Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kim and Jane: Chapter 5.6 "A Piece of Paper"

Last time with the Diffys, Kim and Jane continued their quest for university degrees! They also discovered inconsequential-but-cute footage of the legacy founders as teenagers. This time...

One last weekend before graduation!

 Jane is seen here demonstrating the most appropriate way that she can think of to finish her university career.
 Kim: "So, Mom, you and Grandad can make it to graduation, right? ...yes!"
 Kim: "Hmm, grades aren't all that great this term."
 Kim: "Who cares; I'm graduating!"
 Jane: "So, Dad, you're gonna make it, right? ...sweet. Invite Ashley, too!"
 Jane: "Grades in."
 Jane: "Dean's list? Weird."
 I would like to point out that although Jane did make it onto the Dean's list, she has an overall F-grade GPA.
And while Kim did not have an outstanding GPA this last term, she had a perfect GPA overall.

I would also like to say that I feel slightly cheaty because I use this mod, which alters the difficulty of academic performance. I am using the x2 version. I don't feel too bad because university is insane without it.
 Kim: "Ready? We need to get going to change into our robes."
 Jane: "Robes? Riiiiiight."
 Maura looks proud.
 Jane: "Boring, right Dad?"
 Jane: "Glad I skipped out after getting my diploma! I bet the rest of the ceremony is dragging on forever."
 Jane: "Can you even believe it?"
Salem: "Uh...congrats!"
 When Kim finally gets out, she does a victory jig.
 Thad: "Congrats, Kim!"
Kim: *blush* "Thanks."
 Meanwhile, Salem is picking fights while on freewill.
Salem: "You graduated? Aren't you just the typical frat boy who only cares about keggers?"
 Salem: "I guess anybody can go to university now if they have enough money."
Jeffery Dean: "Ouch! Burn!"
Maura: "Brrrr...so...cold..."
 Jeffery: "So where's your degree, old man?"
Salem: "I don't need a piece of paper to prove my worth in the world."
Now now, that's enough.
 When they all come back home, it is time for Salem's birthday. Couldn't clean that disgusting counter, could we?
 My photobooth pictures! ;_;
 Maura and Salem take advantage of everyone's attention on the cake.

Maura: "Um, can I speak to you upstairs? There's, um, something I should show you."
Salem: "Yes, of course, that sounds, uh, important."
 Kim: "Hey Thad, how are you?"
Thad: "Do you mind coming down to my level? I feel kind of weird looking up at you."
 Kim: "Sorry! I just kind of forget I'm doing it."
 Thad: "It's ok, it must be natural to you by now. So, what does it feel like?"

Kim: "It sounds weird, but I feel like liquid, or that I'm travelling through liquid. It's become easy to forget that everyone else is bound to certain rules that I am not. It's fun, sometimes."
 Now it is time for the Diffys to leave this house. And the bills are left unpaid, so ha!
 I'm glad that C.B. chose to carry Emmie rather than let her teleport (not that that happened once already but my game crashed or anything).
 The Diffys are moving into this classic Strangetown home. Yeah, the one with creepy babies.
 Um, go away! You are not a part of precious family memories, inappropriate trick-or-treater.
 Jane: "This place is pretty bare and cramped. Renovations incoming!"
 Jane: "Daddy! I'm going to miss you."
 Kim: "So, Grandad, I was hoping that you and Emmie might stay here with me and Jane."
 Cinnamon Bun: "Really? You want an old man and a toddler to live with you?"
 Kim: "Of course! Don't say it like that; we love you two! Please, live here with us, but on one condition: you have to retire."
Cinnamon Bun: "Again with that? I'm not as helpless as you all think I am, but I guess will do this for you."
 Maura: "I'm going to miss having you around the house, Kim."
 Kim: "Don't look so sad! We're only down the street from your new house, and we can talk on the phone all the time."
 Maura becomes partner at the spa to finish that Property Mogul goal.
And then Salem and Maura move into their own house; it really is just down the street.

Now for an around-town update!
 Elderly Teddy has married Tanesha, Ashley's daughter/Thad's sister. I feel very sorry for her.
 They even have a daughter of their own.
 Teddy: "Y'know, I had some very deep hatred of Salem, and was even thinking of taking revenge on him, but having a hot young wife makes me forget all that most of the time."
Yay! Now I don't have to worry about a scenario where you expose Salem's secret criminal past!
 Their cat reminds me of Francine. Now I need some cats in the household.
 Kim acquires a job in the journalism career. Journalism is the primary income, if that wasn't already obvious.
 C.B. makes good on his promise to retire.
 Kim: "I'm so glad you listened!"
 Kim: "Happy yeti day!"
Jane: "Hi, Emmie!"
 Jane: "So! Thad, I hear that you and your wife Wendy have been trying to find a place to live?"
Thad: "Hear that through our dads? They're like old gossiping women. Well, it's true. It's pretty hard for us both living with our parents still. I guess we should have probably waited to get married, since there aren't any houses available right now."
 Jane: "We're pretty good friends, y'know. I feel like we mesh, right?"
Thad: "Well, of course, Jane. You just always like having a good time, so I'm glad we're friends."
 Jane: "How would you and Wendy like to live here with us? You guys, me, Kim, our grandad, and Emmie. It's kind of a full house, I know. I understand if you wouldn't want to."
 Thad: "Live here with you...and Kim? That actually sounds like a really good idea! It definitely wouldn't be boring."

Yes, Thad and his wife are moving into the household. And now I can finally reveal the family structure: dun-duh-duh-daaa! Full House, with Kim, Jane, Thad, and Wendy. And who is this elusive Wendy Beaker-Subject?

Well. You seem like fun.

Next time: We'll get to know Wendy and Thad better, some serious conversations happen, and house renovations.


  1. What a funny glitch---too bad that doesn't happen in real life! Yay for Full House roll, I have fun with that roll, I can't wait to learn more about Thad and Wendy. Wendy does seem...interesting!! haha

    I'm glad that CB is sticking around (well, for a little bit anyway!) but I'll miss Salem and Maura.

    1. Jane skipping her graduation? Yeah, at first I was a little disappointed, but it does fit her personality.

      I'm looking forward to playing this full house. :D

      I really wanted to keep C.B. around, especially since he is getting up there in age. I think Salem and Maura will be glad to have some alone time.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Yes, your house NEEDS CATS. Get on that!
    I'm really happy CB will be sticking around, too! Full house should be fun.

    1. Don't worry, the cats are coming! Or at least one cat is coming!

      I just couldn't leave CB out; he and Emmie should be together.

      Thanks for reading. :)