Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cinnamon Bun: Chapter 3.5 "Birthday Success"

Last time with the Diffys, there were lots of seasonal celebrations with parties and festivals. Salem also grew into a child. This time...

Light 'em up up up, light 'em up up up, light 'em up up up, I'm on fireaaah!
 Cinnamon Bun: "You can leave now."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Knock knock moe'suckra! You're saved!"
 Cinnamon Bun: "We need some decorations around here."
Salem: "Hey Mom, I'm gonna try out that oven."
Emily: "Ok sweetie."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Or...maybe we don't actually need any more decorations."
 Emily: "What are you talking about?"
 Cinnamon Bun: "I mean...your pretty."
 Salem: "I made vanilla muffins!...guys?"
 The pet room has again been expanded.
 This is how C.B. plays catch.

 Cinnamon Bun: "Haha!"
 This is how Emily does not catch the ball.
 Emily: "Cinnamon! Watch it!"

Aww.  :(
 It is time for a tattoo. Technically this is only his second tattoo, but when Loki messed up he kinda added ten at once so I don't feel too bad.
 Cinnamon Bun: "Tattoos."  :D
 Emily: "Status: In the tattoo parlor lol"
 Freezer bunny on fire.
 Emily: "Ooh next time you need to get something tribal!"
 Emily: "Welcome home, Salem! There's sushi in the fridge."
 Emily: "Who's your friend?"
Salem: "This's Ashley Beaker-Subject, he lives in that creepy house by the graveyard."
Ashley: "It's not creepy, it's interesting!"
 Salem: "Unless you can find some treasure up there, which you can't, that place is just creepy."
Ashley: "Is that all you think about, where to find treasure and random stuff?"
Salem: "No, it's one of the things I think about."
 Ashley: "You really gonna leave your plate on the rug?"
Salem: "Gah! I don't like cleaning, now don't make me look bad."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Of course I have some candy for you!"
It's definitely not Spooky Day.
 Nooo! Face one army!
 Emily: "So we just put our hands together on this knob thingy!"
Cinnamon Bun: "I kinda don't want to do this but ok!"
 Cinnamon Bun: "It says we're in love!"
 Emily: "You didn't need a machine to tell you that, did you?"
Cinnamon Bun: "Of course not."

 Salem joins his parents at the spring festival after school.

 The whole family is dancing. Plus Jenny Smith.
 Of course Salem had to stop for a sugar rush.
 Jenny has some guitar skill, nice. Cinnamon Bun is still a terrible dance partner but they won king and queen of the dance anyway. I'm guessing because no other couples were there.
 Once home, they got romantic with each other.
 And right after the "romancing", this gnome pops up in their bedroom! I was creeped out.
 Today is Salem's birthday. He spends part of the day at the library.
 Emily, however, is ready to party. I bought the DJ booth forgetting that they can make money from tips, so I sold it after the party.
 Too bad C.B. has to leave. At this point, he's missed both of Salem's other birthdays.  :(
 Emily is enjoying being a DJ while she can.
 The guests are unimpressed.
 Enough of that, time for cake!
Salem: "Oh hey, Bridgette!"
 C.B. is back just in time!

 And here is Salem, now a teenager. He adds the dramatic trait.
Salem: "Dad..."
Cinnamon Bun: "You look great, Salem. I'm glad to be here for your birthday, if a bit late."
This birthday is a success.
 Now to catching birds.
 This is a nuthatch; pretty cute.
 The nuthatch is named Sabrina, so now Harvey has a bird friend.
 Salem: "What?"
Your grandfather Cookie used to make a face just like this! ;_;
 Family outing to Rodeo-a-go-go.
 Pool is all about how you look, not how you play.
 Now who's using a fork?
Salem: "Hey, these are greasy."
 Salem: "Teddy?"
Teddy Singles: "Hey you know that girl Maura?"
Salem: "Maura Beaker?"
 Teddy: "Yeah she just grew into a teen. She's super rich too, if you can get past her insane parents."
Salem: "Riiiight..."
 C.B. changed into this outfit just to ride the mechanical bull. I guess he was feeling it.
He still didn't last long.
 The next night is an outing to Mick's Master Karaoke, which I have added some bowling lanes to.
 Salem: "Alrighty, let's try this."
 Salem: "Whoa! It's heavier than I expected."
 Cinnamon Bun: *snickers*
Salem: "C'mon, Dad. It's your turn."
 Salem: "Hmm seems that it is not as easy as you thought."
 Salem: *concentrates*
Ashley: "Heya Sal!"
 Salem: "Oomf!"
 Salem: "Sal?!"
Ashley: "Yeah, I figured out a snappy nickname for you!"
Salem: "Uh, thanks..."
Cinnamon Bun: *laughing*
 Concentrating too much now.

 Salem: "Actually that wasn't bad. Yesss."
 Tank Grunt: "Anybody up for karaoke?!"
Emily: "Definitely yes."
 Emily: "I set fiiiiiire to the rain! Watched it pour as I touched your face..."
 Salem: "Pick something you can actually sing, Tank!"
 Salem: "Bridgette is a teen now."
 By all means, text the girl!
 Snake! Emily!
Emily: "Bed now?"
 Salem: "I don't know this number."
 Salem: "Hello? Hello?! Helloooooo!"
These prank calls or whatever creep me out a little. Who is calling? It only happens to Emily and Salem, too. I've never seen C.B. get a prank call.

Salem: "This is going to ruin my whole day, isn't it?"
Yes, because you are so cute and grumpy.
Salem: "I'm not cute!"
Yes you are; all the girls think so.  :)
Salem: "Girls?!"

Next time: Yes, some girls like Salem. Also there will be more firefighting and townie drama.


  1. Aw, C.B and Emily are so cute & romantic!
    The bunny gnomes are creepy. They show up when Sims woohoo in Spring. My wishacy house has an army of them. =P
    Salem grew up cute. I love the bowling pics, hilarious.
    I love the pet room.

    1. I was really confused by that bunny gnome! The wiki page completely neglected to mention that explanation. They would, haha.

      Thanks! Salem appeared to be doing bowling aerobics.

      I'm pretty happy with the pet room, glad you like it!

      Thanks for reading :)