who eats and eats--"
Salem: "OW! Well I'm not food, you little turtle. No need to bite me really!"
 Salem: "This is just going to ruin my whole day, isn't it?"
 Emily: *muffled laughing*
Now what's got you laughing?
Emily: "Prancercise! HAHAHA but no, really, I'm going to start doing this instead of walking."
I have no problem with that. But you must wear pearls.
Emily: "Oh, just forget it."

Next time: More firefighting, Salem makes some friends, and Emily has a makeover.

Also, I'm sorry if this chapter was even more choppy than usual. Winter seriously messes with my graphics in -game, which ruined some of my pictures.


  1. Oh, poor Ripp. I loved C.B.'s awkward conversation with him.
    And the pics of Olive chasing him around town.
    Araceli is pretty!

    1. Honestly I'm as much interested in the stories of the Sims around town as my own. With such a small town, it's easy to keep up with them.

      I gave her a makeover when she showed up, just to change outfits and add some makeup. :)

      Thanks for reading!