Friday, July 25, 2014

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.5 "Family History"

Last time with the Diffys, my pictures disappeared (still bitter), Salem made a clone of his mother, and Maura aged into an elder. This time...

Kim: "You ready to get out of here?"
 Jane: "Let's get this done, I guess."
 Kim and Jane eat pancakes with their parents before they must return to university.
 Kim: "So I'm going to be writing for the campus newspaper this semester. You should join a club, Jane!"
Jane: "Ehhh, I don't think so."
 Maura: "The girls will probably move out after they get their degrees. I've been thinking...this might be the perfect time for us to buy a house, just us two."
 Salem: "You'd want to live alone with just me?"
Maura: "Of course I would; it'd be a nice change."
 Now it's time for Kim and Jane to set off.
 Cinnamon Bun: "We'll miss you! Call often!"
 This term, Kim and Jane are living in De Anda Hall.
 They are invited to a party on their first night back.
Jane: "Where's Jeffery? I'm going to chew him out for throwing a 'pool party' while it's snowing!"
 Kim: "Haven't found Jeffery, huh?"
Jane: *glug*
 Jane: "Your turn, Kim."
 Liz Tarry: "I don't know if I can do that again."
 Liz: "Wow, you're actually really light."
 Kim: "Heehee more drinks!" *crash*
 Don't worry, they still studied before bed.

I haven't played with snow in a while, so I'm enjoying this a lot.
 Kim: "Ok listeners, I'm afraid I must leave you for a few minutes. There is a snowman who has been eyeballing me this whole time and I will not let him get away with that."
 Kim: "Look at you, just standing there with that frozen smile. Yeah, I see you!"
 I think all the studying is driving Kim a little crazy. What's Jane up to?
 Jane: *click-ick*
 Liz Tarry: "I love the faces you make; so cute!"
 Walter Fullman: "Really?"
 Walter Fullman: "Two girls flirting it up here and I can't even get one..."
 Kim: "Coffee time!"
 Kim: "Ready for Ye's party?"
Jane: "Guess so. I hope she has food."
 Ye Gangnam: "Really, Jane?"
 Ye: "You shouldn't dig through people's fridges. It's just rude."
Jane: "I could've gotten food if I hadn't decided to come to the party that YOU invited me too. And there's no pizza."
 Jane: "I've been thinking between the hundreds of texts you've sent me."
Ye: "I don't send that many--"
 Jane: "Look, we're not serious. This was never serious. And I think you should stop acting like it is."
 Ye: "Why are you even saying this? You think that I have feelings for YOU?"
 Jane: "Uh...yes?"
 Ye: "I text and talk to you because I know what people think of you around here. I thought you could probably use any friend you got. Thanks for being ungrateful."
Jane: "Sure, whatever makes you feel better, Ye."
 Kim: "HA, you're all stuck in the door!"
Please remove your arm from your midsection. OH WAIT it doesn't matter she's intangible.
 Kim: "I'm gonna be late for class!"
 Kim: "Whew!"

Kim: "Oh, professor's not even here yet, nevermind."
 At the library. Studying?
Jane: "Don't act so surprised. We study hardcore."
 Kim: "Hey, Jane, look at this. I found a really old video of our great-great-grandmother that Granddad told me about. She started as a student reporter for her highschool."

Jane: "Ha, she's just a teenager! It's weird to see an ancestor like that. Ok, fullscreen please."

Keely: "Today's top story: the results are in for yearbook voting. May I have the envelope, please?"
 Keely: "Thank you, Phil."

Keely: "In the category of cutest couple: Keely Teslow and Phil Diffy. What the--"
Keely: "In, uh, lunch, uh, for lunch...Keely Teslow and Phil Diffy?! Er, the end. The end."
Phil and Keely: "Cutest couple?!"
Keely: "We do kind of hang out a lot. Together."
Phil: "So someone could, mistakenly, think that we of those things."
Keely: "Yes, they definitely could. Mistakenly."

Phil: "Unless...d-do you want to be a couple?"
Keely: "No. Do you?"
Phil: "Nooooo."

Keely: "Yes."
Phil: "Yes?"
Keely: "I do!"
Phil: "Me too! What are we supposed to do now?"

Keely: "I think we're supposed to hug...or kiss...or something."
Phil: "What do you suggest?"
Keely: "Kiss?"
Phil: "Cool."

Keely: "Oh! Phil! I don't want my first kiss to be in front of the entire school."

Phil: "...right. Just on the cheek, then."

Next time: Kim and Jane will finally graduate. Promise!
Note: The end scene with Phil and Keely is taken almost word-for-word from the last episode of Phil of the Future. So...spoilers? Although it was kind of obvious throughout the whole series. You can find the episode here.


  1. I've never watched (nor heard of actually, lol) Phil of the Future, but Phil Diffy and Keely Teslow's 15 minutes of fame was pretty cute!

    So Kim can still go through walls, cool! I wonder if she had a baby, would it be a ghost baby, a human, or a hybrid of sorts like her?

    Kim and the snowman was too funny---it seems like she needs a little break, lol =)

    1. Haha, that's ok. You probably had to be a teenager obsessed with Disney Channel during 2004-06 (when it aired) to know what Phil of the Future is. All you need to know here is that I named my founders after the two main characters.

      I'm wondering about Kim's genetics, too. Maybe we will find out in the future. ;D

      College life and studying drove her a little crazy, I think. Thanks for reading. =)